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★Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you SIMPLE ways to lose weight AT HOME which are the very ways I lost over 100 pounds and have kept it off 11 years! Thumbs up and subscribe please! Love yall!★


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Comments :

Farah Godard

Farah Godard . 10 months ago

You too much lol love the enery

Eduardo Lauren

Eduardo Lauren . 11 months ago

”fetching tuti space” (Google it) is a diet plan that got me genuinely enthusiastic. This particular program was the key reason why my pal was able to shed 11 lbs. I have been utilizing this for 3 weeks and have shed twelve lbs already. I didnrrrt make virtually any major alterations in my way of life. I have become mindful of how much fat I was eating and simply eat less of it..

Dani T

Dani T . 12 months ago

Pause...heeded to down load Spotify for this FIRE playlist

Dom G.

Dom G. . 1 year ago

I love your playlist


PerrinLogainKadanFan . 1 year ago

You are so inspiring. I am a gadget girl, too. 🧡

Olivia Bolivia

Olivia Bolivia . 1 year ago

im inspired now<3<3

Dr.Saba Hussain

Dr.Saba Hussain . 1 year ago

Technical and commercial weight lose...!

Nicole Notagimmick

Nicole Notagimmick . 1 year ago

You look amazing! I saw your before and afters Great Job! Now Im Starting my journey over and is taking my time. I also decided to work out at home.

Nonarchy H

Nonarchy H . 1 year ago

Your so inspirational

Jana Organizes It All

Jana Organizes It All . 1 year ago

Girl, I love your attitude and spirit. You speak so much truth. I am hooked (and subscribed). Thank you for the motivation!

Crystal Walker

Crystal Walker . 1 year ago

Girl.. where have you been all my life? I love you.. lol

Flossy Picture

Flossy Picture . 1 year ago

You are a real inspiration. I’m starting my new diet and your videos has helped a great deal. I feel less stressed about it and I feel I can do it . Thank you 😊

Workout Arsenal

Workout Arsenal . 1 year ago

Great video. Looks like you put a lot of work into it. Thank you for creating it. I love your story and how you got fit. A lot of practical tips. Keep inspiring!

Doreen : Lybrand

Doreen : Lybrand . 1 year ago

I made myself a spotify exercise playlist!

Ellie Marie

Ellie Marie . 1 year ago

Don't say no to your friends because of your diet! That is unhealthy. Even if you end up having ice cream with your friends that won't make you fat! It's more the habits that you have when you are alone that determine the majority of your results. Saying no all the time can make you lonely and being lonely is everything but healthy

Queen Amiah

Queen Amiah . 1 year ago

Does anyone remember K.I.S.S from the office

Holly Owens

Holly Owens . 1 year ago

I had heard how carbs were connected to weight gain and also generally to avoid carbohydrates, but had actually never deemed using them to trim inches away. The main idea behind the 4 cycle weight-loss solution is for you to train your system to get rid of fat for energy instead of just carbohydrate. It’s founded on the latest scientific principles into the elevated carb eating habits of the Japanese and also their excellent long life expectancy. The research would suggest that it’s their increased carb-cycling eating habits method that helps to continue being healthy and balanced into old age with a reasonable body mass index (lower incidence of obesity).Read more here

bluecoyote12 coyote2017

bluecoyote12 coyote2017 . 1 year ago

I'm watching this eating crisps on the couch

Senpai Is Key

Senpai Is Key . 1 year ago

As soon as she said hold on while I eat my back I subbed

Makia Diamond

Makia Diamond . 1 year ago

Girl yo personality lit asf lmaooo new subbie love you already!!!

