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Quick look and review of the Unbranded Indigo Selvedge Denim UB101 in the Skinny fit.

My brother picked them up from UrbanOutfitters for about $70. I'm here with an unbagging, review, and then a comparison with my pair that was worn for 2 years (and retired). Best entry level raw selvedge denim in my opinion.

Table of content:
Unbagging: 0:12
Review: 1:53
Comparison: 4:29

Check the review of my worn pair:

Stock description:
* Slim straight leg
* 5 pocket, button fly closure
* Hidden selvedge coin pocket detail
* 14.5oz Japanese raw sanforized selvedge denim
* Rope dyed in indigo
* Hidden rivets, chainstitched hems, leather patch
* 100% cotton
* Indigo
* Made in Macau

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or message.
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Comments :


Chuckerz . 3 months ago

How could anyone go buy 500 jeans after seeing the TOP QUALITY FADES THEM 88 DOLLAR jeans turned out wow..other Japanese brands are prob embarrassed,honestly those look better than SOME too price brands


ВРУТИН ХОР . 9 months ago



willcrombie . 1 year ago

Levis 501 stf or unbranded?

Oh yeah Yeah

Oh yeah Yeah . 1 year ago

Hey I wanted to know is you are supposed to machine wash them or hand wash them and in any particular way?

Adam Khan

Adam Khan . 1 year ago

iv been wearing some of my jeans for over 10 years now and they still look brand new top notch not like your type of jeans just wear for 2 years and game over


sf2explus . 2 years ago

the thing i hate about unbranded denim is the fly area its very short giving off the look that the jeans are for women. edwin ed80 fly area is a better look or levis 501 if you like a bit more


AlexEastwood . 3 years ago

Don't you think that supreme rigid jeans are same as these indigo unbranded selvedge jeans?


wilsjane . 3 years ago

The best way to check the quality of raw denim jeans is to put a cigarette out against them. If they are genuine raw denim it will not even leave a scorch mark. In the past, we always used our jeans as an ashtray when walking through dry grass or at a party where their were no ashtrays.


MlSSlNGN0 . 3 years ago

you washed the 2 year old ones huh?

Maxime chagneau

Maxime chagneau . 3 years ago

Where did you bought this pant?

Hoax Telvecho

Hoax Telvecho . 3 years ago

Making videos about chinese made jeans such as these is like shining shit and calling it gold. You can find the best handmade denim in the world in the good old u.s. of a for under a 100 dollars if you have any common sense at all

anthony wade

anthony wade . 3 years ago

beautiful jeans man I love that kind

leesandro C

leesandro C . 4 years ago

Where are they made?

Ace Face

Ace Face . 4 years ago

Those unbranded are cool (i got them) the only problem it´s the low rise , i can´t dress low rise jeans, they crush my balls.


Longhorn4life32 . 4 years ago

I prefer my jeans to have more of a carrot fit so they dont hang over my sneakers but still roomy in the thigh, which fit should i go for


AG-Cool . 4 years ago

So if I have a 30 waist, I should get the 29's right?

Sole Passion

Sole Passion . 4 years ago

Nice combs! I'm surprised that your stacks aren't more apparent though seeing that the inseam is a 36.

Nate Hahn

Nate Hahn . 5 years ago

Dos a iPhone 6 plus fit in the front pocket...?


Will . 5 years ago

Dude where'd you get that belt?

Ellis Bern

Ellis Bern . 5 years ago

I also soaked my jeans in warm water for an hour and currently braking them in. They stiffer and slightly slimmer. Should I get them tapered still?

Ellis Bern

Ellis Bern . 5 years ago

Hey recently got a pair of 101s for Christmas. Maybe wore them for 3 full days. I recently got them shortened 2 inches and they are now perfect length. They're still a little baggy though. Would you recommend getting them tapered?

James Benn

James Benn . 5 years ago

I wish their skinny jeans were actually skinny though. I like the fit of the Evisu 2021 but they are "stretch selvedge" and are only like 11oz. Anyone know how well they age?

Parz Larz

Parz Larz . 5 years ago

I really want a pair of unbranded skinny's but i'm 5'7. do you think i could still cuff the jeans and get away with the 36" inseam?

Anthony Infante

Anthony Infante . 5 years ago

I was thinking about getting a pair of unbranded denim, I'm 6'2 and kinda skinny I was wondering should I go down a size from 32?


