Low carb shirataki noodles are one of the most contentious products on the market. Made from konjac flour, these noodles have a texture very similar to real pasta noodles. Today, we taste test three of the most popular brands, including the powerhouse lowcarb pasta called Miracle Noodles. Which brand won our taste test? Did we find any of the low carb shirataki noodles to be an acceptable substitute for actual pasta? Let's find out!



Miracle Noodles: http://amzn.to/2hbAEO6

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Comments :

Nakeya Thompson

Nakeya Thompson . 1 day ago

Shiritaki, Sorry for the voice text misspell

Nakeya Thompson

Nakeya Thompson . 1 day ago

OK so here's what I do with my share of talkie noodles: After I take them out of the bag, I rinse them off in a strainer real good over the sink. Then I Pan fry mine and I put butter in the Pan, I also add chicken bullion cubes. Just 1 usually is enough. After a Pan frying with chicken bullion cube, if I'm making an Italian dish, I add a little Italian seasoning. I really enjoy them. But as someone said before: " If you haven't had pasta in a very long time. And your low carb. Then these taste almost just like the real thing." 😊✌💋

Just Ol' Ed

Just Ol' Ed . 2 days ago

How about in a stir fry?

Jasmine Nezhad

Jasmine Nezhad . 3 days ago

I soak it in red vinegar for 3 mins and rinse a second time to remove the smell. The livivia brand is amazing and has no smell but a bit pricey.

Rhonda Duru

Rhonda Duru . 4 days ago

Great info maybe this can help also @t


blooboy70 . 1 week ago

Since this video was released, a brand of these noodles called Livinia have hit the market. I tried them at ketocon in Austin of 2019 directly opposite the miracle noodle table. The miracle noodle table was good, but the Livinia was far better. They are vacuum packed on the shelf near the pasta of many local stores like sprouts or Natural Grocer, They are not refrigerated. You do not have all the special cooking instructions other than rinse and then dry with a paper towel before cooking like regular noodles ready to go with the sauce. I’ve tried the spaghetti and the penne and they are both delicious. Hope this helps someone out there seeing this in 2019 :-). #laviniafoods

Mark Lopiccola

Mark Lopiccola . 1 week ago

Shirataki noodles are my noodle substitute of choice. They ARE pesky to prepare, but if your sauce is flavorful, you should not smell or taste "the fish". Thrive Market version are not so long, and easier to eat. Miracle Noodles seem like they are 10 feet long, and need to be cut. Here's a thought... Us them for seafood recipes!


1234 . 2 weeks ago

I just tried some of the Miracle noodles off of Amazon....... I actually REALLY enjoyed them! I can't really smell that well, so I didn't really smell much. I smelt a little fishy smell, but I personally have always liked fish and seaweed, though I don't eat fish anymore. I rinsed them, threw them in a skillet and they didn't stick to my cast iron on high!!!! I don't season my cast iron as much as I should so it was pretty surprising. I ate them with some jarred pasta sauce, and I gotta say it was good enougn for me! They are pretty much identical to ramen noodles IMO in texture. Here's the problem..... THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. I ate 2 packets no problem.... Imagine spending $4-$6 a day on these noodles. You can buy normal pasta for $1 and it will make a huge pot of pasta you would need like 8 of these packets to even come close.... So $1 vs like $10-$14..... I would gladly eat this every single day if they were cheaper.... If it was $1 a packet I would never eat normal pasta ever again. Here are my suggestions: Because you are saving so many calories with the pasta, I would add a hearty sauce. That way you can kinda filler it out. Or what I would do is lets say you are eating packet of ramen, but you are like me and you eat a lot. So add these noodles to your ramen to filler it out. Cause ramen is cheap but high calorie and these are expensive but no calorie.... So do 1 packet of ramen, and 1 packet of these. That's $3 which sucks but it's bearable. Plus that should be filling enough, to satisfy your hunger.... If these were cheaper my god my life would be so different. If these were cheap I would be so thin. It sucks man, I need to figure out how to get the price lower, maybe I can make them myself or something shit...


heritageofhastur . 2 weeks ago

This was a great video. You got me thinking about how one could make shirataki noodles at home. Yep, I stumbled on this one and it looks really interesting. If someone can't get over the store bought, maybe home made would work. https://youtu.be/64UiwRb3s-A


Suuegrl . 2 weeks ago

Never heard of them,not keto diet,just celiac.

