Lydia Halbert

Lydia Halbert

Published on 4 years ago

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stefano nutini

stefano nutini . 22 hours ago

I have actually employed this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for some weeks already and also the final results are astounding. They give me plenty of strength as well as curb my appetite, yet I don`t quit once they wear off which I love, and they also don`t make me jittery. I have not changed other things I`m doing and have lost 7 lbs. .

saraa x

saraa x . 2 months ago

Would I gain fat if I’m training too?😭 I’m rlly underweight and just started having more carbs again like oats, started having 3-5 bananas like a few weeks ago and today I just started having oats and rice cakes

saraa x

saraa x . 2 months ago

You gained weight because you increased cals by a lot or because you had carbs?

Jackson Gasho

Jackson Gasho . 6 months ago

How much protein are you eating?

Ariana Helvie

Ariana Helvie . 7 months ago

You resemble shakira :)

Sky Doll

Sky Doll . 7 months ago

Just wait 3/5 years - you will burn out

Sky Doll

Sky Doll . 7 months ago

Biggest Loser - where are they now? They are all fat again I bet

Sky Doll

Sky Doll . 7 months ago

Sooo tired on high fat 🤢 insulin resistance can be the outcome of high carb diet though

Sky Doll

Sky Doll . 7 months ago

I’m so over high fat 😭

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson . 8 months ago

carbs are only valuable for building muscle when exercising every day. If you're not exercising, carbs are a dietary burden on your body, increasing blood glucose levels and, over 10, 20, or 30 years, you become insulin resistant.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson . 8 months ago

You're not supposed to restrict your caloric intake on high fat high protein diets. You're supposed to focus on *not* eating the bad materials which are starches and sugars are highly-processed oils (ones that require alot of chemical treatment, which removes the nutritive value). These materials are *not* readily available in a hunter-gatherer diet. Your DNA has been molded over 250,000 years to expect a ketogenic or carnivore diet.

Yoda Master

Yoda Master . 8 months ago

Take the hat off when you are inside.


maschinenraum . 9 months ago

very unscientifically rambling with absolutely no value for sustainable and healthy losing weight ( without losing muscle) except the calorie cutting - with that you are right, that is only good for destroying the body.

Anthony Quenzer

Anthony Quenzer . 1 year ago

So you're eating high carbs not counting calories and losing weight

Really Though

Really Though . 1 year ago

I went on a WFPB diet for a year and gained about 8kg’s. So ya no thanks. The premise of you can eat whatever you want did not prove true for me.


im1cher . 1 year ago

I switched to pescatarian diet 2.5 yrs ago. I did gain a few pounds at first. I got bored of salad veggies, missing the hearty/dense food sensation. I don’t like to do lots of food prep and cooking and have searched for a vegan diet that is filling, tasty, and fulfills the hearty/dense mouth feel. In the last 3-4 months I switched to mostly brown rice and black beans. I found I had no energy, and have put on another 10 or more pounds. I can’t be sure how much since I never had a weight problem in 57 years. So I never weighed myself. Now in total I suspect I’ve gained 15 pounds and I’m miserable. I didn’t stop eating meats and dairy for health, but for animal compassion. Consequently for the last few weeks I’ve abandoned everything healthy, eating cookies and canned veggies. This sucks!

Chris Neethling

Chris Neethling . 1 year ago

Some people are carb tolerant. MOST ARE CARB INTOLERANT - I.e. Insulin resistant. Have the HbA1C test and establish what you are based on FACTS!

Alexandra Boone

Alexandra Boone . 1 year ago

How long did it take you before you stopped gaining weight once you switched to high carb?

Roger Torrez

Roger Torrez . 2 years ago

That cleavage though...

Amberlynn Mahabali

Amberlynn Mahabali . 2 years ago

Ok so do I count calorie intake I'm confused


snackysnacks . 2 years ago

if anyone is confused i would recommend watching what the health


funnyjessy1995 . 2 years ago

Bottom line ... if you eat to many calories you'll gain weight .

Emma_xx_ Xx

Emma_xx_ Xx . 2 years ago

Did u lose the weight u gain naturally after your body got used to the cards?

Rashida Davis

Rashida Davis . 2 years ago

Perfectly said! I was underweight when I started eating of course I had to gain some weight to get to a normal range...but I looked and felt so much better! The thing is, I can eat more than I ever did and still do not gain weight over my normal weight range. I never have to "diet", never count calories and my "exercise" is just doing normal every day things like walking a little farther, cleaning the house, walking my neighbor's dog...not a big deal like going to a gym for hours on end...I love being vegan! Best thing I ever did for myself!

