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How to Make a Keto-Friendly Bacon-Crusted Quiche



Published on 11 months ago

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Learn how to make a bacon-crusted quiche that's allowed on the Keto diet. It has a lot of protein, making it a hearty and filling breakfast option for those on the diet.

Recipe: https://bit.ly/2TzMVO1
Watch more on the Keto diet: https://bit.ly/2QuhN0p
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Comments :


TheRangeControl . 8 months ago

No cheese?

strong,like mountain

strong,like mountain . 11 months ago

i didnt think milk was a part of keto but it does look good

Larry Maloney

Larry Maloney . 11 months ago

Dr. nsOz is hustling bad health again. He earns his living splitting chests open after he bates ignorant viewers into eating his high-fat foods. Why does the AMA look the other way? Dr. snOz should be banned from TV.

Antoneta Hoxhaj

Antoneta Hoxhaj . 11 months ago

Doctor Oz can you help me to sleap becuse a can't becuse a am scared a now that it dosent exist put a am scared anyway

Pat Bateman

Pat Bateman . 11 months ago

it's an omelet...

Wild MissingNo its me

Wild MissingNo its me . 11 months ago

Thanks always for such great info Dr. Oz...🙌 I do wish this video was longer though

Adnan A

Adnan A . 11 months ago

I’d do this with chicken instead 💪

Lina Fortuna

Lina Fortuna . 11 months ago


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