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4 Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss



Published on 1 year ago

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What are you having for dinner tonight? With this list of 4 reasonable calorie weight loss meals, you have no excuse not to eat something delicious and nutritious !

All of these dinner recipes will help you stick to your healthy eating diet plan, combining delicious meals that aren’t loaded with calories. Try out your favourite and let us know what you think!

Here are 4 easy healthy dinner ideas for weight loss

I hope you like all these healthy recipes ♡

1 quinoa and vegetable stuffed peppers 170 calories (21 serving)


1 medium tomato chopped
1 small zucchini, sliced and quartered
1/2 small red onion, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 cup quinoa uncooked
1 tsp olive oil
1/8 tsp chili powder
salt and black pepper
1/8 tsp dried oregano
2 medium red bell peppers
1 tbsp parmesan cheese


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Cut the top off of each pepper and remove the seeds and ribs. Transfer to a baking dish. Bake for 20 minutes, until softened.
Bring the quinoa and water to a boil. Cover and simmer until the liquid is absorbed and the grain looks translucent, 12 to 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat 1 tsp olive oil in a medium frying pan, add garlic, courgette, onion and cook and cover until soft.
uncover and add , tomato, salt, pepper, chili powder, dried oregano,and combine with the quinoa.
Fill each pepper with the quinoa and vegetables, then top each pepper with 1/2 tbsp parmesan cheese.

2 Homemade pizza 320 calories (1 serving)


1 head medium cauliflower
1 egg
salt and black pepper
1/8 tsp italian seasoning
1/4 cup mozarella cheese + 1/2 tbsp
1/4 medium yellow bell pepper
1/4 medium green bell pepper
1/4 small red onion
4 cherry tomatoes
3 tbsp tomato sauce


Preheat oven to 400˚F.
Remove the leaves and stem of the cauliflower and transfer pieces to a food processor and rice it.
Heat the grated cauliflower in a skillet--don't add oil or water--use medium heat. Stir until it has dried out somewhat, it won't dry completely, but the dryer the better. Heat at least 10 minutes.
In a bowl, beat 1 egg with salt, black pepper, italian seasoning and combine with mozzarella cheese.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the mixture in the middle. Spread out the mixture and form a circle out of the mixture, pushing along the edge to raise a “crust.”
Bake for 15 minutes, or until the crust has become golden brown in the center and on the edges.
Top with your favorite pizza sauce and toppings.
Bake for another 5-7 minutes.

3 Omelette with rice 340 calories (1 serving)


1/4 cup brown rice or 1/2 cup cooked
1 egg + 2 egg whites
1 scallion, chopped.
salt and black pepper
1 tsp olive oil
2 oz ground turkey
1/8 tsp dried oregano
1/8 tsp paprika
2 tbsp tomato sauce


Cook the rice according to the package directions.
In a bowl, beat eggs with salt, black pepper, scallion chopped.
Heat 1 tsp. of olive oil in a frying pan and cook turkey until no longer pink.
Add salt, pepper, paprika, dried oregano and tomato sauce and mix it all together.
Add the rice and mix in until the rice is all coated with the tomato sauce.
Remove from heat and set aside.
Heat the large frying pan with a few drops of olive oil over high heat and pour in the eggs and cover the lid until the top is set.
Spoon the rice mixture over half the omelette and fold omelette over filling. Cook for a further minute or until just cooked through.

4 Turkey penne recipe 410 calories (1 serving)


1 medium red bell pepper, sliced
2 oz whole wheat penne pasta or 4 oz cooked
1 tsp olive oil
4 oz ground turkey
1/8 tsp italian seasoning
1/8 tsp paprika
salt and black pepper
1/2 cup tomato sauce
1/2 tbsp parmesan cheese


Cook the pasta according to package instructions.
Heat 1 tsp. of cooking oil in a frying pan and cook turkey until no longer pink.
Add paprika, salt, black pepper,italian seasoning and sliced bell pepper and simmer cover until soft. Uncover and add tomato sauce and cook until tomato sauce slightly reduced.
Add cooked pasta and stir until coated.
serve topped with parmesan cheese.

I hope you like all these easy recipes ♡

Comments :

Saleem Saleem

Saleem Saleem . 1 week ago

Me ok lets do it! Ingredients :no

Gabriella Holland

Gabriella Holland . 1 week ago

I made the stuffed peppers and they were really good😛😇👍

Yulia Vorf

Yulia Vorf . 2 weeks ago

Great videos, thank you! But I have to turn the music down, makes me anxious, it's good for work out, but not for making meals. wish you could chose music on the calmer side.

ragulgopi ragulgopi

ragulgopi ragulgopi . 2 weeks ago

Weight loss agumma mam


BuntyPlayz . 2 weeks ago

For the last recipe can I use chicken instead of turkey, and green bell peper? Please let me know

Favor Favor

Favor Favor . 2 weeks ago

Ditch music

John Walther

John Walther . 4 weeks ago

agalo despasio y menos musica con su video para mi fue demasiado chau

Aweng Channel

Aweng Channel . 1 month ago

looks yummy...

