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Published on 5 years ago

The Late Show has become a bit nostalgic as host David Letterman nears his last show on May 20.

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Maurício Amaro

Maurício Amaro . 6 days ago

They are actually playing better!


plmoknty . 1 month ago

Still has it

Luis Fernando Carvalho

Luis Fernando Carvalho . 2 months ago

I can (never) get enough of #HootieAndTheBlowfish !!! =D

Johnny Kontant

Johnny Kontant . 2 months ago

Darius sounds fucking good

intelligence wisdom

intelligence wisdom . 3 months ago

Hootie was great.

Arkian Widi

Arkian Widi . 3 months ago

gosh. they still got it.

Rosemary Granat

Rosemary Granat . 6 months ago

Heading home I hope

Lynne Smith

Lynne Smith . 6 months ago


Albert Jonker

Albert Jonker . 7 months ago

Really miss them guys

Greg Hammond

Greg Hammond . 7 months ago

David Letterman is a big reason for Hootie and the Blowfish's success. He heard them on the radio before many knew who they were and called his booking agent and got them on the show. They instantly became successful after being on his show in 1994...


TheStapleGunKid . 8 months ago

Darius Rucker's voice has changed a bit after two decades, but other then that this seems pretty much on par with the original song.

John B

John B . 9 months ago

Called HR

Philip Pouponneau

Philip Pouponneau . 9 months ago

What a voice

Howell Arnold

Howell Arnold . 9 months ago

Darius Rucker, in my opinion, is one of the finest singers whom I've had the pleasure of listening to since I first became interested in music more than forty years ago. He is also a very, very good country music singer who has won a number of country music awards. I think that ol boy Hootie, can sing any genre of music that he puts his heart, mind and soul into.

Kim Denler

Kim Denler . 11 months ago

hootie will give me great memories in 1998 forever... Dam Hootie did you burn out? Why no more songs? h

Jarren Enriquez

Jarren Enriquez . 12 months ago

Darius Rucker is the man.

Belinda Reeves

Belinda Reeves . 12 months ago

I love darius more now than back in the 90's

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan . 12 months ago

I did not know Dierks Bently got a new gig.

Meg Reddington

Meg Reddington . 12 months ago

does anybody else want a carpool karaoke with them and James Corden?

Jason Kaplan

Jason Kaplan . 1 year ago

I can't wait to see them in concert next year. I can't believe they'll be releasing a new album and going on tour!!!


2enchant . 1 year ago

Never heard of these people. I hit the dislike button.

Will Bruijn

Will Bruijn . 1 year ago

faaaaark...........i love that song


SamBacon . 1 year ago

PC Principal

Sam Michaels

Sam Michaels . 1 year ago

It's awesome that THERE IS NO "HOOTIE" !!

Chief Kurtz

Chief Kurtz . 1 year ago

The organist playing with them, Peter Holsapple, has more musical and songwriting talent than all the members of this group combined. https://youtu.be/hfpli2VQtZU

rick shuster

rick shuster . 1 year ago

these guys are vampires....they dont age

Blade Runner

Blade Runner . 1 year ago

This got no AirPlay in the uk? What the....I love this! ✨😁👍


jackass123491 . 1 year ago

This is what I was listening to in elementary school. The nostalgia is real. I was closing my eyes this whole time while I was listening and it felt as if they had never separated. It also made me miss my childhood.

Larry Casteel

Larry Casteel . 1 year ago

I wonder if John Lennon wants to hold his hand.

Ariane M

Ariane M . 1 year ago

darn it, i miss these guys


pringlescan81 . 1 year ago

I like Darius but the only way I’m seeing him in concert is if he breaks out some Hootie. I like all of it so I’d take whatever.

Missy Armstrong

Missy Armstrong . 1 year ago

I love Darius!!!

Tommy D

Tommy D . 1 year ago

That song sucked back then and now it sucks even more today. Friggin awful!!!

Not Bill Gates

Not Bill Gates . 1 year ago


jack duffy

jack duffy . 1 year ago

They still eat a bag of dicks

Pete Ruth

Pete Ruth . 1 year ago

They never "broke up". They've played several shows or so a year for charity since they formed. Not sure why this video is called "reunited" unless they mean "haven't been on the Late Show"...

James Brady

James Brady . 1 year ago

I was wasted . . . and I was wastin' time . . .

John Jereb

John Jereb . 1 year ago

jesus the years have gone by so fast


JB P . 2 years ago

Holy Shit he sounds amazing, still. And the song holds up surprisingly well.

Tony Vasilofski

Tony Vasilofski . 2 years ago

This was a big hit back in day and still is! his voive is So powerful ..great band

Jeremy James

Jeremy James . 2 years ago

I didn't recognize Sonny... He has his shirt on that dastardly fella!


Oopss7 . 2 years ago

I'm sort of glad Rucker switched to country

Sandra Andrews

Sandra Andrews . 2 years ago

OMG 😱!! Just can't believe over 20 years ago they appeared on Letterman. Ok, a new Hootie & the Blowfish 🎤🎵 album 💿 is so long overdue!! #1990s

Winter Blue

Winter Blue . 2 years ago

Their first album titled, Cracked Rear View, is in my top 5 favorite albums of all time!!!!

John Doe

John Doe . 2 years ago

Silly name for a band yes, and live this sounds a bit under-powered compared to them on record, but the critical and popular backlash this band got was more than a bit unfair. Although later albums could get a bit hit and miss, Cracked Rear View sounded incredible then, and it still sounds incredible today. The hooks and song writing were great, and Darius's Rucker's voice is truly one of a kind. The hardest thing for HATB was progressing and growing from their basic sound - I accept they're no Radiohead or Arcade Fire, but their music was so much damn fun and enjoyment at times - something music snobs need to remember.

Ervmoy Gottacharya

Ervmoy Gottacharya . 2 years ago

The singer should just rap... or sing RnB

John Marsh

John Marsh . 2 years ago



MacKenzieMillar . 2 years ago

They still sound great

Ash Paladium

Ash Paladium . 2 years ago

Sounded better than ever.

Darin Campbell

Darin Campbell . 2 years ago

Of course it still sounds good!

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