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Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Behind The Scenes)



Published on 1 month ago

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Listen On @applemusic #shotoniphone
Directed by Sophie Muller

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Music video by Selena Gomez performing Lose You To Love Me (Behind The Scenes). © 2019 Interscope Records

Comments :

Nimoyo Salim

Nimoyo Salim . 6 hours ago

putting everything aside for someone who does not love you hurts....but am happy shes strong and makes other women strong..life is a blessing we use it wisely before it ends....much love..also much love from my channel..support me.


NameLeast . 7 hours ago

can we all stop talking about justin and selena tgt,because that shit is over.He is married ,she find herself.both win. They both had/got in a toxic rs together but they’ve grown out of it and now they’re doing separate things for their own good and their likings periodt


пос.Знаменское . 20 hours ago


firuza SAI

firuza SAI . 1 day ago

Selena, you deserve a lot that you think.

Dario Freitas

Dario Freitas . 1 day ago

É isso aí vagabundo vc não vái ter minha repercussão

Dario Freitas

Dario Freitas . 1 day ago

Porque fez isso??? Por que não consigo entender por que me deu o título de superfã na página????

Iammariela Z

Iammariela Z . 1 day ago

To love to lose i love it and you!!

Soul music

Soul music . 2 days ago




Soy muy fan de selena gomez amoo esta cancion ❤❤

Enjoy Official

Enjoy Official . 2 days ago


laneoboy1417 NZ

laneoboy1417 NZ . 2 days ago


Lovely Xd

Lovely Xd . 2 days ago

I was such a selena and bieber fan before when they were together. Than they broke up and i suddenly let go of the lovely shipping thing. And i was on one side happy she wasnt with him anymore because he didnt treated her well. But now i heard this song of her a few days ago and i felt so emotionaland thought about her times with justin and i felt like i wanna cry. U know that feeling of loving someone a lot of than he made u so many promises but at the end he mess with your head and played with your heart and u feel very broken. Selena must have been through hard times last year. But i am happy she let him go. She deserves better. Now she is a different person, bright and shine. I saw a post weeks ago someone posting a pic of selena and justin vs justin and his wife. But i didnt even know what was the purpose actually. Because by that time i didnt even know selena made a song about justin bieber. So now i see this song and i get it now. Now this song is one of my fav. I hope that when that asshole justin bieber maybe divorce his wife one day, he never comes accross selena again. He is just a jerk after all

Ranjeet jaiswal

Ranjeet jaiswal . 2 days ago

Love song good actually

Tanim King

Tanim King . 2 days ago

So, Apple Wasn't Joking About The Music Video Was Shot On The iPhone 11 Pro.

Saba ali

Saba ali . 2 days ago

It pains me to ses her in this stage😭😭 I don't care if he is gonna get divorced i dont care if he wants her back AGAIN AFTER CHEATING MULTIPLE TIMES! I don't care who she loves.. I just care about her and only her! Not about her love life, personal life etc I just want selena to be happy and successful in her upcoming future.. She an adult she dosent needs any suggestions on how to LIVE HER OWN freakin life! She can make her own decisions and she is trying to forget about her past and look at her future, she is trying not to look back but look front.. But #jelena fans are FORCING her to look back,, LISTEN IF THE FANS ARE LOOKING BACK AT HER PAST AND GETTING HURT ITS THEIR PROBLEM NOT THE GIRL WHOSE TRYING TO MOVE ON AND TRYING HER FORGET HER FIRST LOVE! STOP COMMENTING AND WRITING STUFF ABOUT J*STIN HERE! SHE'S BACK FOR GOOD! AND IS GETTING HEALED! COMMENT ABOUT HER MUSIC AND FOR WHAT SHE IS FAMOUS FOR!! AND IF U WANT TO WRITE HER PAST HERE ON HER MV PICK UR Smart ASS PHONE MAKE AN ACCOUNT AND WRITE! THIS IS NOT THE PLACE! WHAT IF SHE READS THEM?! HOW DO U THINK SHE WILL FEEL?!