Gale Monterio

Gale Monterio . 2 weeks ago

Not worth it to me .....stopped watching .....don’t need pasta that badly......

Josie Warren

Josie Warren . 2 weeks ago

Would you be willing to redo with using the Trim Healthy Mama - Trim Healthy Noodles?


Aurilash . 2 weeks ago

Just found this video! I currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and about a month ago used these noodles for the first time. To be more specific, I tried the "House Foods" tofu version of these noodles, as those were the only ones I found. I've used them for 2 soup recipes, Ramen and Chicken Noodle soup. (Should mentioned that I didn't fry them for either recipe...ooops!) In my experience, it was just fine with the ramen, The broth has so much flavour in it's own that the shirataki noodle didn't taste much of anything on it. For the Chicken Noodle, I did find more of an aftertaste, but since I love lime juice on my non-dairy soups, I just added a splash of lime juice and that did the trick for me. I have tried the shirataki noodle before, without knowing about them back in the day in a Japanese dish called Sunomono, and love them there!

Lysa Davis

Lysa Davis . 2 weeks ago

Wesley, I'd love for you to try Jackfruit! :)


bianconeri1993 . 2 weeks ago

KON-JAC good god calling it cognac was driving me fucking crazy


富岡忠宏 . 2 weeks ago

Shirataki is just regular Japanese food. I don't understand how they can be controversial. We eat them every winter in our "nabe" - a traditional winter food.


M J . 2 weeks ago

I have always liked these, made a spaghetti and Mac and cheese

La Silveira

La Silveira . 3 weeks ago

If you're Asian you'll eat anything 😋 I'm part and love them!

Terri L

Terri L . 3 weeks ago

Isn't lye poisonous?

Gwen Scott

Gwen Scott . 3 weeks ago

Konjac: 6 potential health benefits - Medical News Today https://www.medicalnewstoday.com › articles Nov 11, 2017 - Konjac is a plant that is used to make high-fiber dietary supplements, jellies, and flour. ... The konjac plant has a starchy root called a corm, which is high in a dietary fiber called glucomannan. ... Many of these benefits relate to the high content of glucomannan, the soluble dietary ...

The Real Tyler Wickett

The Real Tyler Wickett . 3 weeks ago

*It doesn't have a flavor...except for this weird pungent earthy flavor?*


FSO CS . 3 weeks ago

Hey Wes, I found I like Kelp noodles texture better than the Konjac & Miracle noodles. It's on par with the tofu noodles but doesn't need refrigeration. https://www.amazon.com/Gluten-Free-Kelp-Noodles-16-oz/dp/B006GWAC72?ref_=ast_bbp_dp&th=1&psc=1

Winner for Life

Winner for Life . 3 weeks ago

Great video,you crack me up lol


dialynn44 . 3 weeks ago

I did some research and found out that the noodles I was looking for in my comment below, are called CELLOPHANE NOODLES. I found out that they contain starch from potatoes, and other starches. SO, I did some more research, and found some you can buy online, that aren't Shirataki Noodles, but made from KONJAC plant, and has no net carbs, just 6 carbs from fiber. BUT, the guy making them said the individual plastic containers were 7.4 oz., and even though they WERE Keto friendly, they kind of smelled until he just rinsed the liquid off, and then heated them in a pan with Bertolli's Alfredo sauce on them. He said the texture was like a noodle that wasn't as soft as a thoroughly cooked one, and that with just rinsing them and heating them with the sauce, they tasted fine. And that was with just plain Alfredo sauce on them. He DID say in the ingredients there was: water, konjac root, soybean (non-GMO), and calcium hydroxide which is mineral lime water. So with NO NET CARBS, and being able to buy them online, maybe even Amazon.co...I think I am going to try some!....Sorry for all the confusing questions, but I am a NEWBIE at Keto, and in 1 month I have lost 52 pounds and a HECK of a lot of belly fat! I watch your channel ALL the time. Am saving recipes galore so I have a good list of foods to try without having to buy a cookbook or 30 of them that I never seem to use ;-) Maybe I should try my hand at actually MAKING HAND MADE NOODLES THAT ARE LOW CARB???????


