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Flexible Dieting CHANGED My Life -- Full Day of Low Carb Eating

Brittany Dawn

Brittany Dawn

Published on 2 years ago

It's almost Christmas!!! Good luck to those of you entering this video's Target gift card giveaway! The winner will be announced on my Instagram story Saturday! Questions about flexible dieting? Email me! bdawnfit@gmail.com

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Comments :

Amber Hutchison

Amber Hutchison . 11 months ago

Not exactly relevant to this video but I have noticed a huge change in your parents your glow your skin the brightness of your eyes since you went plant-based. I never thought I would give up meat but it’s worth a try just to see how it suits me.

facundo hernandez

facundo hernandez . 11 months ago


Feeling Fabulous With Bri

Feeling Fabulous With Bri . 1 year ago

This is one of my favorite video, as well as your makeup routine!!!

elena iarmulschi

elena iarmulschi . 1 year ago

All is great, but don't wave your hands so bad, please

Racheal Parker

Racheal Parker . 1 year ago

Shooketh! YAAAASS!

Jax Ds

Jax Ds . 1 year ago

You are so beautiful. Love your video. Inspiring. ♥️

Nichola Adams

Nichola Adams . 1 year ago

Yes please ! Recovering binge eater here and need to hear how other people managed their “problem”

Geneva Vanderboegh

Geneva Vanderboegh . 1 year ago

I feel ya I can't stick to a meal play because I get bored after like a month so I'm taking the approuch to flexible dieting

heyy its sj

heyy its sj . 1 year ago

I had never heard of intermittent fasting until your channel and I think I really want to try it out!

Fifi Matos

Fifi Matos . 1 year ago

You are funny and very informative. Flexible Dieting - first time I have ever heard that phrase? Sounds great, however, it might be too flexible for people that cannot 100% control what they eat and might cause binge attacks. Am I right?

Laurinda Adams

Laurinda Adams . 2 years ago

Yes, I love your sense of humor ☺ I catch my self giggling every now and then .. your awesome love you & I love your videos Thank you , your very professional and explain everything so well.

Lauren DiTucci

Lauren DiTucci . 2 years ago

You just inspired me so much! Thank you for your transparency and insight into Flexible dieting and about binge eating. I was totally in that binge eating mindset because of restriction. Today’s my first day of Flexible dieting. I can’t wait to see how much life changes.

Joann Jacquin

Joann Jacquin . 2 years ago

Brittany....I just emailed you with some questions concerning intermittant fasting and, now, I'm realizing I also would like to understand this idea of "flexible dieting". I'm 59 yrs. old and wanting to lose a solid 15 pounds. I do not think I have a healthy relationship with food, but, maybe if you answer my email, you will know the right questions to ask me to help me figure out where to start.

Joana Nativi Leanos

Joana Nativi Leanos . 2 years ago

Do you have a video on tracking macros, and how to know how many macros you need?

Ms. Chris Cole

Ms. Chris Cole . 2 years ago

I thought I would learn about what flexible dieting is after watching this video- I even watched it twice to make sure I didn’t miss something- and I still have no clue what flexible dieting is; at least, not from this video.. The same thing happened when I watched your video that was titled something like “How to eat for fat loss”- yet, it was just your food for the day and clips of you working out. The title made it seem you were going to give information on how to eat for One to lose weight, and I was rather disappointed at the lack of information. And unfortunately, I feel the same regarding this video, as well.. Your channel says it’s about fitness, though- the only information I’ve gained after watching a few videos are a few low calorie Starbucks drink ideas- albeit, good drink ideas. I invite you to consider maybe making a script that outlines some educational points on the topic that’s in the title- instead of winging it off the cuff (at least, that’s what it seems like is happening)- to make sure that the viewer is getting the most out of each video of yours they watch. You’ve got a great personality, and you’re fun to watch! Though, as a new viewer, who’d like to stay a viewer- I’d really appreciate if the videos gave information and education on what the title is actually referencing; it’d be greatly appreciated! 💛


ItsXavierSoto . 2 years ago

Watching your videos have completely changed my outlook on getting healthy. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting & following flexible dieting & I’ve lost 9lbs in only 2 weeks! I love you & your videos 😭💞

Cindy4Health Austin

Cindy4Health Austin . 2 years ago

Hey Brittany - can you point me to scientific research for the supplements you shared? I'm a show me the science kinda girl and looking for GOLD standard research about these supplements. Thanks and cheers to your health!

Deb G

Deb G . 2 years ago


Job Caraballo Jr.

Job Caraballo Jr. . 2 years ago

😂😂😂😂 Love how you blend your sense of humor into your videos!