Bambang Yuda

Bambang Yuda . 2 days ago

world like

Kim Gonmei

Kim Gonmei . 2 days ago


luciana cardoso

luciana cardoso . 3 days ago

Te amo maravilhosa 🎈♥️


Michał . 3 days ago

Who sings better Selena Gomez-👍 Ariana Grande-💬

Roshni Chowdhury

Roshni Chowdhury . 3 days ago

Selena Gomez ❤️

WaxestLowa732 R

WaxestLowa732 R . 3 days ago

Happy Holidays/Prosperous 2020!

Rager_gamergirl 101

Rager_gamergirl 101 . 3 days ago


brybry Coach

brybry Coach . 4 days ago

I love selena so much Justin who? Honestly she can do so much better! Cheers to the future!

stormmie robinson

stormmie robinson . 4 days ago

I love Selena Gomez

Michelle Bieber

Michelle Bieber . 4 days ago

Selena Gomez deserves 32 Grammy awards

AZ fish hunter

AZ fish hunter . 4 days ago

Justin messed up Selena Gomez is the most beautiful woman on this earth

Abrielle Serona

Abrielle Serona . 4 days ago

I hate Justin

HoNeY BuNnChEs

HoNeY BuNnChEs . 4 days ago

He really lost a Great person I’ve loved her sense Disney Chanel 🖤🖤🖤 poor girl

khaira T. Ramadhani

khaira T. Ramadhani . 4 days ago

Love u from indonesia

Ngọc Ngọc

Ngọc Ngọc . 5 days ago

Xuất bản 30 thg 10, 2019

Panda Panda

Panda Panda . 6 days ago

Wtf it was shot in iphone 11 pro. 🙄

Maddie Ramsey

Maddie Ramsey . 6 days ago

Her mom raised her to be such a wonderful woman!!!!!!


juno.k . 7 days ago




I can hear the pain in her voice💔

Butta Rakesh

Butta Rakesh . 7 days ago


Trisha Singh

Trisha Singh . 1 week ago

Selena WE LOVE YOU🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤❤❤❤❤ give a like if you love her too

Catharina Ceulemans

Catharina Ceulemans . 1 week ago

Love it 🥺🥰

Jessica Azevedoas

Jessica Azevedoas . 1 week ago

Selena Gomez owns an amazing voice sweet gentle voice to hear too much love would be cool if she did a song with Miley Cyrus Ariana and Demi Lovato would be even more perfect

re re

re re . 1 week ago

Kutunggu dudamu justin bieber 😂😭😭😍😍❤❤❤

Dj Oby lebanon

Dj Oby lebanon . 1 week ago

My friends, can you support me and subscribe to my channel? 😘


freakingtv . 1 week ago

She's so over him. You can tell she doesn't even feel anything when she talks about it. Seems more annoyed and bored to even go back there to that time. She's so ready for a new chapter and new things to talk about lol

Zeynep Kaya

Zeynep Kaya . 1 week ago

Wow adooro a Selena😄

Bob Weise

Bob Weise . 1 week ago

people think your my sister because my last name is gomez

Cold Blood

Cold Blood . 1 week ago

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro😉😘

vijay s

vijay s . 1 week ago


Luis moisés Bellorin lugo

Luis moisés Bellorin lugo . 2 weeks ago

Me encanta tu música soy uno de tus fan. ... y te digo el que hayas vuelto es bueno le alegras la vida a muchos ... y doy gracias ha mi dios X permitirte oír .. no todos somos iguales espero lo hayas notado ... te necesitamos. . Ahora le pediré ha dios que me permita conocerte en persona. . Algún dia. 😢


Margote . 2 weeks ago

I mean, why are we still commenting about this trio? Justin and Hailey have been married for over a year and they seem happy from what we see. We are not in their lives, so we don't know for sure. If Selena was "over" justin, she wouldn't be writing songs about him. But this is old news and "she" and "we" should let them be. Selena will meet someone that will treat her like gold and they'll be happy as well. So we should just move on and so should she.

andika erna

andika erna . 2 weeks ago

I feel you Selena 💔


CHICKHENDERY . 2 weeks ago

okay, i need to check if the music video was really shot with iphone 11 and damn that camera is no joke

Bry Mirasol

Bry Mirasol . 2 weeks ago

Love you Selena 💕💕💕

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