Jchillin__ . 5 years ago

So the tags for the denim have really been confusing me on the UB website. I usually wear a 33 but according to the 33 tags, the waist is a 35. Im not sure if i follow the waist measurement or the tags. please help!

Kris Garcia

Kris Garcia . 5 years ago

Who repairs your denim?

peter stringer-hye

peter stringer-hye . 5 years ago

I just bought a pair of the straight fit from the UO website. I love the fit but It seems like the wash may be a darker rinse the new pair you have in this video. I'm looking for more of a cobalt/indigo wash than a darker rinse. Do you think they changed their wash or is it just different lighting that makes them look "bluer" in your vid? 

mene d

mene d . 5 years ago

I want to cop a pair real bad but I am not sure about the sizing. The UO reviews are 50/50 on sizing up or staying true to size. The unbranded site says their 36 tag size has a waist size of 37.5 so I feel like i should be fine but im 36.5 with a muscular build. Would you suggest sizing up?


MrOh2specv . 5 years ago

I just ordered my first pair from Urban Outfitters, I'm looking forward to trying them on... I'm actually pretty excited lol.


CovertOpsProductions . 5 years ago

Hi, I bought the UB301 and then exchanged them for the UB201 because they were too baggy. The UB201 is still kind of baggy; i am wondering if that will change after I wear them for a while or should I just exchange the UB201s for the 101s? Is there a big difference between the 201s and the 101s?


HPrieto . 5 years ago

I'm looking for some tapered selvedge denim, i got the wierd guy fit but they aren't even that tapered, do you have any brands that may carry what I'm looking for? I know the apc kanye collaboration had some but their impossible to get! Please help!


Andrew . 5 years ago

I'm sick of all my pants getting holes when I do nothing to them! I have a pair of Hollister jeans that fit perfectly but the back pocket ripped for like no reason and a pair of urban pipeline (apparently some very cheap polo Ralph Lauren company) tore at both back pockets and the back 3 belt loops OUT OF NO WHERE!! so my question.. Do these hold up well? And do they face nicely? And what is the inseem because I wear a 30X32

Denzel M

Denzel M . 5 years ago

So all the lengths are the same?


TUBESTEAKNIG . 6 years ago

your faded pair looks so good man shit. I should have gotten some ubs. just bought some PS I think tapered ub would fit better. 


notzkie . 6 years ago

I'm in macau, but i still don't know where i can buy  here. hope they sell it from where it's made.hope you can help me thanks.


HI . 6 years ago

Gr8 vid

Rigoberto Vega

Rigoberto Vega . 6 years ago

hey man, why are all these raw demin jeans so long compared to others?

Jae Hyung Kim

Jae Hyung Kim . 6 years ago

how much should i size down?

aznboi tommy

aznboi tommy . 6 years ago

So how's the fit? What if ima bigger person but still want a fitting pair of jeans with a not so big or small leg opening how's the fit I usually wear a 36

Brooks Gorden

Brooks Gorden . 6 years ago

so i wear dark denim pants and normally a light denim jacket with that. I'm not very interested in getting  jeans to fade( in order to avoid the canadian tuxedo look) but i think i want the quality of selvage denim. should i buy selvege or just get cheaper jeans instead

Andrew Keyes

Andrew Keyes . 6 years ago

Hi! On your retired pair, did you wash them or soak them at all during their life time?

Lemuel Parker

Lemuel Parker . 6 years ago

Hey Thanks for the review! I was wondering where you got the belt on the Urban Outfitter jeans? If you don't mind me asking :)


CrunchyTunaRoll . 6 years ago

That's a sick pair u got there! 


TheStyleStop . 6 years ago has $25 raw denim just like the unbranded ones, no branding, no nothing, just plain.


Kenny . 6 years ago

How would you compare these to Levi's 510's? Similar in cut or no? I want the same exact skinny fit, but I never had a pair and can't really try these on, since there aren't any stores around my way that carries them!


JustusTubes . 6 years ago

Did you presoak these?


gwath42 . 6 years ago

It was mentioned in the video. My brother bought them for a little under $70 shipped.


gwath42 . 6 years ago

Sorry for the late reply, I recommend either going 30 or 31. Urbanoutfitter has free returns, so I would order both, and return the one that doesn't fit. Yes, they are all the same length, so you choose just by size.

Fanio George

Fanio George . 6 years ago

price is?


ReallyLargeBeans . 6 years ago

Do you know how these fit compared to the Obey modern denim?

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