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Published on 3 years ago

Low Carb Smoothies | Delicious VS Nutritious

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Liquid Stevia:
Psyllium Husk Powder:
MCT Oil:

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Low Carb Smoothies | Delicious VS Nutritious | Keto Green Smoothie vs Chocolate Coconut Smoothie
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Comments :

Pam Smitty

Pam Smitty . 2 days ago

Chocolate definitely!!!!

John Smith

John Smith . 2 weeks ago

How is this healthy when everything's out of a bottle or a bag? Everything is processed

Nancy Gaxiola

Nancy Gaxiola . 3 weeks ago

😂🤣 Matt! "The delicious one tastes best".... You guys make my day not to mention the great advice. No I'm not going to try Matt's! Did you see Mehga's face?!!

Linda Gatchell

Linda Gatchell . 4 weeks ago

Can you guys make a video on how to make the basic chocolate, vanilla, strawberry shake with sweetners?

Linda Gatchell

Linda Gatchell . 1 month ago

Hi, I am desperately trying to find a keto friendly pumpkin spice shake recipe, do you have one?

Home on Wheels

Home on Wheels . 2 months ago

Love Love your videos! My husband and I are just starting to research the Keto lifestyle and we learn a lot off of your opinions.

Shohda Actually lives

Shohda Actually lives . 2 months ago

Can I use regular milk for smoothie??

Nick Vartan

Nick Vartan . 2 months ago

Of course nothing is gonna come out outta those straws. They’re great for parakeets, not humans. I’ve never heard of isopure protein. It sounds like it would have a ton of junk in it, esp cookie and cream. People who stick to keto diet, stay away from sugar and carbs, yet they consume other stuff that is full of pesticides and hormones and of course GMO. So, what’s the point?


jaymeez . 2 months ago

Spirulina tastes like absolute Trash!!

Mike C

Mike C . 3 months ago

What blender is that?

blanca xoxo

blanca xoxo . 3 months ago

1 cup coconut milk 1 tablesp unsweetened coco powder 1 tablesp coco chips/ flakes Half a scoop of protein powder Few drops of stevia Z gum 7 ice cubes

Tracey Mixon

Tracey Mixon . 3 months ago

I just made Megan's...💋🎉🎊delish

Erika Yanez

Erika Yanez . 3 months ago

Does anyone know the macros for the green smoothie?🙏Pretty please! Made it, love it, but don't know if I'm staying on track with Macros.

Andréa Mancillas Guevara

Andréa Mancillas Guevara . 4 months ago

Can I add 2 boiled egg instead of the protein powder?

Shailaja Mahara

Shailaja Mahara . 4 months ago

Psyllium husk thickens as it sits in moisture. The green smoothie probably had been sitting for too long.

shawn canfield

shawn canfield . 5 months ago

is that coconut beverage or coconut milk? a non dairy "beverage" is a watered down version of a non dairy "milk" and the marketing tricks they use, you never know until you open it and it pours out watered down or thicker and milky-ish. i got tricked when i went to buy oat "milk" and got a watered down oat "beverage"


Kntryhart . 5 months ago

How much water?

David Daniel

David Daniel . 5 months ago

I like megha's 🙂


BR5491Z1Z . 5 months ago

yes i can deff smell the coconut cause i hav smart tv which came with smell ovision ...peace out


Sunlight . 5 months ago

What is MCT oil for?

Cheryl Bourgerie

Cheryl Bourgerie . 5 months ago

I'm a little late commenting on this, but I just recently discovered your videos after starting a keto program. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about a year ago, and wanted to try keto to keep my blood sugar under control. So far so good! I can't wait to try these smoothies and will probably try the delicious one later today. Thanks for all the great info and recipes! Keep up the good work!

Sir Jon Smith III

Sir Jon Smith III . 5 months ago

Alternatives is unsweatended chashew milk (i like vanilla) and avocados.

Despina Fitzpatrick

Despina Fitzpatrick . 5 months ago

Im laugjing my ass off Meg knows matts taste like sh@×

Learning as I go

Learning as I go . 6 months ago

The chocolate smoothie I added some spinach. I can't really use protien powder and subbed collagen.

jojo bach

jojo bach . 6 months ago

Love the Pistons ☺

Elsa Sun

Elsa Sun . 6 months ago

Spirulina’s taste makes me sick! Yikes!

Linda Onash

Linda Onash . 6 months ago

are there carbs or sugars in that protein powder and why is it added - for protein only?

