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Tour An Edgy Open-Concept Kitchen & Main Floor

House & Home

House & Home

Published on 1 year ago

Designer Danielle Nicholas Bryk takes us on a tour of the newly renovated main floor of her own family home. Step inside the high-style, open-concept space, including the restaurant-inspired kitchen and laid-back living room designed with family life in mind. Plus, discover how Danielle brought a contemporary look to the circa-1920s home without compromising its original character and charm.

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Comments :

Cellini Rolex

Cellini Rolex . 1 month ago

Everything is simply super ugly

Danielle Blanchard

Danielle Blanchard . 2 months ago

Faucet over the range top for "crock pots" lololol

Caroline Lâm

Caroline Lâm . 3 months ago

I absolutely love the artwork in the living room!!!

andrew millar

andrew millar . 3 months ago

Only watched to see this babe, man she's gorgeous

Connie Flagg

Connie Flagg . 4 months ago

I love how eclectic everything looks

Jean Laubenthal

Jean Laubenthal . 8 months ago

No dishwasher?

New Folder

New Folder . 8 months ago

Hi, where can I buy the exaxt dining table from?

Angela Berni

Angela Berni . 8 months ago

I love it and it suits here tremendously.

Gina Reynolds

Gina Reynolds . 10 months ago

I love it but that shelving won't work when you have small children around


TheSonnyjoseph250 . 11 months ago

Ive seen this from houzz.com


Candis . 11 months ago

That last painting looked like Rick Ross on an oil canvas! LOL!!! Is it the mic/audio on the video or is her speaking voice really strong at enunciating the letter 's'? This kitchen is truly a custom fit for her life with her family. Whenever I see this type of remodel I often think about the resale. This is a kitchen with minimal cabinets, counter space, and a small fridge. I hope H&H are invited back when it's time to sell.

Paola Energya

Paola Energya . 11 months ago

I like the idea of freestanding appliances and the kitchen trolley for extra worktop surface, a very flexible layout

Margaret K

Margaret K . 1 year ago

Where can I buy the table and chairs?

Yrral Perez

Yrral Perez . 1 year ago

Lol the way she talked about two out of three kids live here felt like she was selling out her children. Haha


cheekyoziechick . 1 year ago

I love her style and everything she does.. What a lovely person she is.

Aliano Fann

Aliano Fann . 1 year ago

Lol what a joke. Looks like putting all random furnitures u can find in one place.

Ankela M

Ankela M . 1 year ago

So beautiful, love it!

Alexandra Moorshead

Alexandra Moorshead . 1 year ago

I'm surprised at the negative comments. The designer must love kitchen renos to have done three since 2012. Wow! I think her style, and particularly the artwork, is very interesting.

Leonoor Leus

Leonoor Leus . 1 year ago

People looking at their dogs and saying "This is why our couch is made out of dead cow" really confuse me...

Bernice Rose

Bernice Rose . 1 year ago

love your home!


bbaasje . 1 year ago

I love her!


Retrorocket . 1 year ago

You looking amazing. Elegance is sexy.


metropol2112 . 1 year ago

О_О Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaaa

Nicki Day

Nicki Day . 1 year ago

I'm obsessed!! Please show more of her home 😍

Lorenzo Potrich

Lorenzo Potrich . 1 year ago

Pretentious, tries too hard to be cool!

Tracy S.

Tracy S. . 1 year ago

A high priced, non-functional kitchen layout for actually doing any cooking or baking from scratch. There is no work triangle and almost no counter space for working. You could use the table as a work surface, but the low height give you a backache in half an hour. I think this family does a lot of heat and eat at their giant table. Please post a video of you making a pie, including crust, from scratch in that kitchen and I will believe your kitchen layout works.

Maddie V

Maddie V . 1 year ago

Had to google her age, damn I was surprised :O Love her energy and that kitchen is to die for 💙

Pineapple - Interior Design

Pineapple - Interior Design . 1 year ago

Beautiful home! 🍍🍍🍍

Siri Hanson

Siri Hanson . 1 year ago

I love everything about this

oliver thomas

oliver thomas . 1 year ago

But then this is a video by H&H...the complete colourphobes.

oliver thomas

oliver thomas . 1 year ago

Hardly edgy...and frankly way to much white everywhere. Zzzz

Kelli Lang

Kelli Lang . 1 year ago

Danielle, I really miss your show. And your son is out of the house already! Time flies❤️

Mim Mam

Mim Mam . 1 year ago

Love the idea of wire racks in the kitchen. So easy to access frequently used items.


ritamargherita . 1 year ago

Wow, this is gorgeous!

Janney J

Janney J . 1 year ago

It's nice but don't like the plates out incase flies get on them!


oldmoviemusic . 1 year ago

Love how original and personal this space feels - perfection!

James Lawson

James Lawson . 1 year ago

Love the style of the kitchen, great job.👍


yushi911 . 1 year ago

I prefer close pantry but i like the vibe of your kitchen. Very warm and welcoming.

The Confident Woman

The Confident Woman . 1 year ago

Wow... she looks great. Nice home as well

Alexander Novoselov

Alexander Novoselov . 1 year ago

Fabric above the fireplace? It's very brave! I hope that insurance company don't watched this video :)

אביטל בן ברוך

אביטל בן ברוך . 1 year ago

Love love love it!!

Leonard Tan

Leonard Tan . 1 year ago

Totally love her kitchen!


Leelee . 1 year ago

Beautiful space. I don't see how it's "edgy" though

christos yiannakou

christos yiannakou . 1 year ago

I'm positive that you're kitchen it's made by plywood not solid wood


architecturaldream1 . 1 year ago

Two out of three kids still live at home?!? She doesn't look much older than thirty! Damn! Skincare routine please!!

Ratnesh Jain

Ratnesh Jain . 1 year ago

Looks like a total mismatch... Confusion. Shelfs look very cheap n dining was mediocre. Wall paintings r dreadful. Only 2 things looking beautiful wr ur dogs n of course You.

Veil Diamond

Veil Diamond . 1 year ago

Great video !!!


radicalaccounting . 1 year ago

I think this whole look isn't for many, but I love it. I bought those metal racks decades ago and just keep finding new places for them. Sports equipment first. Storage (bookkeeping boxes cover in wall paper fit perfectly), now in my office for all my techie stuff. Other's don't love them as I do, so it's interesting that an Interior designer took to them!

Mary Gonzalez

Mary Gonzalez . 1 year ago

Q casa tan hermosa 😍

Syah Nazmi

Syah Nazmi . 1 year ago

I always Love to watch Danielle Bryk and her designs. Amazing! She alwas blew me away

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