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1990s Oasis Virgin Megastore Performance, 1995



Published on 5 years ago

From the Kinolibrary archive film collections. To order the clip clean and high res visit http://www.kinolibrary.com. Clip ref DW010306.

Colour live audio footage with sound of a live Oasis concert held at the Virgin megastore in London in the 1990s.

Comments :

Gallagher is God

Gallagher is God . 20 hours ago

For Christmas could someone get me this with good audio quality please?


Deathkampdrone . 2 days ago

00:47 "knowatta mean I luv to sing but I caaaarnt member the weeerds" xD

Gaz Ward

Gaz Ward . 3 days ago

And will all get in to glue....


crush_davis . 2 weeks ago

Typical whiny, 90s Beatles wannabes. I don't miss that decade. At all.

Tom Matin

Tom Matin . 3 weeks ago



PAUL RICHARDSON . 3 weeks ago

Inspector gadget bell end

Campervan Mike

Campervan Mike . 3 weeks ago

You can clearly see Brian Cannon from Microdot to the left of Noel, standing by the speakers.


spandy22 . 3 weeks ago


ian robby

ian robby . 3 weeks ago

Miss those days when i wasnt born yet

Allen James

Allen James . 3 weeks ago

Right ear..."what's going on over there?" Left ear.."Nothing..go to sleep.. as you were"

Antonio Honey

Antonio Honey . 3 weeks ago

Can someone explain me wtf r liam saying?

harry greb

harry greb . 3 weeks ago

Seen oasis over 50 times and this is fucking awful

Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan . 3 weeks ago

Showing up to work, bored and hungover: Rockstar edition.

rich axe

rich axe . 3 weeks ago

This video blows my mind. 1995 and the quality is better than most from the early 2000’s.

Xen G

Xen G . 3 weeks ago

That was so shit it's like watching 5 year olds playing music.


hiro . 3 weeks ago



TheMrmoonlight . 3 weeks ago

Can only hear it in left headphone. You'd never get a guitar band emerge today with their own songs anywhere near as good as this today. Music has become so sanitised and manufactured that even the so called Indie music or alternate sounds factory made. Ps I want that coat! 😍


vinceiswatchingyou . 3 weeks ago

Rehashed the Beatles b sides

Dr . Pepper

Dr . Pepper . 3 weeks ago

This can’t be 1995,it has to be 1996. Champagne Supernova was released on May 19,1996

Eli Hartsoe

Eli Hartsoe . 3 weeks ago

like the only good quality video of oasis


Valdbagina79 . 3 weeks ago

Love Oasis but that was shite. Liam is much better now


jw73 . 3 weeks ago

I love Liam, but all of this gig is shite...

John Cusack

John Cusack . 3 weeks ago

Liam is lit right up 😂

toomuchjunkiebizness 79

toomuchjunkiebizness 79 . 3 weeks ago

Only coming through one speaker, anyone else?

Lar Kirby

Lar Kirby . 3 weeks ago

Liam was at his best in 1994 Wish he could do whatever he did back then to sound like that again now

Anderson Farias

Anderson Farias . 3 weeks ago

No noel, no Oasis!

Midnight Toker

Midnight Toker . 3 weeks ago

Sounds bloody terrible

Alberto G.

Alberto G. . 3 weeks ago


IL Scrapple

IL Scrapple . 3 weeks ago


Engineer E28

Engineer E28 . 3 weeks ago

When London was fucking real and alive.

Dads Do

Dads Do . 3 weeks ago

What a racket

Listen Up

Listen Up . 3 weeks ago

The audio is a little out...

rizal tambunan

rizal tambunan . 3 weeks ago

Alan white still use his foot for the bass of that drum

Eddie Hellgren

Eddie Hellgren . 3 weeks ago

Looks like Liam wanna snort the mic as well.....

077 Barney

077 Barney . 3 weeks ago

Fxxking class!

Daniel Rice

Daniel Rice . 3 weeks ago

Wow great

Ross Price

Ross Price . 3 weeks ago

I was 15 then & a massive oasis fan

Tee 1up

Tee 1up . 3 weeks ago

‘I’ll take two sugars with me tea’ lmao I’ll forever hear that now.


gmrb79s . 3 weeks ago

always cunt like


inutero10 . 3 weeks ago

Wow what a terrible vocal sound

Better than telly

Better than telly . 3 weeks ago

Well this wouldn't happen now would it.


chained81 . 3 weeks ago


Born 2 damn

Born 2 damn . 3 weeks ago

drummer was on his toes.

Eddie Grant

Eddie Grant . 3 weeks ago

Wow its in colour in the 90s. What a suprise

chris sturgess

chris sturgess . 3 weeks ago

And now the record shop is dead 🙁never see the likes of this again unfortunately

Amador Aguillón

Amador Aguillón . 3 weeks ago


Eric David

Eric David . 3 weeks ago

A bit of the MTV Unplugged that never happened..


ZephyrCrypto . 3 weeks ago

I hope that sound guy isn't still working - fuck me!!

CurtisThe DrunkCat

CurtisThe DrunkCat . 3 weeks ago

It’s not a virgin mega store without me there

Fernando Salas

Fernando Salas . 3 weeks ago


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