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Highly Suspect - My Name Is Human [Official Video]

Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect

Published on 3 years ago


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Directed by Marc Klasfeld
Appearing: Chloe Bridges
I'm feelin the way that I'm feelin myself
Fuck everyone else
gotta remember that nobody's better than anyone else, here

do you need some time to think it over?

Look what they do to you
Look what they do to me
You must be joking if you think that either one is free , here

Get up off your knees girl
Stand face to face with your God
And find out what you are
(Hello my name is Human)
Hello, my name is human
And I came down from the stars
(Hello my name is human)

I'm ready for love and I'm ready for war
But I'm ready for more
I know that nobodies ever been this
Fucking ready before

Do you need some time to think it over

So figure it out or don't figure it out
I figured it out
The bigger the river
The bigger the drout

Get up off your knees boy
Stand face to face with your god
And find out what you are
(Hello my name is human)
Hello, my name is human
And I came down from the stars
(Hello my name is human)

Fire world I love you

I'm up off my knees girl
I am face to face with myself
And I know who I am
And I stole the power from the sun
I am more than just a man
(No longer disillusioned)

(I'm not asking questions
cause questions have answers
and I don't want answers )

I came down from the stars

(So I'll take my chances
And what are the chances
That I could advance
On my own circumstances
Said what are the chances
And what are the chances)

Hello my name is human
And I know who I am

(I'm not after answers
I'm not asking questions
So you keep your answers
So you keep your answers
I'm not asking questions
I'm taking my chances)

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bluemoth . 21 hours ago

Blazing song. Wicked sick. 🤙🤙
Heather Ceballos

Heather Ceballos . 21 hours ago

Love this tune. 😊
Maritza Piccarillo

Maritza Piccarillo . 23 hours ago

Bill Maher: Robosexuals
Jeanetty Queen

Jeanetty Queen . 1 day ago

Danny Phantom in flesh
Sean McAfee

Sean McAfee . 1 day ago

I thought he said said "I am more than this illusion" instead of "no longer disillusioned" after looking up the lyrics. I liked it better in my head. But at least I am no longer disillusioned about that line.
Jerald Calder

Jerald Calder . 1 day ago

I've been waiting for music like this since the 70's.
Jose Leija

Jose Leija . 2 days ago

what do ya think are the chances military bases have large screens?? Any bets?! Any?
The Starseed Transmissions

The Starseed Transmissions . 2 days ago

My favorite starseed
RJ Dunlap

RJ Dunlap . 3 days ago

Look at the bigger picture... cloning, annunakia, the ancient ones cmon people
Discordian Pope

Discordian Pope . 3 days ago

Legend here, this MK sucks. AYYYYYYEEE boys. /CTS\C-13|M1
T420 sic

T420 sic . 3 days ago

They give off a tool/deftones vibe
brandy bunton

brandy bunton . 3 days ago

I was just thinking how sexy he is and out of no where at 1:51 I could see that his nails are painted. I think thats a metallic color.. Maybe some glitter. Hell idk.. NOPE.. Don't change a thing.. He's still sexy.
SwolePatrol _

SwolePatrol _ . 3 days ago

This new blade runner film is looking great
Rachel Nelson

Rachel Nelson . 4 days ago

I actually just watched this video through for the first time.. And it really took on a new meaning. The Peacock. "i came down from the stars." I mean.... If I ever needed a sign, that was it. Thanks, Universe. 🤘
Cosita Seria

Cosita Seria . 4 days ago

Nobody is better than anyone else here. Let that sink in :)

David . 4 days ago

That is a charismatic individual.

timsangry . 5 days ago

To much theatrics. Thought this was a rock band.
Krista Silva

Krista Silva . 5 days ago


Crystal . 5 days ago

I feel this song, every word sends chills. Human = not perfect.
Ethereal Valkryie

Ethereal Valkryie . 6 days ago

I love the reference of a peacock a heavenly "bird of paradise". It has occult meaning.
Aaron B

Aaron B . 6 days ago

2:24-2:25 The middle black spine changes its size. Anyone else notice?
Gorbash McIrishGuy

