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Published on 1 year ago

Insta: maanddyyyyy

Hey guys so this video is kind of a part two to my HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT VIDEO. If you haven't seen that i suggest you check it out first! In this video i am showing you guys my top glute and leg workouts that i find MOST effective. I really hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to leave me some feedback! Love you guys XOXOXO!!!!

Comments :

L Hdez

L Hdez . 9 hours ago

@mandy could you advice how many of each and how many repetitions I should start with? Also, for how many weeks I should do those amounts for? Could you do a video of this? If you already have it, could you print me to the right direction(link to it)? Other thing is, I’m skinny, when I do work out and work on my thighs, my muscles grow forward and not to the sides. my hips don’t grow neither, what exercise can you advise me to do? Since I can be born again with a great natural body lol I know , I asked for a lot but I’m sure a lot of girls will appreciate it too! <3

Dether Balauat

Dether Balauat . 2 days ago

Hi Babe💋💏👍👋🍑 🍆🍑


SHERVAAN METH . 3 days ago

Hi please do a what you eat in a day video please please 🙏😁😁

Marrio Houston

Marrio Houston . 3 days ago

i already laugh my bones off with my boney ass


rahvavaenlane . 3 days ago

Step 1: have right genetics Step 2: work out if you want

Only Me

Only Me . 4 days ago

Workout starts 1:28

Sareal Starks

Sareal Starks . 1 week ago

how long did it take for you to get where you are now?

Ileana Morales

Ileana Morales . 1 week ago

where did you get that necklace??😻

Antonia Perez

Antonia Perez . 1 week ago

Do you guys know how to avoid getting loose skin when working out??

Kiera Martinez

Kiera Martinez . 1 week ago

I don’t understand I always work out and my butt doesn’t grow, I mean it does but doesn’t

mimi R

mimi R . 1 week ago

Almost passed out after the warm up 😩 lol but I finished it!

mimi R

mimi R . 1 week ago

Camera man on POINT!


anidania12sal . 1 week ago

Question ? Is this your main workout routine ? Or is there more to it ??

Alexa Grace

Alexa Grace . 1 week ago


Gabriella Delcid

Gabriella Delcid . 2 weeks ago

I’m scared to do workouts with heavy weights I don’t want to do them wrong and get hurt

Claudia L

Claudia L . 2 weeks ago

Hi Mandy. I would like to be fitness for now I am having medical treatments for a knee problem. I have years with this until now nobody have said what do I have. So Im kind of sedentary, I am very tiny and I surf on Internet looking for real people who achieved a fitness shape because they are my inspiration. I recently watched you. In how much time your butt grew? Thank you!

Elly Lessiter

Elly Lessiter . 2 weeks ago

me: eating milk chocolate with a salted cameral filling 30%. Sugar glucose, syrup, skimmed milk powder, cocoa butter, milk fat, cocoa mass. lactose, whey powder (from milk), palm fat, emulsifier (soya lecithin), salt, natural vanilla extract. May contain: peanut, hazelnut, almond, wheat. Milk chocolate contains milk solids 14% minimum.

Chloe Bartz

Chloe Bartz . 2 weeks ago

I want to go so bad but I dont because super skinny and weak and I'm so scared people are gonna judge me or I'm gonna look stupid doing the excersizes. As a result I still have not gotten membership at the gym...

Silvia Badillo

Silvia Badillo . 2 weeks ago

You don't need to go to the gym to see results, it's the same at home if u really push urself, and I think it's even better

Kara Amos

Kara Amos . 2 weeks ago

Literally watching this video while eating chipotle 😭

Sade Otukoya

Sade Otukoya . 2 weeks ago

Okay but where’s your shirt from sis cause 😍

Yo Mama

Yo Mama . 2 weeks ago

I can’t do this stuff it’s too embarrassing and ppl stare like morons 😩

banshee babe

banshee babe . 2 weeks ago

can you show us something that doesn't involve equipment for those of us too poor to afford a gym membership? <3

Layla Hyll

Layla Hyll . 2 weeks ago

what you are looking for 1:27

Rachelle Catrisse

Rachelle Catrisse . 2 weeks ago

Can't relate to the people laying in their beds because I actually do the exercises in every video I watch 😎💃🏽

Elizabeth Villalpando

Elizabeth Villalpando . 2 weeks ago

Omg I did this workout today and died !! Good video :)

Jhope is my hope

Jhope is my hope . 2 weeks ago

i usually compliment others on how good their body looks but others just laugh at how skinny and flat i am..they just say there’s nothing to look at in my body..it’s annoying..just take the compliment and be quite if u don’t have anything nice to say..

