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Luke Combs - Unreleased, Untitled Song



Published on 2 months ago

#LukeCombs #WithoutYou

Luke Combs performs unreleased new song dedicated to his parents, fiancée, and his fans.

I don’t own this content, but I added lyrics for those that want to follow along and a few pictures to capture the essence of the song.

Great job Luke. Another hit!

Comments :


Fudpuckerr . 1 day ago

2 titles for this song could be "Without You" or "Credit Due"

Ri hard Lowdry

Ri hard Lowdry . 2 days ago

Most people don't really give a whole lot of credit to their roots and to those that got email to where they are but his mom and dad raised him right thanks mr&miss combs love his music

Jarod Layliev

Jarod Layliev . 3 days ago

the title should be 'without you', just saying

Reed Thompson

Reed Thompson . 5 days ago

Nothing but gold. Every song sir!

Mark Morton

Mark Morton . 1 week ago

Beautiful song without a doubt he reflects on being probably one of the most interesting artists in the entire world in my eyes my green eyes don't lie I think book on is one of my favorite singers ever live besides a Lil Wayne

Mark Morton

Mark Morton . 1 week ago


Jeremiah Wilson

Jeremiah Wilson . 1 week ago

He is awesome we love you Luke


jen76bell . 2 weeks ago

Sweet ❤️

Victory Kisses

Victory Kisses . 2 weeks ago

We are both Stars!


Dreamer50 . 2 weeks ago

Y'all don't know how HAPPY I am that this man made it! This is the COUNTRY MUSIC that they need to bring back......This is what the true COUNTRY MUSIC FANS WANT! I LOVE this song......it should be on Country Radio! Keep Being YOU, Luke! WE LOVE YA!

fungidungie Johnson

fungidungie Johnson . 2 weeks ago

I listened without emotion , then I woke up and my pillow was gone.

Sara Light

Sara Light . 2 weeks ago


Joe Hall

Joe Hall . 2 weeks ago

Another No.1 by Mr. LUKE COMBS!

Robby Doerflein

Robby Doerflein . 2 weeks ago

absolutely a great song

Rich Kennedy

Rich Kennedy . 2 weeks ago

It Should be named it Me Dont Mean a thing without you by luke combs

Gavin DeWitt

Gavin DeWitt . 3 weeks ago

Anyone know the chords?

katie d

katie d . 3 weeks ago

It needs a name?. Does the song have a name?. I thought I’ve heard all of his unreleased songs on YouTube

karen Seay

karen Seay . 3 weeks ago

New title "Without You"!!

Camille Mazzotta

Camille Mazzotta . 4 weeks ago

I was there and idk if you heard me but after he played the song I was the one who yelled name it without you

Cassie Davidson

Cassie Davidson . 4 weeks ago

He's the BEST!!


kconklum23 . 4 weeks ago

RELEASE THIS LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K Beeo

K Beeo . 4 weeks ago

Remember where you came from and who got you there. Pure class!

Trucker Baty

Trucker Baty . 4 weeks ago

Luke has a Aaron Lewis flare to his voice... I love it

Kole Jefferis

Kole Jefferis . 4 weeks ago

This is an amazing song! Luke you will go down as a country legend that’s for sure! You should name this song “Without You”


Mulder030 . 4 weeks ago

release date???? This song in its simple acoustic form is perfect. drives the lyrics right into the heart strings!

Zack Nordsell

Zack Nordsell . 4 weeks ago

Kinda sad this sing ain’t on the new album

Damon Harrison

Damon Harrison . 4 weeks ago

Wow! Just wow! I believe you could sing a Dr Seuss books & make a bit out of it. You, sir, are awesome!


hannigan227 . 4 weeks ago

So bummed this isn’t on the new album 😩

Dustin McKee

Dustin McKee . 1 month ago

Absolutely a #1 hit 💯% good job Luke!!!!! 🙏 and thank you for your amazing music talent and to the ma an pa that raised you!!!

Trish Wall

Trish Wall . 1 month ago

The name of your song should be "Without You"

Sheila Lutkenhaus

Sheila Lutkenhaus . 1 month ago

Keep on keeping on!!! 2019....Love it!!!!

Frank Linger

Frank Linger . 1 month ago

The best in business!

Crypto Inc.

Crypto Inc. . 1 month ago

That's a #1 hit right there. This kid is REAL. What I mean he isn't changing, he's changing people. That's what makes him GREAT. What do I know though I'm just an old combat vet.

Katrina Lewis

Katrina Lewis . 1 month ago

For sure, will be as big as Garth on day. My favorite singer on the country charts to date.

Jeff Snipes

Jeff Snipes . 1 month ago

One hell of a song young man, good too see real country coming back. Keep it up!

Erik Daugherty

Erik Daugherty . 1 month ago

The title should where the credits DO!

J Lorenzo

J Lorenzo . 1 month ago

Gives me chills man... this guy talks 💪🏼💙

jon umland

jon umland . 1 month ago

The next George Strait


simplemandan . 1 month ago

You sing it Luke!! This guy is nothing short of awesome!!


mattanthony0814 . 1 month ago

this song doesn't even a title, and I'm counting down the days until its available on iTunes

Scott Davis

Scott Davis . 1 month ago

This is the most heartfelt song ive ever heard. This man will be around for a very long time. Thank you Luke for your talents.

Johnny Burke

Johnny Burke . 1 month ago

Man, his album released songs are always good but there’s something about just a voice and a guitar. You really don’t need anything else

Klaus Zimmermann

Klaus Zimmermann . 1 month ago

Auch hier in Deutschland Lieben wir diesen Kerl Also here in Germany we love this guy

jimmy beatty

jimmy beatty . 1 month ago

From time to time you come across people who make u feel like your brother or sister man luke combs it's like he is writing those songs from my heart I hope he never changes I wish him a long and happy life


countrychick50054 . 1 month ago

Love it Luke!! Such a great song! You are so talented!! This is another hit for sure!! Please PLEASE PLEASE release this song and get it to country radio!! Loved seeing you in Des Moines Iowa on OCT 5 2019!! You were sooo awesome!! Please come back again!!!!!

Eric Wadja

Eric Wadja . 1 month ago

He's been my fav country singer since he started and always will be

Lisa Barnes

Lisa Barnes . 1 month ago

❤Luke...I started crying😭 on the first verse of this song and didnt stop til the end... even when writing this comment. Every single word I connected to!! This is the reason you have the fan base that you do love 🥰, along with your Humbleness I LOVE your MUSIC never stop and keep it coming & keep it coming STRONG! Sincerely. 😌❤

Joe Villalobos

Joe Villalobos . 1 month ago

He is truly amazing. Mind blowing everytime I hear his songs. Way to go Luke.

mikey fitton

mikey fitton . 1 month ago

Bound to be the next Garth Brooks


Derrick . 1 month ago

This is a beautiful tribute and a true testament to this man and his heart. Class act.

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