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What to Eat For One Meal A Day (BEGINNERS)

This will teach you what to eat on the one meal a day diet plan. This is especially useful for beginners aiming for weight loss. Learn how to lose weight with an intermittent fasting plan that only requires eating once a day. The benefits of an omad diet meal plan for productivity are clear, but to lose weight and not be hungry while only eating one meal may be challenging for some. Learn how to achieve amazing before and after results with omad without starving yourself.

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Pick 1 Hour a Day: 0:47
Conditioned Hunger Response: 1:26
Break the Conditioned Response: 2:41
Don’t Restrict Calories: 3:08
Eat All 3 Macronutrients: 3:26
Single Ingredient Foods: 3:46
Fasting Prevents Muscle Loss: 4:49
Plating Examples: 5:40
Flexible Diet Approach: 7:43
Junk Food: 9:03

After making a bunch of videos on the one meal a day diet and how effective it can be to help with weight loss and burning body fat in a simple non restrictive way, I've noticed that most people still have tons of questions about what to eat and in general how to set up the diet properly. So I wanted to make this video specifically for beginners that are brand new to the diet plan in an effort to explain everything from A to Z including what to except, what to eat, and how much to eat so you can get started with a one meal a day dieting structure as early as today. And if you've never tried to eat one meal a day you might think that its impossible, unhealthy, or too difficult for you to do, but if you give this style of eating a chance I promise you'll find that all of those thoughts are simply untrue. To set up an omad or one meal a day diet plan you want to start by picking 1 hour of the day that you would like to eat your meal. When it comes to losing weight or burning body fat it doesn't matter whether that meal is consumed in the morning or at night, but we do want to try to start and finish eating within one hour. The other 23 hours of the day are gonna be for fasting. Now if you're a beginner just the thought of that probably got your stomach growling. And there's no denying that when you first start you're gonna feel hungry, but most people think that they'll feel a lot hungrier, then they do when they gather the courage to actually try the diet. A lot of the hunger that you currently feel throughout the day is a conditioned hunger response. Nobel prize winner Ivan Pavlov accidentally discovered this when studying salivation in dogs ultimately leading to something known in psychology as Pavlovian Conditioning. Without getting too in depth into his study the bottom line of his experiments was that hunger is a highly suggestible state that can not only be caused by the taste, smell, and sight of food, but hunger can also be trained as a conditioned response. Meaning if you're used to eating breakfast everyday at 7 am, lunch at 12 pm, and dinner at 6pm you've conditioned yourself to get hungry everyday at those times. The stimulus that causes you to get hungry isn't the smell taste or sight of food it's the time itself. And this applies further...By pairing things like eating snacks while watching tv, or while studying, or whenever you feel boredom you develop even more conditioned hunger responses. So the ironic truth is that by practicing fasting you can break a lot of these conditioned hunger responses, and start feeling only the unconditioned hunger response when you're actually hungry, allowing you to develop a better relationship to food in general. To help you break your conditioned hunger responses throughout the day you can slowly ease into a one meal a day diet, by cutting out snacks and meals slowly one at a time. You can also incorporate things like black coffee, apple cider vinegar, and sugar free tea throughout the day to suppress your appetite. Remember it'll take some time, but your body will for sure adapt. Lets move on to what to eat and how much of it to eat. When you actually get to your one meal for the day you don't want to restrict calories. A lot of people try this diet plan to lose weight or burn fat, and they think they can lose weight faster by cutting calories from the only meal they eat for the whole day. This is a big mistake that leads to binge eating almost every time. Another big mistake is trying to do something like a one meal a day ketogenic diet plan as a beginner. You should allow yourself to eat all three macro nutrients protein, carbs, and fats. Again do not restrict calories or macronutrients during this one meal especially when first starting as it will likely lead you to failing the diet. Instead you want to eat your fill of single ingredient real foods. I think...

