Kristen Leanne

Kristen Leanne

Published on 3 years ago

Hey Fox Fam! You guys requested a video on how I create my staple, navy blue hair color! Here's the tutorial on my Arctic Fox navy blue hair!

(this is good for ONE week after this video is published)

Colors I use:
Arctic Mist (diluter) -
Girls Night -
Transylvania -

Ratio of colors? I don't ef with ratios... I start with as much Arctic Mist as I would need to cover my entire head, then I add a little Girls Night, and then a tiny, tiny bit of Transylvania until it's the shade I'd like it. I test it out on a white paper towel.

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Comments :

Kristen Leanne

Kristen Leanne . 3 years ago

Navy HAIR...would you, or wouldn't you? Arctic Fox: 20% OFF with code MAMAFOX Love you guys!! Thank you for giving me some of your time XOXO

Taeya speer 👺

Taeya speer 👺 . 5 days ago

i just used this brand n color n it did not turn out well i might cry about it 😭

Carolyn Springman

Carolyn Springman . 1 week ago

Used arctic fox for the first time recently and my hair was incredibly soft afterwards. The smell is seriously amazing too!

Julia Kahuleo

Julia Kahuleo . 1 week ago


Lei Fisi'iahi

Lei Fisi'iahi . 3 weeks ago

I love arctic fox!!!!!! ❤️❤️

Rosemary Hazen

Rosemary Hazen . 3 weeks ago

Hi are you guys planning on making any brown shades? I would love that.

totally not an apricot

totally not an apricot . 3 weeks ago

I've been contemplating on using your dye, and I think I'm gonna do it. Thing is, I've got naturally dark brown hair, and it's bleach to a bronzy/brassy color, with some platinum streaks (ew, I know). I'm going for rose gold, so what would you suggest?

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

My problem with this is that you can still see the green undertones :/ I had turqoise hair that faded and tried using Artic Fox Blue Jean Baby over it aaaaand it did almost nothing...

Emma Weston

Emma Weston . 4 weeks ago

Kristen, you look like a hipster Megan Fox!

michelle cast

michelle cast . 4 weeks ago

How about if i already have a blue tone on my hair and is very fading away and i wanna do that color? Would it trun out similar like that?

Kassandra Hernandez

Kassandra Hernandez . 2 months ago

You look like Megan Fox in the foto 😍🤗

Lacey S

Lacey S . 2 months ago

I currently have wrath on my hair. No bleaching necessary on my medium/dark brown hair. I’ve gotten lots of compliments and it is lasting longer than the permanent dye I’ve used on my hair

Jackie Lynn

Jackie Lynn . 2 months ago

I'm planning on dying my hair blue (it's winter and its the first time my mom lets me do this) so I'm definitely trying your brand out!!

Serinu Amai

Serinu Amai . 2 months ago

That’s amazing, you made Arctic Fox!!

Mollie Raye

Mollie Raye . 2 months ago

If you see this comment, I have a serious question for you! I have very fine hair and it stays flat, and I’ve also have (don’t judge me) red, blonde, and brown from 2 years of just fucking my shit up. I put some Aquamarine on the ends of my hair and I LOVED IT! I’m debating just dying my whole head, but my question is: how difficult is it to get Arctic Fox out of your hair? I change myself like every 4 months so I’m concerned with my future selfs hair

IfWaffles The 1st

IfWaffles The 1st . 3 months ago

Ok even tho my hair is black, messy and short this colour is fire! 🔥🔥🔥

• S u n n y •

• S u n n y • . 3 months ago

Can I like copy and paste your hair?


Anna . 3 months ago

*puts on hair dye* *magically has makeup*


PhoenixRiviera . 3 months ago

Your hair is amazing, so is your make up and you are just SO pretty!


tattsab . 3 months ago

I just ordered my 1st artic fox !!!! I pickup the shade Ritual and Purple rain (mixed together) I hope Its gonna turned out great !!! Cant wait ☺️❤️


Ghybz . 3 months ago

OMG. What do you use for your eyebrows to match your hair? I love it

Kim Sorr

Kim Sorr . 3 months ago

Electric ⚡️ Paradise

OhHey ItzSmurffzzz

OhHey ItzSmurffzzz . 4 months ago

I just bought sunset orange hopefully itll turn out great!

Malaina Carver

Malaina Carver . 4 months ago

I was going to dye my hair tomorrow but my roots are scary and I have hella banding - I was wondering how it would work adding a bit of black to my mix. Just ordered two more bottles; one of Transylvania one of Phantom Green 🦠🌿😍

Gaming with Emma Roy

Gaming with Emma Roy . 4 months ago

What’s on your neck

Electrica Subs

Electrica Subs . 4 months ago

I just used the Transylvania hair color from arctic fox and I love it! I never knew you were the person who started this brand! I checked the website ^_^


CYBER1PUNK . 4 months ago

I have permanent hair color tho


LIFE WITH NICOLE . 4 months ago

I love Arctic fox and love that its bloody vegan you go girlfriend xxxx

Arizbeth Lopez

Arizbeth Lopez . 4 months ago

Ok, I absolutely love this! I have tried getting this color twice and both failed. Please give ratios!!!!


