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What I Eat In A Day (how i got my abs) | RENEE AMBERG

Renee Amberg

Renee Amberg

Published on 1 year ago

Realistic FULL DAY OF EATING | How I Got & Maintained My Abs | WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Thank you for watching xx

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Comments :

Michael Pugh

Michael Pugh . 2 hours ago

Here is a simple but tasty vegetarian meal, “Let’s get cooking” https://youtu.be/BviIUFKir9E
Laura Phi

Laura Phi . 4 hours ago

Seen so many people eating avacados saying there great so decided to try them.. they taste awful 🤢
E. Tom Moore

E. Tom Moore . 13 hours ago

Food cravings are tough. See what I found to help with it.. https://www.tndmoore.com/post/thank-you-for-stopping-by-please-fill-out-the-form-below-for-more-information
tori starman

tori starman . 13 hours ago

i would eat like this if i didn’t have this annoying thing to attend called school
D j

D j . 19 hours ago

Yeah that all looked pretty good. I'm not rich however ditz.
Irfan Eogo

Irfan Eogo . 22 hours ago

Indian TechSupport

Indian TechSupport . 1 day ago

1:27 Yes it is healthy but goddamn that’s a lot of sugar.
Ecstasy And Heroin

Ecstasy And Heroin . 2 days ago

uhh you are skinny fat lmao that stuff u eat doesnt work you cant just eat to get abs you have to work at it. For example, if you do burpees for 2 minutes you burn about 28 calories, and want to eat gummy bears one gummy bear is about 9 calories. So you eat 3 gummy bears 9x3 is 27. The point is you have to workout and eat foods equivalent to the calories. Don't just eat a bunch on horseshit and expect to get abs you gotta workout sis **BTW** I just saw your stomach while you were preparing food I didn't see any abs your abs are covered by your fat. Feed your muscles and starve your fat you are doing the complete opposite and you get reversed results
The secret of the diet

The secret of the diet . 2 days ago

🎖Excellent videor, from experience I know that it is difficult to start a diet especially when I was weighing more than 190 pounds 😉 everyone can achieve it only depends on the motivation. 👍👍
Sanne Vloet

Sanne Vloet . 2 days ago

Loved watching what you eat in a day!!! Thanks for sharing!
Khang V.I.P

Khang V.I.P . 3 days ago

Here are some tips to help you lose weight safely and effectively you can refer here http://prereheus.com/7Ey
humble bumble

humble bumble . 3 days ago

Have you ever had toast with peanut butter then cut up bananas in spread them around the toast it's the best my second one is a strawberry smoothie and toast with jelly maybe yogart

FacÜ . 3 days ago

Why there's so much plastic in this video, it makes me sad. She even bought salad in a plastic bag.
Healthy Life Ideas

Healthy Life Ideas . 3 days ago

Mohammad Tnayan

Mohammad Tnayan . 3 days ago

Meals in this video are great for a breakfast . Whats for lunch ?
The Watcher

The Watcher . 3 days ago

Abs ? where ?
Keith Bowerman

Keith Bowerman . 3 days ago

Can be such a daily struggle, the only thing that worked for me and keep my sanity was Keto diet. It still allowed me to eat foods that i love and lose a steady amount of weight. If anyone wants some more information i will gladly email forward. [email protected]
Brittney Moody

Brittney Moody . 3 days ago

Yeah I’m broke
Nevada Romas

Nevada Romas . 3 days ago

I wish I could find one of these what I eat videos that could be done for people who go to school 8-3 then work late at night. I can’t make all my meals in the comfort of my own home 😫
Julia Sabah

Julia Sabah . 4 days ago

Thank you Amber for being so inspiering!!! Together with your guidance and some supplements I managed to lose almost 15kg for 3 months. Here`s my kick --> shorturl.at/alBW9

Datevdm . 4 days ago

Well I guess this things don't exist in Asian countries soo...
Hendri Firmansyah

Hendri Firmansyah . 4 days ago

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•skylight• . 5 days ago

how can i do this when my mom doesn’t let me eat little she gives me like hips of food literally the whole plate ;-;
Jason C

Jason C . 5 days ago

Fuck Trader Joe's....
Luna Moonlight

Luna Moonlight . 5 days ago

I was just thinking about this. Usually, because of my Asperger's, the thoughts in my head don't last long, but this time, I am really beginning to think I should eat healthier. Right now I'm at around 13-15% body fat, but my abs aren't visible so I was thinking about cutting my percentage in half which should be around 6-7%.
مكس منوعات

مكس منوعات . 5 days ago

ده انا غلبان ok ok ok احيه
مكس منوعات

مكس منوعات . 5 days ago

رجان سعادوني انا عندي 5 مشتركان بس
Annalise YT

Annalise YT . 5 days ago

I’m sorry girl but what you eat for breakfast looks like play over cereal I’m sorry I know it healthy but it doesn’t look good to me
Los Bustos

Los Bustos . 5 days ago

you are me reading every ingredient i take forever in the store!1<3
Mamta Devi

Mamta Devi . 6 days ago

Your so beautiful girl.

beautypageantfanatic . 6 days ago

I can only have few of her foods, these are too expensive for me in a day 😂
Briana Lee

Briana Lee . 6 days ago

How many calories was everything?
2000 subscribers 2 videos please help

2000 subscribers 2 videos please help . 6 days ago

I want to do a video, about how i lost 10kg in a 10 days, who interested?
David Kelly Mitchell

David Kelly Mitchell . 6 days ago

$100.00 breakfast.
Robert A. Abbott

Robert A. Abbott . 6 days ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gQkHY-JbeI fast weight loos
Elif Ayaz

Elif Ayaz . 6 days ago

my diet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd9rMyt83oA
Carl Alex Reyes

Carl Alex Reyes . 6 days ago

I which I could do the same thing but....sadly I cant help my self to eat a chocolate a day😢😢😢
Tussar army

Tussar army . 7 days ago

Baby I am blooper
balbinder bains

balbinder bains . 7 days ago

i found a great (Ebook) and healthy eating guide its just amazing and only £3.50.. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/763978876/restore-your-health-and-lose-weight?ref=shop_home_active_1
S550 Danny

S550 Danny . 7 days ago

She’s cooking cereal y’all
Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson . 1 week ago

Am I the only one that thinks almond milk tastes like cardboard.. not a fan of that stuff
rightless woman

rightless woman . 1 week ago

me, asian: oh i can do that also me, asian: *eats rice 24/7*
Ashley and Roy

Ashley and Roy . 1 week ago

Do you not wash your veggies and fruits?
Parv Gupta

Parv Gupta . 1 week ago

Want to know about a perfect diet schedule ?? Go check this amazing program - https://smoothiediet.com/program/?hop=doodleparv This will surely put down your weight and will boost your workout .
Tsinat Getahun

Tsinat Getahun . 1 week ago

damn works like a charm i also recommend you guys to try this magazine i read.https://amzn.to/2OMxHVU
Ali M

Ali M . 1 week ago

i just love youuuuuuuu,, funny you are so funny
Elizabeth g

Elizabeth g . 1 week ago

I don't have the healthy food you get I can't afford it 😣 but I'm gonna try
Lydia Jane

Lydia Jane . 1 week ago

Anyone else con-freaking-fueled about her toaster thing???
Kareeba Lewis

Kareeba Lewis . 1 week ago

She eat a lot like chinese omg 2 meals per day im good
Erik Gomez

Erik Gomez . 1 week ago

Looks simple n love how u tell people exactly where u can get the stuff.. great vid!!!

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