MeMe Simone

MeMe Simone . 1 year ago

Naturalista and a weight loss Queen? Girl I don't need to follow nobody else 😂 child you me... 30 lbs doesn't seem like so much after watching this. Thx!😄

MeMe Simone

MeMe Simone . 1 year ago

I want to be slim. Haven't been since college. I don't want to be thick or slim thick or whatever it's called now. I want to be a good healthy 1980s soul train Don Cornelius slim healthy weight 😂

Trifa Rahim

Trifa Rahim . 1 year ago

The way you speak 😎👌😂👏👏❤️❤️

Ana Johnson

Ana Johnson . 1 year ago

Hey Dr.Nina keep up the good work with these videos you and my mom are my fitness and health inspirations 😍😍👍👍

Honestly Lailah

Honestly Lailah . 1 year ago

I follow your tips because your funny 😂

Daniel Lizama YT

Daniel Lizama YT . 1 year ago

I am going to workout everyday starting Sunday , today is Saturday June 30 ,2018

victoria Day

victoria Day . 1 year ago

I love your videos you are a motivator

Madison Glatfelter

Madison Glatfelter . 1 year ago

You motivated me to start losing weight like thanks so much liek ur tips are so amazing and omfg ur so pretty btw lmao

Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes . 1 year ago

You are gorgeous by the way! Tips on the fashion? Also NEED those earrings 😍

Ashley Barnes

Ashley Barnes . 1 year ago

Love this!! This is encouraging for me. Gained a lot of weight after my mom passed last year and it’s been hard for me to lose it 😢


QueenStatus . 1 year ago

I wanna see the size in those jeans. I think they fit me.

Gia Scott-Harris

Gia Scott-Harris . 2 years ago

GUUURRRRLLLL You had me cracking up from the pat on the back.  I love it!!! You gained a follow today! #KeepGoing

Latoya Walker

Latoya Walker . 2 years ago

Sit Chair needs to collaborate with trucking companies. I sit 14 to 17 hrs a day.

Donna Ann

Donna Ann . 2 years ago

I’m a new subscriber.. I’m on a weight loss journey now. What did you get your lose skin Off. Can you do a video on loose skin

Lakita Butler

Lakita Butler . 2 years ago

I am pretty much doing the same thing except I prefer to go to the gym 3TO 4DAYS a week and I am eating less meat and more veggies

Audree Thomason

Audree Thomason . 2 years ago

Love the work you have done I'm just getting into your videos. You haven't had any surgery done on your arms? It's so hard to see how I can transform this loose skin and flab. I am 32 years old and about 140 lbs and 5"2 I need to lose about 20 lbs of fat and tighten up. I hope I can do this without surgery.

uh lie za

uh lie za . 2 years ago

ACTUAL EFFING QUEEEEN! You lost that damn weight and don’t have loose skin. I was so worried about the loose skin and you just gave me hope for sure! I had so much anxiety. Not anymore. Love you!

Avery Marie

Avery Marie . 2 years ago

Can I eat stuffing and what did you eat


TheLazyHousewife . 2 years ago

Omg girl I love this video!! You are so cute and I looove your personality!! Definitely just subscribed! 😃💕

Debbie Green

Debbie Green . 2 years ago

I love going back betting tips from ulur videos. You're a beautiful pefson and so down to earth. Thanks.

Blessing bb

Blessing bb . 2 years ago

How long did it take you to achieve this

Kendra Brevard

Kendra Brevard . 2 years ago

i am in the process of my weight lost journey i have to lose 100 pounds cause i am 4'6 and i currently weight between 142/143 ( don't drink enough water) so after listening to you i know i can thank you

V Hughes

V Hughes . 2 years ago

I like you but your playlist though?


TACARA B . 2 years ago

Yess! Love your personality

Queen motherlove

Queen motherlove . 2 years ago

Waoooooow super 😘

Emanuela Ugoukaegbu

Emanuela Ugoukaegbu . 2 years ago

Omg KIS method 😂😂 I love it 💚💚💚

Lakesha Spears

Lakesha Spears . 2 years ago

You are so cute love hearing from you thank you for the info that are very very helpful!!😊

Whitney Badu

Whitney Badu . 2 years ago

You are so cool🔥

x.phoebie xxx

x.phoebie xxx . 2 years ago

In my year at school year 6 I’m still in it I have trousers that don’t fit I’ve lost a lot of weight

Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

Warriors Prayer Boot Camp . 2 years ago

Girl you are FABULOUS, I’ve you attitude, very friendly and inspiring

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