Erica Bain

Erica Bain . 2 weeks ago

Let's see an abdomen at home video


Strawberii . 2 weeks ago

I'm flat as cardboard and my friends make sure I know it 👀

Elise Embree

Elise Embree . 2 weeks ago

Called me out on not actually doing the workouts🤭


Hol . 2 weeks ago

If you want your butt to be as big as your misleading thumbnail you’re gonna need to up the weight a bit sis

Naz Anin

Naz Anin . 2 weeks ago

I hate ppl who do videos and keep lookin to the camera

Ela Aydin

Ela Aydin . 2 weeks ago

pls do a glute guide that has a series of them

Lilly Brierley

Lilly Brierley . 2 weeks ago

I mean you could do that.... or just get plastic surgery

Sweet Candy

Sweet Candy . 2 weeks ago

I hate when these influencers say “Fast” ! Growing muscle takes time,hard work and ALOTTTTTTT of patience so stop with this BS already!


Maddie_Cupcakes . 2 weeks ago

leaving for the gym in 5 mins wish me luck 😫😫


M C . 2 weeks ago

Your booty is nice!

Natali Guy

Natali Guy . 2 weeks ago

I really want to go to the gym but I can’t workout around people it feels like everything is looking at me, I can’t even workout in front of my family


Rotsku . 2 weeks ago

I wish my gym had all pf these equipments... lol the one I can go free to (thanks to school) doesn’t even have a threadmill.., or even resistance bands. And ut’s always full of old people. Other gyms are way out of my budget :( So at home I have been doing some squats always when I go the stairs up, I do about 3mins of glute bridges (with no weight cause I don’t have weights) I do 25x donkey kicks, then like a donkey kicka but with straight leg? And 30x fire hydrants. I do bouncing and jumping squats too. I do this almost every day. Am I doing enough? I am not expecting fast resulsts as I don’t do it so intense. Should I still do some more things?

Julia Kang

Julia Kang . 2 weeks ago

You crack me up 😭

Melissa Mcdonald

Melissa Mcdonald . 2 weeks ago

My favorite workouts to do is the cable pull through squats and the weighted step ups and probably the heavy hip thrusts those three make me feel energized when doin it but I know it's working

Da Empress

Da Empress . 3 weeks ago

If I didn't want to have my booty to look like the way I want it, I wouldn't be here! But, I'm here, I'm willing to commit, and to get "Sir Mix a lot's baby got back" booty hahaha!


S R . 3 weeks ago

This video is complete bullshit. The before after photos on the title frame of this video are not the same person. People need to know that most of the reason that women who do bum fitness videos have nice bums is due to genetics. As long as you are not over or underweight there is very little shaping that can be achieved by working out. You are either born with a nice ass or you are not. Yet so many desperate women pay so much attention to things while not knowing critical factors like this.

Zion Simeon

Zion Simeon . 3 weeks ago

1:00 caught me off guard I began yodelling


Purpleandblue518 . 3 weeks ago

You look great!!

Aaliyah Ramos

Aaliyah Ramos . 3 weeks ago

I actually loved this video.. definitely a change of pace in the glute growing department. 👌😌

Zelia S

Zelia S . 3 weeks ago

That booty tho 😍😁💕

Mike Ortiz

Mike Ortiz . 3 weeks ago

She is so gorgeous

Urusai Kodokushi

Urusai Kodokushi . 3 weeks ago

My gym is so full legit...i use to never be able to use the weights because the same people would be using it lol

Iran Mendez Rodriguez

Iran Mendez Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

Like si pasaste a ver este canal pero no sabes ni lo que esta diciendo porque no hablas este idioma!

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