Toni Bonboni

Toni Bonboni . 6 months ago

I tried to make a simple tasty spirulina keto smoothie and it totally worked! 1 Tbs spirulina 2 Tbs Coco powder 1/2 cup full cream/fat coconut milk unsweetened 1/2-1 cup unsweetened almond milk (depending on how thick you want it) 1 cup of ice Stevia to taste Blend! It definitely has a little bit of a bitter zing at the end but NOTHING like other green smoothies that I've had that includes spirulina. It was actually enjoyable to drink lol.

Michaela Hoffman

Michaela Hoffman . 6 months ago

Loved the green sludge comment!!

Helen Lakeru

Helen Lakeru . 7 months ago

I love using italian parsley in my green smoothies- lot better flavor than spinach or kale or you can go half and half (spinach/parsley). Also macadamia nut milk or Milkadamia brand unsweetened is creamy and I prefer to almond or coconut milk. I add vanilla extract also found a green powder I like- Organifi brand has lots of nutrients, is convenient and there is no need to add sweetener. Flax, zucchini, or avocado adds thickness- I am eager to try the xanthan gum recommended by these guys. Always good recipes and enjoyable videos from this duo. Thanks!


Valerie . 7 months ago

Can half an avocado be added for the fat and smoothness? Almond butter instead of peanut butter?

Nick Grimshawe

Nick Grimshawe . 8 months ago

Ok, stupid question. Do you use these to replace a meal? I'm still trying to figure out how many carbs I'm eating. I'm careful but I still have a lot of learning to do. The good news is, coupled with Intermittent fasting I have been off my diabetic medication for 14 days now!

Christine Brown

Christine Brown . 8 months ago

How about a berry delicious and a bone broth nutritious?

Christine Brown

Christine Brown . 8 months ago

You too are simply adorable. I’ve been watching you at least three times a day for the last week and a half since I started my keto diet. I’m testing blood sugars and ketones and feeling like I lost a few pounds already. So thank you thank you thank you. ❤️👍😘

Mariana B

Mariana B . 8 months ago

What are the macros, you should list those

Suv D

Suv D . 8 months ago

GREAT Video... Check out this new detox recipe i found

Marcelo Ribeiro Simões

Marcelo Ribeiro Simões . 8 months ago

Nice recipe bu a tip - Be careful about Protein Powder - too much protein is a serious insulin "spiker"...


Aarti . 9 months ago

Love that green smoothie ! I’ve been looking for a way to use spirulina

Karen Baldry

Karen Baldry . 9 months ago

It looks like the contents of a bile bag 😂❤️

Raven Harvill

Raven Harvill . 9 months ago

Super duper struggling this time around on Keto. Lost 46lbs the first time, gained 30 when my sweet 8 yr old kitty died. Heart broken. All I wanna do is lay around and be sad. I’m trying to get back in keto mindset. I’m a vegetarian; there isn’t much food available for me. MY QUESTION: can I just go keto drinks and bpc as long as I hit my macros until I’m adapted and can eat food without gagging? Please Please Help. Thx for the videos guys

Snehal Patil

Snehal Patil . 9 months ago

As I don't like big bowl full of salad..I make daily smoothie before the meal..and my recipe is 7cups of greens (your choice) half avacado, protein powder,lemon, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut or almond milk, black paper, ground cumin, turmeric, ground cinnamon, some cilantro(sometimes blue berries) for my taste. And blend in a smoothie for 2- 3 minutes. And guys it tastes so good. Everything so fresh and actually keep your insulin balanced in addition to keto+IF. And you can get those 7cups salad like Dr Berg suggests!!

Cindy *

Cindy * . 10 months ago

I prefer my smoothies without a straw! 😜👌🏼😂😂

Cambo Math

Cambo Math . 10 months ago

it's not taste so good the spinach smothie

P Webb

P Webb . 10 months ago

This is awesome! I've been craving a milkshake! I'm going with DELICIOUS! I may use a couple drops of mint extract instead of coconut for a chocolate shamrock shake!


ShannonKay . 10 months ago

😂 I have been making basically the same smoothie as Matt and it’s so good!!


ForgiveAndLove09 . 10 months ago


Marie Ince

Marie Ince . 11 months ago

Green drinks are fab in the nutribullet I use mine all the time .

Susan Browning

Susan Browning . 11 months ago

I added 2 tablespoons of heavy cream, some spinach and a half frozen avocado to chocolate milkshake - so darn good!,

Gwynne Gaut

Gwynne Gaut . 11 months ago

What is with the cap mat just makes you more dork like. You are a joke a poor joke

Charlie Becker

Charlie Becker . 11 months ago

That green smoothie looks good I'll try it. You should try some Moringa powder in there too but be careful.

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