Published on 6 years ago

Certified health coach and nutritionist, Corrina Rachel shows us the top ten easy ways to lose weight.
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10 EASY Ways to Lose Weight & Get Healthy! #WeightLoss Tips, How to #Diet, Food, Health Coach

Certified health coach and nutritionist, Corrina Rachel shows us the top ten easy ways to lose weight. If you want to experience weight loss but your diet hasn't been working then this video will show you exactly how to diet with the easiest diet. Tips on healthy food, nutrition, wellnes and more.

Corrina reveals the top 10 EASIEST ways to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Featuring Corrina Rachel

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PsycheTruth . 3 years ago

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Baby Time

Baby Time . 2 days ago

Hi this video was great at so much idea let me help u of my video

Bangla Health Care

Bangla Health Care . 3 days ago

Thanks for suggestions

Melissa Rosales

Melissa Rosales . 3 days ago

Fun fact: she also does ASMR ;)

Exotic Healthy Lifestyle

Exotic Healthy Lifestyle . 3 days ago

Nice video! I have similar value-packed videos as well. Check them out. :)

HeY StOb iT

HeY StOb iT . 4 days ago

I just wanna lose weight without doing anything lol.

KaylaJesse Casares

KaylaJesse Casares . 4 days ago

What about lemon water?

Dus T

Dus T . 4 days ago

I’m sitting here on my phone while drinking coffee and eating pudding and 3 small cookies at 12 am 😂

Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen . 4 days ago

This is very inspiring. Totally love the information provided. Thought I would pass along something that helped me. Maybe it can help you too. Check this out:

Family Karate Club

Family Karate Club . 4 days ago

Good one

Noor Marliyah love Asiq

Noor Marliyah love Asiq . 5 days ago

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Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott . 5 days ago

You didn't even mention intermittent fasting.

Random weirdthings Fan account

Random weirdthings Fan account . 5 days ago

Where my fatty’s at


lunalupis . 6 days ago

Thank you so much for making this video! I am on a newly inspired journey to improve my health and live a more joyous life, and your video is a wonderfully incitive video! I'm currently keeping track of my progress and posting on my blog helpful tips, hints, and day-to-day observations: . Thank you again for posting this vid!


Jill . 6 days ago

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Hannah . 6 days ago

Yes, it’s real. Whatever you read through in the “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it), diet program guide. The three weeks I did shed 7 pounds, 2.5 in off my very own waistline and 2 inches off my hips - Am one pants size smaller. Whoop whoop. .

Noor Saed

Noor Saed . 6 days ago

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silvio guardi

silvio guardi . 7 days ago

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alessandro pomati

alessandro pomati . 7 days ago

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Aiyana Mikayla

Aiyana Mikayla . 7 days ago

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Dallas Brendan

Dallas Brendan . 7 days ago

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Shannon Benoit

Shannon Benoit . 7 days ago

Awsome way to lose weight

Fitness Plan

Fitness Plan . 7 days ago

GET the flat belly you want :


DubiousDevil . 7 days ago

Toxic sludge still doesn't answer processed foods being the cheaper option. Not all of us have money to buy all natural.


HealthFitnessPlanet . 7 days ago

But I really love drinking Coke :) what can I do now???

BadVibes Forever

BadVibes Forever . 1 week ago

I've been trying to starve myself sometimes..... Thanks for the tip

Jaima Tasnen

Jaima Tasnen . 1 week ago

I find it unfair sometimes that my friends with fast metabolisms will eat so much (junk food most of the time) and will never gain a pound and then there’s me who tries so much to eat healthy and exercise but I can never become as thin as them.

Lanilane Ocbina

Lanilane Ocbina . 1 week ago

you can lose weight while you sleep too. I learned it form Dr. Terry Shintani of hawaii. He has this free ebook in his website. you may want also to subscribe to his channel friends! :)

Mary T Dement

Mary T Dement . 1 week ago

Great advice.

poke leaf Ekengren

poke leaf Ekengren . 1 week ago

im 10 and i weight 57Kg, im so dumb

Angelisse M.

Angelisse M. . 1 week ago

*eats hot Cheetos while watching video*

ivan patten

ivan patten . 1 week ago

thank you

Lil Shah

Lil Shah . 1 week ago

At the age of 16 : I want to gain weight At the age of 19 : I want to lose weight

Nune Levonyan

Nune Levonyan . 1 week ago

Or just get broke and stop eating outside!


KISS FITNESS . 1 week ago

I'm about to start a major weight loss journey on my Channel. Was just looking around for some inspiration. And hah I drank diet soda for years thinking it wasn't unhealthy.

Silver Heart

Silver Heart . 1 week ago

“I’m gonna try to do this stuff” I say as I stuff my face full of cookies

Some chill baby

Some chill baby . 1 week ago

me: i want to be skinny also me: uhh.. can i have 3 large pizzas and 40 chicken nuggets and 1 large 7 up pls

Gene Lariv

Gene Lariv . 1 week ago

I don't know. I lost over 200+ pounds drinking Coke Zero. We're all different. BTW, fine legs.

Pissed Ladki

Pissed Ladki . 1 week ago

*Stop!Do not exercise*

Pissed Ladki

Pissed Ladki . 1 week ago

How to loose weight 1.exercise

Poonam Trivedi

Poonam Trivedi . 1 week ago

It is really work or no please reply

Crizza Rose

Crizza Rose . 1 week ago

Nakapag lose weight ako ng 8 kilos sa loob ng 5 months. Watch my vid!

mohammad islam

mohammad islam . 1 week ago

This great site for health Thank you very much.

Kat La

Kat La . 2 weeks ago

2:50 can I drink milk?

healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle . 2 weeks ago


Nadia Galvan

Nadia Galvan . 2 weeks ago

Sugar is the devil

Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies . 2 weeks ago

I had been trying to lose weight for years me being a guy I might have lost to much lol this is a powder that mixes with water and a small diet but suprisingly it actually worked it works I didn't just lose the weight, I kept it off I hope this works for others

Jaipur Dietetics Club

Jaipur Dietetics Club . 2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot, thanks a lot dear.

Blue Blaze

Blue Blaze . 2 weeks ago

Ur pretty

Jeff Rosen

Jeff Rosen . 2 weeks ago

I like your videos and try to follow them. The only thing I disagree with you on is diet sodas concerning weight. If a soda has no calories it has to be better as far as weight than sugared sodas. It may be unhealthy for you in other ways but I can't see how it can make you gain weight. I think some of the tests are skewed as many people who drink diet soda usually eat fattening foods. At every buffet restaurant and fast food restaurant you see obese people eating very fattening fried foods but always get a diet Coke. I think that has to bias the statistics. In "The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully " the author Aaron Carroll says while both are bad healthwise he's rather have his kids drink diet soda than sugary sodas. However that is the only thing I disagree with you on so keep up the good work!!

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