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Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved (Live on Ellen)



Published on 3 months ago

Get my debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’ here: https://lewiscapaldi.lnk.to/DivinelyU...

Tickets: http://tickets.lewiscapaldi.com

Stream/download ’Someone You Loved’ https://lewiscapaldi.lnk.to/LC_SYL


Comments :


Sonay . 29 minutes ago

H I S V O I C E G O T S ME E V E R Y F R E A C K I N G T I M E like how can something sound this pure and divinely ( yes its a referance to the album title indeed)

Rishaun Singh

Rishaun Singh . 1 hour ago

It’s so rare to hear someone sing better live than their studio version! Elite voice.

Darken Assassin

Darken Assassin . 1 hour ago

I love his pronounciation of "through"

Tr Aji

Tr Aji . 6 hours ago

+62 mana nih?

Ray sanchez

Ray sanchez . 6 hours ago

People must be deaf if they think this sounds better than his recording there a reason the recording sounds better had to get it right this his accent in it and doesn’t hit his high notes like his recording

Mario Hill

Mario Hill . 10 hours ago

"I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved" That alone makes my heart feel heavy.


loveshandsome . 12 hours ago

love the man's voice.. so awesome

Kelly Oliveira

Kelly Oliveira . 13 hours ago

Lewis Capaldi é genial.

Michael Hultgren

Michael Hultgren . 20 hours ago

Very unique vibrato technique, he uses his jaw instead, dont see that very often anymore.

Darren Barrett

Darren Barrett . 23 hours ago

Why do singers never finish there words.

Wilson Almeida

Wilson Almeida . 24 hours ago

Alguém aí que fala português assistindo em 2020?

Gooo Cowboys!!!

Gooo Cowboys!!! . 1 day ago

Why would someone dislike this?


Puanla . 1 day ago



MrQuack . 1 day ago

His voice is way better live 😍

Lily-may Jackson

Lily-may Jackson . 1 day ago

Who else thinks it’s about Page for love island 2020

Whelmar John Alcazaren

Whelmar John Alcazaren . 1 day ago

Beautiful song❤❤❤❤

Asyoos Mel

Asyoos Mel . 1 day ago

Suffering in loneliness for quite some time now and hearing this song makes it even more lonely. 💔


Rustlin JIMMIES . 2 days ago

It's like a cold puppy dog

Jonathan Knott

Jonathan Knott . 2 days ago

Great song but his articulation sucks

Ley Suu

Ley Suu . 2 days ago

It's even better live, my poor heart

Azza’s World

Azza’s World . 2 days ago

Great voice ❤️

jaii cee

jaii cee . 2 days ago

On ye go lewis 💙

Ollie Tudor

Ollie Tudor . 2 days ago

i am a straight male and this gave me goosebumps

Theresa Douglas

Theresa Douglas . 2 days ago

his voice is real // love it . very talented

Lei Ann Ria A. Villarico

Lei Ann Ria A. Villarico . 2 days ago


Binod Gaire

Binod Gaire . 2 days ago

James Arthur and Lewis caplid

Botella Sanoval

Botella Sanoval . 2 days ago

he looks like stewie bro

GM Hokage

GM Hokage . 2 days ago

I thought he would be the type of guy to have a high pitched voice lmao

Maria López

Maria López . 2 days ago

=~= I feel so sad Bc my Dad died

Dorcas Owie

Dorcas Owie . 3 days ago

All this while I thought this is a James Arthur song


khushwaj . 3 days ago

pure love

noah ingusan

noah ingusan . 3 days ago

His mouth is receiving so many notif 😂

Zeyno Meyra

Zeyno Meyra . 3 days ago

Beatful SONG!!!

Charlotte Pippin

Charlotte Pippin . 4 days ago


Charlotte Pippin

Charlotte Pippin . 4 days ago

Wow Lewis your just amazing and loved your voice your just amazing and super talented 😍 paige is a silly girl doing what she done she's gonna regret it all cos you both looked amazing together she's a silly girl.. Never give up what you know best and this is writing and singing your very own songs /music ❤️

Melissa Graham

Melissa Graham . 4 days ago

Who hurt you, Lewis?

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson . 4 days ago

Love the song so much

Shadow_ Princess158

Shadow_ Princess158 . 4 days ago

OG: piano Live: violins, piano, a whole fucking orchestra

Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis . 4 days ago


Udi shaltiel

Udi shaltiel . 4 days ago

sound like an angel

Ezekiel Gaming

Ezekiel Gaming . 4 days ago

i think he uses too much autotunes while recording the song , he sounds weird singing live :/

The Best

The Best . 4 days ago

That’s his accent lmao

Sun Flower

Sun Flower . 4 days ago

Check out Davina Michelle's new song Liar! Live preformance! In love with this song!!! https://youtu.be/ptPrN5lgMyk

Sarah B

Sarah B . 4 days ago

I came here because I’d never guess that voice would come out of him

Jen Price

Jen Price . 4 days ago

Wow great job

Sandy Eu

Sandy Eu . 5 days ago

I've never heared his sing In my life (well I have but I haven't seen him and I'm actually shocked! He's so funny but such a good singer)

Lee Pefley

Lee Pefley . 5 days ago

It sounds a lot different without auto tune

Eva Holguin

Eva Holguin . 5 days ago


Red Devils

Red Devils . 5 days ago

He didnt write this about some plastic bird thats gone on love island now did he 😂😑

MΛsᴛeʀ ⱤΛнυʟ

MΛsᴛeʀ ⱤΛнυʟ . 5 days ago

What kind of accent is this ? I cant even understand half of the song

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