Melissa Berge

Melissa Berge . 2 years ago

How much of the protein powder? Almond milk? Ice? And what protein powder exactly? The link just takes me to the website

marissa hernandez

marissa hernandez . 2 years ago

My husband thinks I’m crazy.. but Ive got my 1st Phorm Vits too, and BCAA’s on my heavy lift day!

marissa hernandez

marissa hernandez . 2 years ago

I love how you eat clean and healthy. I too also eat like you now for a few years and I have so much energy now. I just took out all dairy.


Yuly . 2 years ago

How u do the flexible diet? Every Teo weeks? A month? Or daily basics?

Debora Schultz

Debora Schultz . 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your experience! I need to try flexible dieting, I'm getting sick of low carb.. i need some carbs back into my diet.

Tiara Suchalady

Tiara Suchalady . 2 years ago

Please do a video on tracking macros

Jennifer Leong

Jennifer Leong . 2 years ago

Please show how you make the ice cream. Looks soo delish. I'm going to order the mint protein powder just so I can do it. Yum!

Leslie Steward

Leslie Steward . 2 years ago

Please make a macro video😍 love u!

Aayits Christina

Aayits Christina . 2 years ago

What you eat in a day vid 😍

Addie B

Addie B . 2 years ago

For me , I did try weight watchers , but it didn't work well . For the last 7 months , I have just been cutting back carbs , and eating more protein, veggies , etc . I manage to go from a 166 to 118. Along side that , I walk every place I go to, go rock climbing and do Zumba daily and weekly 😊 Now, I'm at a weight I want to be at , and now I manage it by doing the same .

Holly Barding

Holly Barding . 2 years ago

So you keep talking about flexible dieting and how it was life changing, but you don’t really say what it is or how to do it.

Amanda Murphy

Amanda Murphy . 2 years ago

I guess I feel that meal planning and flexible dieting don't have to be mutually exclusive. You can do both. You don't have to follow a plan from someone else. It's like this. You know what you like and don't like so when you grocery shop that's what your going to get. All meal planning has to be is "Ok this week I want these things". It doesn't necessarily have to be all planned out to the day and hour. Also either way I think meal prepping is a must! Your much more likely to make healthy choices if you have your food prepped and ready. Kind of like how you brought your meal to eat after your workout. Having some pre-cut veggies and some already cooked meat (or whatever you choose) already done will help keep someone on track.

Fashionably Jay

Fashionably Jay . 2 years ago

I hear that Chillhop music 🎶 that’s my favorite kind of music

Molly B

Molly B . 2 years ago

Yes, PLEASE, do a video on how you overcame binging.

Teryn Nogles

Teryn Nogles . 2 years ago

have you done a video on your binging/how you stopped? i'd love to see that (i didn't see one on your page) - i have such a problem with binging especially when i'm trying to follow any kind of diet :(

Madison Edwards

Madison Edwards . 2 years ago

Please help - what a macros!!!!!!!

Deer Heart

Deer Heart . 2 years ago

her nail , what happened ....

Kate Zyskowska

Kate Zyskowska . 2 years ago

Hello,where did you buy your ice cream machine?

Mayra Perez

Mayra Perez . 2 years ago

Do a video on how to track macros please

Jose Ramos

Jose Ramos . 2 years ago

Thanks for the hints on flexible dieting I’m also stuck on that boring diet😍

Carmen Otto

Carmen Otto . 2 years ago

Yes! Please teach us how to track Marcos! Xoxoxo love you’re videos so much!

C. P. C.

C. P. C. . 2 years ago

what do you mean by flexible dieting? What and how exactly that works? PLease! Thanks

Jazzmine Burch

Jazzmine Burch . 2 years ago

Brittany 😂 who was that in the “bro meal plan” clip? Now I want to see that video

Cindy Ituyan

Cindy Ituyan . 2 years ago

What do you think about crash diet? I’ll really appreciate your opinion!

Crystal Peña

Crystal Peña . 2 years ago

Do you still do Intermittent Fasting?

Clarissa Stallard

Clarissa Stallard . 2 years ago

What do you use to track your MACROS or how to calculate them from foods? I'm trying to lose baby weight and I have recently got into the idea of doing the IIFIMM or flexible dieting. Done everything else with my other kiddos but I love food and love to cook. Any advice or recommended apps would be totally awesome! Love your content! Thanks💕💕

Ashley Saults

Ashley Saults . 2 years ago

Please make a macro how to!!!

Ashley Spica

Ashley Spica . 2 years ago

Protein ice cream you just blew my mind! Lol

Meagan Deiss

Meagan Deiss . 2 years ago

Watching this while eating a huge ton of ice cream

Amanda Guzman

Amanda Guzman . 2 years ago

How do you make your ice cream like in this video?

Christy Cotton

Christy Cotton . 2 years ago

I find you so inspiring I’ve been trying to lose weight and get motivated for years and I found your videos so helpful and uplifting!!! I feel very blessed to have found your video!!

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