Comments :

Khoo Junfei

Khoo Junfei . 12 hours ago

already had been omad 3 days ..body seems not comfort but full energy , not craving and feel hunger ....headache and flu symptom all gone ..thanks

kenneth tong

kenneth tong . 14 hours ago

That scene from the office gets me every time


BSK CULT GARAGE . 21 hours ago

can we have green tea in the fasting time

Donald Sunny

Donald Sunny . 2 days ago

I was recently diagnosed with a fatty liver. I was also overweight, and also had high blood pressure. I did the one meal a day diet for a month and my liver is now back to normal, I have lost over a stone in weight (13.5 stones to 12.1 stones), and my blood pressure is now back to a healthy reading. I also feel a lot better with more energy. I have a treadmill at home and can run for longer and I am not out of breath at the end. I am also saving money and watch what I eat. I make what I eat count. The first week was hard as my body adjusted to not having regular meals, but after a week I didn't feel hungry. I drank a lot of water throughout the day. This worked for me but may not work for everyone and may also be dangerous. Get some medical advice before giving it a try. I BELIEVE THE ONE MEAL A DAY DIET IS THE ANSWER TO AN OVERWEIGHT SOCIETY AND A LOT OF THE PROBLEMS THAT COME WITH IT.

Sahil' accounts & economic classes

Sahil' accounts & economic classes . 3 days ago




Eating when you are hungry? Is the natural diet plan!!!


Zaporozh . 3 days ago

Or is that also processed drink/food?


Zaporozh . 3 days ago

How about a protein drink with like 32grams or 64grams of Protein as part of this OMAD meal?


messman10 . 4 days ago

What about vegan, keto, and veggie heavy meals for breakfast and lunch, and a single omnivorous meal at night?

Kevin Willemse

Kevin Willemse . 5 days ago

Can i still drink my protein shake before my workouts?πŸ’ͺ


KOH WEI PENG . 5 days ago

i lost 7kg by doing OMAD for 2 months

Greg Carroll

Greg Carroll . 5 days ago

One gram of protein per pound of body weigh of the weight I currently am at, or the target weight?

Fernando Michael

Fernando Michael . 6 days ago

Awesome video.You're such an articulate,intelligent guy.You would be a great teacher at school.cheers from Hungary


*Rae* . 7 days ago

I’m doing vegan omad I’ll update every week starting from today Also will be drinking acv every night to burn fat in stomach Week one: 142.0 pounds (plz remind me or I’ll forget)


MrSterlinJ87 . 1 week ago

I love this channel and he's very informative. He answered every question I was thinking about.

mercy onuoha

mercy onuoha . 2 weeks ago

This is so so so so doable. Thank you πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

King David

King David . 2 weeks ago

Will try this..πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

Manasvi . S

Manasvi . S . 2 weeks ago

Can I have protein shake and banana and almonds And then start with rice and veggies?


latxa . 2 weeks ago

so does this mean, you will lose fat but not really gain muscle mass following this diet? I heard you won't lose muscle... but you won't gain any either?

M Luthfi

M Luthfi . 2 weeks ago

i already started this diet for 3 weeks, it really helps cause im a overweight broke student, this helps me saving and lose weight, i already am used to eat 1 meal a day

Korey Boyd

Korey Boyd . 2 weeks ago

Instead of tea, could you drink a low sodium broth?

Dylan Aresu

Dylan Aresu . 2 weeks ago

My #1 tip to succeed it, is to eat BEFORE you go to bed, else you'll lose out on all those cognitive benefits, you want you digestion to occur while SLEEPing and not during the day. Digestion is a HUGE mental task, it's like when a computer downloads information, it becomes slow during tasks, thats the best analogy I can come up with.

MashaFaygel Tokayer

MashaFaygel Tokayer . 2 weeks ago

very informative. I find I come up against this same issue with all these keto, fasting type diets, though. I DO NOT want to lose weight. and I cannot eat junk food. I am treating cancer naturally and find that by eating even 2 meals a day in a 6 hr. window, I am losing wt. so I've reduced to intermittent 18 hr fasting 3 times a week. when I am not intermittent fasting, I am not eating as well as I do on days when I do fast. so I'm kind of stuck right now. any ideas would be appreciated.

Luke E

Luke E . 2 weeks ago

Great tips. Thank you for sharing

Mateenah Solman

Mateenah Solman . 2 weeks ago

I'm on my 2nd day of OMAD and I am STARVING but the wrong thing I did was I'm still putting agave in my tea and creamer in my coffee. Is that ok as a beginner?


c0mPlicaTed . 2 weeks ago

What kind of liquids are allowed??

Ronan Dex

Ronan Dex . 2 weeks ago

From what I understand, the human body does not require carbohydrates, not even one gram. The liver produces all the glucose we need according to Tim Noakes


WM P . 2 weeks ago

You need to build up to OMAD and condition your body for it - may take a few years but it's worth it.