Gorbash McIrishGuy . 6 days ago

Holy shit its Dante's little brother

JJREDS 1 . 6 days ago

Detroit becomes human anyone?
Bek ItAllMakesSenseNow

Bek ItAllMakesSenseNow . 6 days ago

Ole Johnny must have hated just standing there mouthing the lyrics. Cant believe i havent seen this video til now.
Lady Bird Starshine

Lady Bird Starshine . 6 days ago

I just want it all.. 🌍🌎🌏✌
Alucard Aleksnov

Alucard Aleksnov . 6 days ago

Detroit Become human ?
NOVA Dash Cam

NOVA Dash Cam . 7 days ago

The cameraman just bought a brand-new 70-200mm cinematic lens...let him use it at distance! lol
Allen Witherspoon

Allen Witherspoon . 1 week ago

I'm a start selling kneepads for a living because damn near everyone I talk to are still on their knees!!!
Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos . 1 week ago

Yeah I just got here in 2020 and thanks U tube you are starting to get it right Got this on 24 hour now tune tune. Love is Murder by Al Ross brought me here thanks folks
Chronus Guerin

Chronus Guerin . 1 week ago

detroit: become human vibes anyone?

Heather . 1 week ago

Okay don’t like any trashy human playing “God” lol or murdering in the name of “God”
Ian Pawlowic

Ian Pawlowic . 1 week ago

OMG song bought me to testosterone filled tears of absolute fucking joy one day . Love it

J A M . 1 week ago

people actually pay to hear this... I don't get it; I don't want to get it. I want people to start to learn what true art is. Don't "kill" yourself by being mundane or searching for what others look for or what society has told you will bring happiness. Happiness is true magick. That is, happiness that you can make last forever, and if you're that broken up about not finding it in this life, well, that's what Jesus says He came for, but so did Buddha.

THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY . 1 week ago

Catching them tonight in Houston.
Richard Sylvanus

Richard Sylvanus . 1 week ago

Neat video. I wonder where this was filmed. Too clean to be a parking garage.
George Haggerty

George Haggerty . 1 week ago

Stand face to face with your God boy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈💯
Mud Koerfgen

Mud Koerfgen . 1 week ago

Very relevant lyrics delivered in Timely jaded & i perceive mislead p.o.v as i believe 'lucifer' decieved Eve whilst a poor excuse of an alert caring & thus loving & protective original source companion known as Adam had a sad bad day handing over to 'father of lie's' his & 1st born sons rights of leadership so lucifer for at least next 7 years is transparent Truths current god of this his lost & dying mismanagement of current material & fast unveiling dark supernatural pulling 5 sense puppets reality's that's becoming nightmarish when transparent Truth isn't raised & accepted above/beyond emptying half truths cloaked by pied piper empowered guile ruled by known deceit or at least that's what my Heart glows Faith of my soon returning God of Truth known as shared (His)tory's Jesus also seeded in Truth & it's Eternal Light
Cortex Flargglesnaff

Cortex Flargglesnaff . 1 week ago

Hi human I’m dad
Mary Ratliff

Mary Ratliff . 1 week ago

This “guy” is an FTM. Backdoor enlightenment is dangerous. It creates egomaniacs who care about power, control and idol worship. Usually a result of abuse as a child. They arrive at enlightenment backwards which means they open the crown chakra before the heart chakra. No bueno. This person has classic signs. Know who you are idolizing.

markae0 . 1 week ago

Great bass in the song to test your stereo
Kenneth Phillips

Kenneth Phillips . 1 week ago

This song has got me through so many days.........

Somename . 1 week ago

He looks like Fenrir from Dragonage
Kevin Legge

Kevin Legge . 1 week ago

Is a good song though.
Chasity Morrow

Chasity Morrow . 1 week ago

I wish he had more songs like this .....watching him sing and the sound and lyrics touches me so deep
Alexander Rupe

Alexander Rupe . 1 week ago

Love this song, prob watched it like 50 times now
Jordan Duffin

Jordan Duffin . 1 week ago

The bigger the river. The bigger the trout
Daniel Beechler

Daniel Beechler . 1 week ago

Love this #😁😜❤
kip gilkey

kip gilkey . 1 week ago

Hello my Cuban .

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