MtnNerd . 4 months ago

Love this stuff. I'm watching this while color sets. Going to do this color next time. I got to figure out the color for brown hair though

Bobby Gomez

Bobby Gomez . 5 months ago

The answer is yes, yes I will be using Arctic Fox soon. Been doing some research on it and how to actually dye hair. That way I don't just fuck up the dye process and blame the brand. I'm actually glad I found you since as the owner of the brand you know how best to apply it 😂

Laiza Karely Cantua Navarete

Laiza Karely Cantua Navarete . 5 months ago

Hey I’m new to using arctic fox and i just dyed my hair not long ago using the color “Poseidon”, and it’s bleeding a lot. It’s getting on my clothes, I wake up with dye on my neck , face and ears. And it’s also getting on my clothes.

Lorena Biller

Lorena Biller . 5 months ago

Omg! That color looks amazing on you! Love love love it.

Emma Gerety

Emma Gerety . 5 months ago

Does arctic fox wash out for non bleached hair?

jena fischer

jena fischer . 5 months ago

Love it!!! It should be called denim!

Kenshi Kingami

Kenshi Kingami . 5 months ago

Am I the only one that color doesn’t work well on their roots and bleached hair? I just can’t get the results I want no matter what I try:/

Josephine Poutine

Josephine Poutine . 5 months ago

You tuber have to stop harassing us for comments likes and subscriptions. Thank you and no we don’t want your merch just stop it.

Josephine Poutine

Josephine Poutine . 5 months ago

Fuck no i don’t want to b bothered every time someone post a video exept Shane Dawson.but if your not him I am not suscribing.

Cassandra Cuellar

Cassandra Cuellar . 5 months ago

I love Arctic Fox its the best product ever Im just being honest Love your product!!!!

Paige Brady

Paige Brady . 5 months ago

I just used Poseidon and Phantom green over my hair and I have LITERALLY ZERO color saturation. I followed the directions precisely and left it in for the recommended time and then some. When I rinsed it out (not using shampoo or anything to take the color out) my hair was literally no different at all. I didn’t dilute the color with any additives and I hadn’t just washed my hair so there were no other products or any excess conditioner. I also used 12 oz of blue and 4 oz of green (a ton of dye on my very thick head of hair) and saturated it REALLY well but I had ZERO results. I’ve dyed my hair with other colored dyes like ion and manic panic and never have had this problem before. So there goes $50 down the drain on a college student’s budget.

Karley Bear

Karley Bear . 5 months ago

im trying it in 10 days!!!!

Courtney Pratz

Courtney Pratz . 5 months ago

I love Arctic Fox!!! <3 I usually do a combination of Porange, Sunset Orange, and Cosmic Sunshine (:


rosamalcalav . 5 months ago

I loved using Arctic Fox hair dye I’ve used it for a long time now but I just recently tried the blue and I didn’t like my results. I was really disappointed with my results since I had always had amazing results with past colors. So my question is how can I get the blue Poseidon to turn out dark blue and not like a green color?

Sophie Curran

Sophie Curran . 5 months ago

What was your natural colour?

Phyllis Denner

Phyllis Denner . 6 months ago

Color is gorgeous. Was it conditioner that you mixed with the color at the beginning? Will that dilute the color and lighten it?

Abbie Ville

Abbie Ville . 6 months ago

will DEF do this soon ahhhh!! 😆you soo prettyyyy

Panda Person 101

Panda Person 101 . 6 months ago

I have a question... I want to dye my hair blue with your product for the 4th of July. But, during that time I will be going to the beach and LOTS of swimming. Will my hair look really bad? Should I still dye it?

That's Life beauty

That's Life beauty . 6 months ago

I am hella late to this video, but I have been watching some of your old videos again and I somehow missed this one completely 🤦🏿‍♀️... I absolutely LOVVVVVE Artic Fox dye, I recently started using it and I will NEVER EVER use any other brand again! I originally used splat Luscious raspberries and it got everywhere, stained everything, and faded hard in like 2 weeks! Your brand I use Poison and wrath and I flucking love the living hell out of them! They make my color look bomb af, conditions my hair which after bleaching needs it, makes my hair smell yummy, and gives me hella confidence since my hair looks AMAZING!! Thank you thank you thannnnkkk you for creating amazing eyes for ppl like us who love fun colors! I really wanna try an emerald green but I know it will be hell to get the red out

Steph Mueller

Steph Mueller . 6 months ago

Wish they was a way get this colour without bleach :( you should do something for the dark coloured hair

DEnise CHavez

DEnise CHavez . 6 months ago

I just did my daughter's hair but I put it straight out of the bottle was that ok?🥺

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