Mee Mammam Channel

Mee Mammam Channel . 1 month ago

Wow wat an ideas.. Really superb👍

Manona779 Mano

Manona779 Mano . 1 month ago

One slice of cauliflower pizza = 300 calories? That's insane! Why?!

salisha baksh-razack

salisha baksh-razack . 2 months ago

What type of knife do you use?

Zaniah Friend

Zaniah Friend . 2 months ago

how is that 1/4 cup of quinoa

Hafsa Ayesha

Hafsa Ayesha . 2 months ago

Very creative food with awesome presentation....

Markees Mitchell

Markees Mitchell . 2 months ago

i love the serious fitness i lost so much weight eating there meals


kricket15000 . 2 months ago

That omelet was a joke! Really rice in the inside?

Aryan Srivastava

Aryan Srivastava . 2 months ago

I think he or she is going to be as good a Tasty 😋

Aryan Srivastava

Aryan Srivastava . 2 months ago

Da music is so good☺️☺️🤗🤗🥰🥰so is davfood☺️

Emma Harrop

Emma Harrop . 2 months ago

Thanks! Can you explain what the tomato sauce is made of?

Srinivasan k

Srinivasan k . 2 months ago

Easy to see But when cooking it gonna be like 🤔🤯🤒


DARK SQUIDWARD . 2 months ago

I’m trying to not get diabetes ;(


ladyDavinci . 2 months ago

Eating this amount of carbs and cheese at night is no way good for you body. Calories don't make you lose weight. Hormones does. An apple has a higher calories than 250 ml coke. But still apple will help you lose weight because it will produce fat eating hormones. These options are good for a hearty breakfast. Because that's when the metabolism is at the highest. I've lost 25 kgs eating heavy breakfast and light dinners.

Momina Ejaz

Momina Ejaz . 2 months ago

Its amazing I love it

sad reee

sad reee . 2 months ago

For people who actually wanna lose weight cut out oil and dairy

That K-Pop Multi Fan

That K-Pop Multi Fan . 2 months ago

That beat drop with the garlic tho

Yoga class

Yoga class . 2 months ago

How to Time Your Meals for Weight Loss

Harrison Musyoka

Harrison Musyoka . 2 months ago

watching this eating tomatoes

lil' bunny

lil' bunny . 2 months ago

This is 2.month of saying i am going to start a diet tomorrow. I am still gaining weight. OK I'll start tomorrow

vaibhav kashyap

vaibhav kashyap . 3 months ago

Waight loss food.... Ain't reach 13g of fat ingredients

Jako Zarif

Jako Zarif . 3 months ago

Wooow it's looked so yummy 👌

Hema Shrivastava

Hema Shrivastava . 3 months ago

The cabbage pizza was best

Shannon Jaques

Shannon Jaques . 3 months ago

I love these meals but couldn’t get the cauliflower pizza base to be as hard as yours. Any tips? Still tasted amazing. Great content! Subscribed :)

Shamsul Alam Khan Kiron

Shamsul Alam Khan Kiron . 3 months ago

Many many thanks....

mahima bhattarai

mahima bhattarai . 3 months ago

I really want to try these recipes

Kirtika Walia

Kirtika Walia . 3 months ago

Omg...that cauliflower pizza looks so good

Rajesh S

Rajesh S . 3 months ago

Cheez K bina kya koi khana Nahi ban Sakta kya

Jane Doe

Jane Doe . 3 months ago

Oh my goodness, pretty simple and delicious! I don’t need to loose weight but, I really need to start cooking again. I just stopped after I became widowed and an empty-nester. Seriously, a bowl of cold cereal for dinner. I it sounds know pathetic but my joy of cooking disappeared when I was left by myself. I’m really enjoying your Channel! Thank You for sharing. ♥️👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👵🏻

Muntaha Altaf

Muntaha Altaf . 3 months ago

I see it i like it i want i got it no I'm so lazy for that

Muntaha Altaf

Muntaha Altaf . 3 months ago

What is quinoa

I dont know how to r e a d

I dont know how to r e a d . 3 months ago

i made one of this for my mom, she loved it ♥️♥️♥️

Smita Nigam

Smita Nigam . 3 months ago

Bro the are not healthy but extremely delicious

Jacque Katarimo

Jacque Katarimo . 3 months ago

me too

Caro Ben

Caro Ben . 3 months ago

I like the recepies, but the music drives me crazy... 😫

Ayesha Zulfiqar

Ayesha Zulfiqar . 4 months ago

Love this!

Swapnil Rupnarayan

Swapnil Rupnarayan . 4 months ago

Are these good cholesterol?

Rabeya Sultana

Rabeya Sultana . 4 months ago


Karamjit Galoria

Karamjit Galoria . 4 months ago

Nice recipes thanks

Christian Smith

Christian Smith . 4 months ago

I love you

Gracie A R M Y

Gracie A R M Y . 4 months ago


The 28-Day Keto Challenge

The 28-Day Keto Challenge . 5 months ago

Good video, thanks you so much

Randeep kaur

Randeep kaur . 5 months ago

What can i used instead of eggs???

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