John Hooper

John Hooper . 2 years ago

All the vegan people loosing weight cut out: bread, pasta, processed food, cerials, junkfood and switch to natural veggies and fruit that are basically low carb.. That is why they loose weight. Eat natural basic food and you will benefit. Protein has insuline response.. Huge dose protein alot.. Protein a shake is very insuline spiky.. Hand full of nuts and seeds not.. Low fat vs high fat..

Halim Werghemmi

Halim Werghemmi . 2 years ago

no meat or seafood 😲 I’m not vegan 😂 😂 😂

Ayeits Shay

Ayeits Shay . 2 years ago

I eat 1,200 calories cause a lot of food and soda just look like poison (background info: I also have a history of eating disorders, I’m 14, and overweight, I drink many bottles of water a day cause I actually like water, I try many things to lose weight accept exercise cause I don’t have the time and deal with acid reflux) I’m gonna eat a lot of healthy low fat food and eat around 1,600-1,800 for alittle then start with high carb. Which shouldn’t be hard cause most things I eat contain carbs. If i don’t make sense, or this would be bad, or whatever correct me please

Razvan Florentin Popescu

Razvan Florentin Popescu . 2 years ago

shes clueless.. ignoring so many variables . try zero carb ) , then observe your brain


heliotropicsquirrel . 2 years ago

Fantastic info but the jump cuts every 5 seconds is jacking with my head! ;P

danita powell

danita powell . 2 years ago

good information. your story sounds like mine..i tried every diet and eating style. i am now on a plant base diet. high carbs whole foods. im so satisfied with this lifestyle. it frees me up from worrying about caloric counting, measuring my food and so forth..i aslo dont have asthma anymore. im 50 but i feel and look 35 to 40. im never looking back..😄


lola0600 . 2 years ago

Really, going by all the comments here, it just shows that every diet is not for everyone. We are all different and our body react differently, you can have two people who are the same weight, height and body shape that will react differently to the same medicine or treatment, of a diet is working for you do not change it because someone else said it is bad, if you are thriving and healthy keep it


flowgo . 2 years ago

I cant do that. I have to eat ketogenic diet. I eat mostly vegetables though. I have to have a little protein or else I AM STARVING then I binge! I wont do it again.

Fermentum Mobile

Fermentum Mobile . 2 years ago

When I did eating high carb low fat my psoriasis inflamm. got much worse and I got my shoulder joint inflammated and developed artrisis here :/ when I started high fat low carb, pains are much lower and even my schizophrenia gets much better. Thats my experience with the food styles.

6kidsand8cupsof coffee

6kidsand8cupsof coffee . 2 years ago

what do you eat in a day ..

Genevieve Winchester

Genevieve Winchester . 2 years ago

How long did it take for you to lose the weight you gained from all the carbs? I switched to a high carb diet and I'm starting to see the effects of weight gain and I'm wondering how long it will take for my body to even out again

Dimitra Mouratidou

Dimitra Mouratidou . 2 years ago

hey there, thanks for sharing. i want to share my experience as well. i was vegan (healthy vegan) for about 2 years. i ate a TON of food, didnt count clories and was absulutely happy. BUT! to be honest, i could reach my fitness goals and see the muscle building i wanted. i was feeling very sleepy at noon and was always bloated as well :/ since i started eating animal protein again, i gained muscle and i stopped being bloated all the time! i also started having energy all day long. i want to start a plant based diet again, but i hate that my personal experience showed me that i may probably have to lower my fitness expectations! (no doubt plant based diet is better for longevity though!)


Sonny . 2 years ago

Nice Cleavage!


Httyd5 . 2 years ago


Evy Ju

Evy Ju . 3 years ago

I am trying to recover my periods after two years of "low carbing" , so this video is amazing,,,I already gained 35 pounds so its making me feel better knowing that one day my body will stabilize


astronomical13 . 3 years ago

I was on a whole food plant based diet. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. I wasn't vegan but the only meat I ever ate was baked fish or sometimes baked skinless chicken breast. Counted calories, exercised 4 days a week and could not lose any weight. My total cholesterol was 253, triglycerides were over 300 and HDL was in the 30s. I suffered from digestive issues (IBS) and chronic heartburn. I was 270 pounds and miserable. Switched to a ketogenic diet, lost 75lbs (still losing and maintaining) much better energy levels, triglycerides are now in the 80s, HDL is 72. Heartburn gone. IBS gone, I am regular and never constipated. I rarely eat vegetables. I know it may not be the case for everyone but in my own experience vegetables were doing more harm than good.

