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Highly Suspect - My Name Is Human [Official Video]

Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect

Published on 3 years ago


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Directed by Marc Klasfeld
Appearing: Chloe Bridges
I'm feelin the way that I'm feelin myself
Fuck everyone else
gotta remember that nobody's better than anyone else, here

do you need some time to think it over?

Look what they do to you
Look what they do to me
You must be joking if you think that either one is free , here

Get up off your knees girl
Stand face to face with your God
And find out what you are
(Hello my name is Human)
Hello, my name is human
And I came down from the stars
(Hello my name is human)

I'm ready for love and I'm ready for war
But I'm ready for more
I know that nobodies ever been this
Fucking ready before

Do you need some time to think it over

So figure it out or don't figure it out
I figured it out
The bigger the river
The bigger the drout

Get up off your knees boy
Stand face to face with your god
And find out what you are
(Hello my name is human)
Hello, my name is human
And I came down from the stars
(Hello my name is human)

Fire world I love you

I'm up off my knees girl
I am face to face with myself
And I know who I am
And I stole the power from the sun
I am more than just a man
(No longer disillusioned)

(I'm not asking questions
cause questions have answers
and I don't want answers )

I came down from the stars

(So I'll take my chances
And what are the chances
That I could advance
On my own circumstances
Said what are the chances
And what are the chances)

Hello my name is human
And I know who I am

(I'm not after answers
I'm not asking questions
So you keep your answers
So you keep your answers
I'm not asking questions
I'm taking my chances)

Comments :


ih8snow30 . 1 hour ago

I thought that was z3r0 c00l from H4ck3r5. Jk. I'm 0ld

Sue Blaylock

Sue Blaylock . 7 hours ago

Damn right I'd bust mine out so MFS could it it loud an clearly!!!!!!!!!

Brett Beard

Brett Beard . 10 hours ago

i am nothing like you

Theresa e Suranofsky kasznicki

Theresa e Suranofsky kasznicki . 10 hours ago

I just wstched a video on artificial intelligance. This video would be a good song for the artificial intelligance documentary i just watched.

day6creation breathing

day6creation breathing . 11 hours ago

Wal*mart 2030


Nonconcensusical . 13 hours ago

Is that the basement of Warmart? Body parting out!

Danielle Willard

Danielle Willard . 14 hours ago

Loving you guys! Rock on!!

Zander Roberson

Zander Roberson . 15 hours ago

I like you how are you so smart


xxDemonLalamixx . 17 hours ago

Anybody else think this would be a great song for a Detroit: Become Human video?😂 Edit: Okay, I found some that were actually made. I'm satisfied now lol.

Blackstallionsunday zombie

Blackstallionsunday zombie . 17 hours ago

I hate this song F u YouTube!

Zona B. Oculus

Zona B. Oculus . 18 hours ago

I feel like he looks a bit like a male version of Billie Eilish.


Chalycees . 20 hours ago

The prequel to Detroit Become Human

Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick . 22 hours ago

Hello my name is Lunch Box

Steve Espinoza

Steve Espinoza . 22 hours ago

Love this song

Justin Kace

Justin Kace . 1 day ago

Nicely done 👍


emmytj766508 . 1 day ago

Hello My name is ET.


Fernando . 1 day ago


ED Reaser

ED Reaser . 2 days ago


Richard Dixon

Richard Dixon . 2 days ago

These comments are killing me lolollol

Laura Zamora

Laura Zamora . 2 days ago

If he really stole the power from the sun. Im interested

Cyn Roesc

Cyn Roesc . 2 days ago

This is giving me All is Full of Love Björk vibes.

dorilabo -

dorilabo - . 2 days ago

if i was a chick i’d definitely fuck him.

Alexandra Williams

Alexandra Williams . 3 days ago

I'm in love with a guy I've never met 😍🖤

SnarlyGalaxy 293

SnarlyGalaxy 293 . 3 days ago

This sounds different

Lotus Spy

Lotus Spy . 3 days ago

Save me human ☻

Alfred Dixon

Alfred Dixon . 3 days ago

Thats Cloud Stryfe!!!

William Carr

William Carr . 3 days ago

he sounds like a cross between Layne Staley and Chris Cornell...and that is pretty awesome to be able to pull off


italiancatwoman . 4 days ago

i really love this! it's different, creative, gives me inspiration for a painting..... BUT THIS MAN IS FUCKING ATTRACTIVE THOUGH..

joe tall guy

joe tall guy . 4 days ago

This song has me thinking about escanor lion sin a pride

bano x

bano x . 4 days ago

Holllyyy 😍😍

Cak Redi

Cak Redi . 4 days ago

Just another day at Umbrella Corporation's office.

david benda

david benda . 4 days ago

When I hear this shit , I 🤮

Miles VanMeter

Miles VanMeter . 5 days ago

Opening riff reminds me of another song and I can’t recall. Driving me crazy.

Tuana Ayar

Tuana Ayar . 5 days ago


Justin Huskey

Justin Huskey . 5 days ago

What the hell happened to their sound? The new album is atrocious compared to this masterpiece. They went full hiphop/pop .... sad.


lapieces . 5 days ago

nice peacock, hera... there is still no hera. where are you?


jasoncarb29 . 5 days ago

This song makes me want to turn Super Saiyan😂


freeyourmind88 . 5 days ago

Phrase of the Day; "I stole the power from the Sun."

Conrad Nicholls

Conrad Nicholls . 6 days ago

wow when did Lil Peep start doing metal?

franky Oliva

franky Oliva . 6 days ago

Liryc please

Alex Kairis

Alex Kairis . 6 days ago

Sometimes I like to think of the chorus en Espanol: Hola mi nambre "human". Has a better roll to it than all that unnecessary zooming out/rolling back.

Rogue Shadow

Rogue Shadow . 1 week ago

Does anyone know the name of his boots

Kyle Orr

Kyle Orr . 1 week ago

It constantly zooms out, subconsciously telling you to look at the "bigger picture"

Classic Blade

Classic Blade . 1 week ago

This song gets better with age..

Patrick Wright

Patrick Wright . 1 week ago

What does bigger the river, bigger the drought mean?

Richard Skipper

Richard Skipper . 1 week ago

Still hot af....the song😉🤘

Zachery Barrett

Zachery Barrett . 1 week ago

This song is tits

Melanie Carter

Melanie Carter . 1 week ago

Absolutely love this song! My beautiful souled friend Jason - Melissa Bell turned me on to this song....... so real! So makes me feel every word..... 👉🎼🎵🎼🏁💯⛓⛓🥂🍹🍸🌾⚘🌾🥀⚘🌹🌼🌺🥀🌱⚘🌾🌴

Cait M

Cait M . 1 week ago

Hello, my name is zoom out.

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