Published on 4 weeks ago

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Selena Gomez recently released her new song "Lose You To Love Me" and fans are FREAKING out. In the spirit of the release, here is Selena Gomez reacting to fans hearing "Lose You To Love Me" for the very first time.


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Comments :

Josefina Andrea Covers

Josefina Andrea Covers . 1 day ago

La amo la amo la amo la amo con todo mi corazón es tan hermosa😭❤

Nazma Khan

Nazma Khan . 4 days ago

she's such a pure heart

Neha Dey

Neha Dey . 5 days ago

This new album of @selenagomez I loved it

J-La La

J-La La . 1 week ago

Omy! Same reaction here 😭 iloveyou selena!

Katherinne Olarte

Katherinne Olarte . 1 week ago

que bueno saber que no fui la única que lloro a mares cuando vi el video, lo vuelvo a ver y sigo llorando te amamos SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson . 1 week ago

I think everyone human has cryed to lose you to love me 🥺

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson . 1 week ago

Love you Selena


Linda . 2 weeks ago

THIS WAS UPLOADED ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bangtan's Girl

Bangtan's Girl . 2 weeks ago

she is so sweet

Poppy Goddard

Poppy Goddard . 2 weeks ago

The third person was me 😂😂😭😭❤️❤️❤️

Grace Voya

Grace Voya . 2 weeks ago

Selena is so inspiring and yet so crazy humble !!! ... I actually sang a cover of lose you to love me with my own lyrics, about someone really important to me xx ☺️hope it makes someone’s day .. https://youtu.be/3HLMK_bfgc8

Akanksha Ak

Akanksha Ak . 2 weeks ago

You're the best

Anjita Luitel

Anjita Luitel . 2 weeks ago

She's so sweet❤ I love her 3000😭


mayoune . 2 weeks ago

Vous pouvez traduire svp 🙏

Vipul Prasad

Vipul Prasad . 2 weeks ago

Why she is so yellow, or i got jaundice 🤒


iibelleii . 2 weeks ago

Am I the only person that didn’t cry in the song

Angshu Sarma

Angshu Sarma . 2 weeks ago

Ain't she gorgeous.

Somaia Azizi

Somaia Azizi . 2 weeks ago

Love you Selena ❤️ you will be always in your fans heart ♥️

Queen Nancy

Queen Nancy . 2 weeks ago

How can she be so pretty and nice

Baybora Videos

Baybora Videos . 2 weeks ago

Ne güzel güldün kız

Ghiwa Nasserddine

Ghiwa Nasserddine . 2 weeks ago


Jahangeer Khan

Jahangeer Khan . 2 weeks ago

SO BRUTAL she made people cry... hahaha

Monse Gomvill

Monse Gomvill . 2 weeks ago

Yo cuando la escuché, lloré porque tuve la misma situación. Pero me encanta 😭😭😭

Jezelle Kritzinger

Jezelle Kritzinger . 2 weeks ago

I loooooove her reaction in 1:41 😂

bro vs sis

bro vs sis . 2 weeks ago

Salina u remaind me of my awsome fun cosin


KAJAL TIWARI . 2 weeks ago

I was also crying after listening this song love you selena 💓💓💓

Sarah Benhamou

Sarah Benhamou . 2 weeks ago

this girl host whatever at the end she is like so annoying her voice is really killing me softly in a very negative way


ッ말리 . 2 weeks ago

Selena is so beautiful and so talented, I love her so much.


DoOmEdSuRgeReSn . 2 weeks ago

Can we have other artists do this as well? I want more!

Carrie Maring

Carrie Maring . 2 weeks ago

Selena is the goddess of music she turns her bad experiences into art i admire her so much she has shown me that no matter how bad life gets you can overcome anything i love Selena so much i love her music to i hope she continues to do what she does best 💯❤💯❤

Michelle Kuto

Michelle Kuto . 2 weeks ago

This is so sweet ❤❤ But have y'all seen the prettymuch sticker?😀

legit rii

legit rii . 2 weeks ago

I'm actually crying watching this video

Angela Reuvers

Angela Reuvers . 2 weeks ago

Thanks girl, big message a lot of hearts need.

Ivett Rodriguez

Ivett Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago

A rodos nos llego por los que transmitias al ser #Jelena 😍😎😭😭😭😭😭

MichaelSarah Bell

MichaelSarah Bell . 2 weeks ago

My sister made up a whole dance to that song she loves you and I do too Selena


superswede80 . 3 weeks ago

I want 3 days of reactions from our Queen. 120 sec ....come on man....

Just Fabalous

Just Fabalous . 3 weeks ago

You’re cleansing us Selena. Thank you.

Carol newme

Carol newme . 3 weeks ago

I'm loving her so much these days

gle Nunes

gle Nunes . 3 weeks ago



ROSMIN è . 3 weeks ago

She's so beautiful and healthy I love that on her really I'm so so so happy for her. Now she will start to make music 🎶 like before. I love u Sel. Btw bts was there also reaction to fans and now selena is there haha

ariana ft mendes

ariana ft mendes . 3 weeks ago

this is the best video ever

Chittaranjan Deb

Chittaranjan Deb . 3 weeks ago

This seemed to make her quite emotional as well ..

DeAth zOnE

DeAth zOnE . 3 weeks ago

why they r crying?

Kamily Costa

Kamily Costa . 3 weeks ago

Ah melhor foi a reação do menino 1:37 🤣🤣🤣

Evelien xflower

Evelien xflower . 3 weeks ago

She is so beautiful!!! And sweet❤❤😍😍

U. S. Army

U. S. Army . 3 weeks ago

Selena your the best

Isabella Smith

Isabella Smith . 3 weeks ago

Wow she's so beautiful

Jenzie Storyline

Jenzie Storyline . 3 weeks ago

This is wholesome I love Selena.

Riley Zack

Riley Zack . 3 weeks ago

Selena Laugh is the Best laugh on earth.

Carmy B

Carmy B . 3 weeks ago

omg hse's so pretty

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