Before starting the patient of gonadotropins an HCG injections, the basic fertility test to be carried out to rule out hormonal imbalance, PCOD, to look at the anti-mullerian hormone to know the ovarian reserve. Uterine anomalies like cynicae, adhesions should be ruled out by doing 3D scan. Tubal patency should be done by a hysterosalpingography. If the natural ovulation is happening or not, it needs to be checked out. Male factor has also to be looked into. The combinations of medicines along with gonadotropins and injections certainly increases the chances of conception if the above problem is ruled out. Maximum of 6 – 7 cycles can be tried out as there is risk of OHSS, multiple pregnancy and there is a risk of ovarian cancer in long run. Cost factor depends on the type of gonadotropins used. There can be menopausal type, highly purified type and recombinant type. Coming to the HCG injections, almost all the brands of injections have the similar rates.

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Азиза Хидирова

Азиза Хидирова . 1 week ago

Ganodotropin garmoni haqida malumot olmoqchiman õzb tilidagisi yo en

Veenu Narang

Veenu Narang . 9 months ago

Hello mam I am 2 month pregnant lady. Doctor suggest me injection of Hucog 5000 iu. Is it safe or not??? For safely for kid or not

Perumal Perumal

Perumal Perumal . 1 year ago

Pls mam Tamil la vedio podunga


UMAR SYED . 1 year ago

Pubergen 5000 tu injection is harmful to health Plzzzz doctor reply answer


ANITA THAKUR . 2 years ago

mam mujhe early pregnancy h but mujhe y sifasi injection 2lg chuk h mam plz mujhe btaiye ki y injection kyu lgte h

rajesh1 bogati1

rajesh1 bogati1 . 2 years ago

There are so many different brands of HMG injections in the market ranging somewhere from Rs. 600 to around Rs. 2000 with the exact same composition and IU. Does the less expensive injection work the same as the expensive one??

Zuena Ibrah

Zuena Ibrah . 3 years ago

I didn't understand her language is she speaking English???

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