Lulu, Drinker of Coffee

Lulu, Drinker of Coffee . 3 years ago

I dunno.. I always hear non-LCHF eaters.. or specifically vegetarians and vegans say how "restrictive" HFLC is but I find it very liberating.. I feel like, based on what people say, that bodies vary bc I tried doing high carb low fat and I was miserable... I was doing it for a year and a half and I had digestive issues.. and it was EXTREMELY restrictive as it was so hard to keep my weight from going up even with exercise and I don't really like a lot of sweet stuff or sugar or bread. I always crave salty and savory flavors and I always want fatty things and never feel satisfied unless a meal is a bit fatty. There are as matter of fact, people who thrive on high fat low carb (peoples in colder/harsher environments), just like it's documented that there are people who thrive on high carb low fat. (islanders, and other fruit heavy regions) Similarly I'm always hot, like cold weather and gain muscle easily in typical endomorphic style.. I sometimes wonder if that's related. Anyway.. I felt so good since I switched to low carb high fat.. I'm not necessarily ketogenic low in carbs but almost.. depends on the day. But the one day I ate more than a small piece of bread, I felt bloated, and sick for over 12 hours and had unpleasant bathroom trips. With high fat high carb I'm focusing better, more energetic than before, and I lost weight where I hit a wall doing low fat high carb. My sister is like you though.. she loves fruits and eats little meat just because she doesn't like it much.. she craves sweet flavors and all and does well managing her weight that way. So I'm a firm believer there is no one-size-fits-all way of eating... but I don't feign to understand why that might be other than, people are diverse. :) So that said, I don't know if any way of eating is inherently "better" than the other only better for individuals.


Ciays . 3 years ago

'Carbs do not make you fat" If you enough of them, they will lol.


medviation . 3 years ago

Yeah... I tried this high carb plant based diet. Initial weight gain was expected but I've been gaining weight continuously for 5 years. I'm well on my way to going over 200lbs. Maybe I'll keep the plant based, but it looks like restrictive diets and over exercising is the lifestyle for me.

Michelle Ducharme

Michelle Ducharme . 3 years ago

You remind me a lot of Stella the light


TinfoilHatGirl . 3 years ago

I am so relieved to find out that the times have finally changed. When in the recent years it seemed to be "low carb" all over if you looked for advice to lose weight in a healthy way I always felt so bad. Because I just KNEW I am a high carb metabolism. I wanted to start a new kind of nutrition method to lose some weight either mid term or long term but I honestly didnt even TRY these low carb methods. I knew just by looking at the "rules" that they would drive me crazy. So now that I hear that there are new methods that go the opposite way and some people having great results I am feeling confident to give it a try. It just sounds RIGHT to me. It does NOT sound like suffering and restriction. I sounds like something that will work for MY body, no matter what works for others and what they claim is the only healthy and successful method. I am confident that a high carb low fat plant based diet will work for me too. And the best thing with your video is that it comes from a "fitness guru" mouth. Most of them are still on "low carb" . So seeing and hearing that someone like you that is so surrounded by all these low carbos admits low carb was hell for you and admitting that it was the wrong way and the opposite works now so well for you - that makes me so optimistic and motivated for the first time in years. I thought, well, I have to live with my excess pounds because I am just not willing to suffer under these low carb methods, it is just not worth it, but when all say it is the only way, well, then I have to live with being chubby. But maybe I am wrong ;) I bought an Instant pot with the plan to cook more plant based high carb meals, fresh and quickly made with this cool kitchen item. I am excited and cant wait to start :)))

jodi muhammed

jodi muhammed . 3 years ago

so many people cant lose weight or feel good in high carbs diet including myself.. just saying :)


blackroze771 . 3 years ago

I'm sorry but when I eat more calories than I burn I gain so much weight. I can't do it


PinkVeganBarbie . 3 years ago

great video, I have been vegan for over a year now and was exactly like you on high protein, low carb diet before going vegan. I gained weight and am in the process of losing the weight, i'm actually doing a 90 challenge where i'm eating healthy, as in high carb low fat and exercise daily. Subscribe to my channel to see my end result.. fingers crossed I get really thin again lol

Alina Conboy

Alina Conboy . 3 years ago

yeeees girl!!! I experienced the exact same!!!

Annette Wong

Annette Wong . 3 years ago

How low fat is considered low fat on HCLF? I'm new to plant based eating coming also from a restrictive low carb diet and counting macros. Id love to hear your thoughts :)

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