Dulltooth . 3 weeks ago

I am more attracted to the guy on the left than the guy on the right


securion100 . 3 weeks ago

I ate a pizza or a large pie, and a small sallad. Sometimes chocolate ice-cream 1-2 hours after as well. Desert kinda. Had amazing results! Although that worked very well, i today wonder just how much better it would have been if i had eaten something smarter... :P

Volodia Malachovskiy

Volodia Malachovskiy . 3 weeks ago

thank you great video. Can I have a glass of hot water with a teaspoon of tumeric in the morning? Or will that count as a meal?

Jordan Baumgartner

Jordan Baumgartner . 3 weeks ago

Hi there, would like to know if i still can take my protein shake 1/2 times a day along with my preworkout energy powder (creatine, b12 ...) if i want to follow the OMAD or would it fake the results ? Thanks a lot ;)

Joanna Libra

Joanna Libra . 3 weeks ago

You're so HOT I hardly heard what you were saying

Fred Denis

Fred Denis . 3 weeks ago

Should I eat my on meal before or after working out?

the roasters

the roasters . 3 weeks ago

Dear friend...I have started omad today...16nov2019....will update u on 31dec2019


GhANeC . 3 weeks ago

10:55 β™« move girl, light yo ass on fire

Stacey Kersting

Stacey Kersting . 3 weeks ago

Potassium source? Dr Berg and Thomas DeLauer recommend 7-10 cups of veggies per day. It sounds like a lot, but wilt a bag of spinach and u got it!


Zylo1009 . 3 weeks ago

Started OMAD yesterday. I’m 23 y/o 6’3 300 lbs. I want to lose 90-100 lbs. let’s see how this goes

dutch dettweiler

dutch dettweiler . 3 weeks ago

this, this is the diet that makes the most sense. from the beginning of man kind, to men working the fields, to me getting high at school, everything rotates around that main meal dinner community thing. we've complicated everything. life should be just like this "dinners at 3, you can eat as much as you want, you wont go hungry, we dont serve breakfast or lunch around here dont have the time for it. if you cant handle that you probably lackin in mental fortitude not calories i can guarantee you that.

dutch dettweiler

dutch dettweiler . 3 weeks ago

most informative video ive watched in a while, you put so much into that 11 minutes it is very impressive, i had to get a notepad and start over multiple times. most people today have a 15 to 30 minute video with 6 sponsors thrown in as well titled 3 things to remember. in todays world we dont click things that waste time or take too much time lol thanks again!

Melvin Johnson

Melvin Johnson . 3 weeks ago

So what does a person do that takes medication in the morning daily. And has to eat something or they get a sick feeling

Sandra Valdez

Sandra Valdez . 4 weeks ago

A hamburger is NOT junk food. It’s pure beef , lettuce, tomato & mayo. All Keto except the bun.

william seice

william seice . 4 weeks ago

thanks dude - I took notes and will tell you how it goes


koerdo1423 . 4 weeks ago

I gym in the mornings 5 times a week and on the night around 7pm i kickboks 5 days a week also. I wanna try the 1 meal a day Do you guys can recement when i shut take my 1 meal a day? And if i will lose allot of mussle?? My coal is lose body fat and gain mussle and save money and learn some extra disipline

Parker Phase

Parker Phase . 4 weeks ago

I lost 300lbs and now I only weigh -125lbs

Gaming Dad

Gaming Dad . 4 weeks ago

Sparkling water is also great for during the fast.

robert baker

robert baker . 4 weeks ago

I'm over at your website, I'm going to do the 6 week challenge I'm sick of researching something I no nothing about Also I missing time with wife and kids after work looking for information I was looking for an expert to pay, to say eat this in these amounts You'll lose weight Done

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar . 4 weeks ago

how many days does it take to work one meal a day diet work??

Ahmed Agbabiaka

Ahmed Agbabiaka . 4 weeks ago

i can eat one meal a day no problem, but i need cream and sugar in my coffee (one packet turbinado, one tsp cream).

New Life

New Life . 4 weeks ago

This is everything that I needed to hear I am a beginner in the one meal a day for 2-weeks 1 salad and I got very light-headed and still got up to work even though I was filled with more energy I knew that had to be a better way thank you so much for educating me today

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