This was a really fun ride on some awesome trails, I am riding 'In-N-Out Burger and Hueso. These trails are so fun, I want to come here more often!

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Let's go ride the Longest, Most Epic Rock Slabs Blind!! - IN-N-Out Burger | Jordan Boostmaster


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Comments :


C L . 2 months ago

Jordan: ENDURO BROOO ...also Jordan: *riding a Wilson LMAO

Tibor Gyenes

Tibor Gyenes . 3 months ago

What program are you using, to edit the videos?


Jug . 3 months ago

Bernard Kerr stoppied it all

Valentino Wölk

Valentino Wölk . 3 months ago


Artemis XW

Artemis XW . 4 months ago

My dude, yes that was fully sic :) 😁


Frozo . 4 months ago

My brother broke his collarbone at valmont bike park so we went home early I live in Texas and I never get to ride

Julian Svenstrup

Julian Svenstrup . 4 months ago


Isaiah Kaldenberg

Isaiah Kaldenberg . 4 months ago

I was riding alone the other day and I saw a bear and her cub


Camelz . 5 months ago

Can you go to sun peaks near Kamloops?

Zach Prescott

Zach Prescott . 5 months ago

Coming from NH, the first run you did down the rock slab had me chuckling. Where my Granite State riders at?

Quaid Griffin

Quaid Griffin . 5 months ago

Yes Revisit this place Jordan! Nice video, I really like this style, where you go ride cool trails on the Wilson! Keep up the awesome work bro!

Riley Bleau

Riley Bleau . 5 months ago

I really wamt to get a bike but i dont know where to start. How do i know what size bars and bike? And what would be a good starter bike i plan on doing downhill as mush as possible

rubin field

rubin field . 5 months ago

*granodiorite (similar to granite but contains a different kind of feldspar)

Stoked Riders

Stoked Riders . 5 months ago

Some decent gnar there Jordan, yew! And those bears , that's some proper wildlife encounter right there 🐻

William Loveday

William Loveday . 5 months ago

You should do a single speed conversion on the Wilson it would be so cool


LZ . 5 months ago

If I were a bear with cubs I'd run away from a canadian riding a dh bike shouting "ENDUROBROOO"

Urban Dropper

Urban Dropper . 5 months ago

*another enlightening video by the boostmaster*

Alex Nichols

Alex Nichols . 5 months ago

its funny seeing people try to climb on DH bike, lol

Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson . 5 months ago

Drinking game: have a shot every time he says dude

TK Ghost Rider

TK Ghost Rider . 5 months ago

Whats the intro song?

Jacob Vandentop

Jacob Vandentop . 5 months ago

Imagine in and out went to in and out

Noah Hildreth

Noah Hildreth . 5 months ago

Lmaooo he seriously hiked a trail called Wizard sleeve. Type that into google images and see what you find.

Angus Frame

Angus Frame . 5 months ago

oof those rock on 26ers

Angus Frame

Angus Frame . 5 months ago

bro granite is slippery as shit when we t 1:28


Magromancer . 5 months ago

awesome video! I wish that company would get stuff that’d fit me, those pants look awesome, oh and I got to go back to Whistler today, got to try my first blue trail (Longhorn) and also my first tech trail as well (top part of Del Boca Vista) I cant wait to go back and maybe even try B Line, on my coaches Strava it said we topped out at just under 30Km, so I’ll check my footage and see where I went that fast.

Nate Low

Nate Low . 5 months ago

Screw the wilson, that new DH looks sexy, Had a look at them online the other day, keen to learn more about them !


wild_world . 5 months ago

I have to say, after seeing the 26" Wilson on your channel, i fell in love with this Bike. So much so, that i actually baught one, and it really is as good as I hoped it would be! It's really kind of sad, that you will not ride yours as often anymore... I'm really interested how the Skypilot compares to it, though!


durace99 . 5 months ago

Those orange bars should be on the new bike.

Anf0 TV

Anf0 TV . 5 months ago

these videos are always sooo sick! get me stoked to go out and ride again


Yhigma . 5 months ago

1:04 that is literally mountain biking for me, I love just getting lots of new, gnarly terrain

Motorwilly 777

Motorwilly 777 . 5 months ago

When u see bears. Make a lot of noise and go down hill. The best way to escape a bear is going down hill bcuz there front legs are shorter than the rear legs

Timothy M

Timothy M . 5 months ago

Dude I love the music you used when riding wizard sleeve! So chill, makes that ride magical with the lighting

The Just Alright MTB Rider

The Just Alright MTB Rider . 5 months ago

Hey dude I love your vids so much by watching them i have progressed so so much I love the Wilson so much so thanks so much for helping me progress

Action Sporter

Action Sporter . 5 months ago

Goes up a slight incline :We're going full Enduro


tdfh1 . 5 months ago

if we use the code boostnf100, do we get things for free?

John Quest

John Quest . 5 months ago

HUESO is spanish for " bone" Awesome video as always man.

Bennett Steers

Bennett Steers . 5 months ago

Literally just rode this trail today for the first time, got home and saw this as the first video in my suggestions.

Lifted Adventures

Lifted Adventures . 5 months ago

Awesome trail Jordan. Ha going full enduro on a full dh bike....

Garrison Corley

Garrison Corley . 5 months ago

enduro bro

Lucas Alcayaga

Lucas Alcayaga . 5 months ago

beautiful vid pls give a lesson on how u always get those perfect angles on crazy steep slabs like those sick riding keep it up


EEvo . 5 months ago

What a GoPro effect!


EEvo . 5 months ago

Today I crashed on a trail because I rode it blind and I was all by myself

Clay Boren

Clay Boren . 5 months ago

Not good to ride alone but I do all the time. Awesome video.


PlaneandSimple . 5 months ago

I don't know that I would even want to (if it were legal up there?) carry a gun or huge knife in my pack. I'm guessing you're probably more likely to impale or shoot yourself on a crash than have to fend off a bear but, props for at least endorsing the buddy system.

Brandon Andrews

Brandon Andrews . 5 months ago

Didn’t Bernerr Kerr Endo down the rock roll?


KestrelYI . 5 months ago

GoPro effect is real.. especially on huge slabs like that.

Project Lemons

Project Lemons . 5 months ago


Berm Unit

Berm Unit . 5 months ago

will ridenf make me a sweet custom jersey though? :)

Christian Louw

Christian Louw . 5 months ago

If I saw that bear, I'd be riding that downhill bike faster then Loic Bruni

Andrzej Sawicki

Andrzej Sawicki . 5 months ago

Yes, it was "starting" to get "a little" sketchy. Totally, just a little.

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