dialynn44 . 3 weeks ago

I don't know IF these are the ones my sister-in-law uses. She's from Thailand and makes SPRING ROLLS, which are something like egg rolls. She uses these CELLOPHANE LIKE noodles that go inside the Spring Rolls. They come in dried form, and she just throws them in a colander and pours hot water over them, and POOF! They swell up into a big noodle like mass! But they are see-through! I thought THOSE were what you were making. She used to buy them in an ASIAN market...and they came in a somewhat large package. Does ANYONE know what THOSE are called, the technical name? I think those would be LOW CARB, too. And they are tasteless and odorless, and see through. I think ANY sauce would be good on those. She lines in Georgia right now with my brother, so I suppose I could email them, but they just refer to them as SEE THROUGH noodles!?!?!?! H-E-L-P???? Diana in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.....trying to collect a HUGE recipe source for ALL my cooking needs in the future. I'm a fairly new sub, so I am saving recipes like CRAZY!!! IYKWIM?????......

Kelly Dolan

Kelly Dolan . 4 weeks ago

I bet the pasta zero tastes much better as a lo main dish.


RG H . 4 weeks ago

I have bought Carbalose flour, is there any way to make pasta with this flour?

Kim McG.

Kim McG. . 4 weeks ago

I just rinse them really well, spray a nonstick pan with avocado spray, and fry them till the squeak... I add some sweet soy sauce to them and they are great!


CrewsMachine . 4 weeks ago

I can handle the smell. Is the a way to get rid of the rubbery mouth feel?

Charlene Simpson

Charlene Simpson . 1 month ago

Made pasta zero spaghetti according to other's instructions. Rinsed in cold water, place in bowl, add a tablespoon of lime or lemon juice.. mix well. Sit for about 2 minutes, rinse again, dry with a clean towel. Then dry more in an non oiled skillet. Stirring around with tongs, Several minutes then served with sauce.. texture was tough but not bad. 3 grams of carbs per serving plus 2g for sauce. Total 5 net.

Jay ParaOz

Jay ParaOz . 1 month ago

Plain ones are great Keto, with home made pesto, veg spiced up, broth soup and or meat it’s all yummy.

Rainbow Panda says

Rainbow Panda says . 1 month ago

Keto pasta here I come yeeeeeee ya !

Paquta Estrada

Paquta Estrada . 1 month ago

It seems like these would be better in a broth soup rather then heavy sauce

Edgardo Aguilar

Edgardo Aguilar . 1 month ago

I suppose the non-refrigerated brand won't spoil compared to the others, because it doesn't have added ingredients that are easily digestible or perishable. If the konjac flour just passes through our guts without getting digested (hence the zero calorie claim), then the organisms that normally thrive on foods and spoil them for us, probably can't digest konjac carbs too, and therefore won't thrive on konjac.

Angela Malinski

Angela Malinski . 1 month ago

I absolutely love watching your videos. I just started keto . High fat and low carbs which I can only have 17 carbs . And I find myself getting sick of the same types of foods. What’s a good tasting meal recipe.

miss bubu

miss bubu . 1 month ago

Can't listen to this, i gave up a little before half way.

Jill Penhorwood

Jill Penhorwood . 1 month ago

Here's my opinion on Shiritaki noodles as someone who lived in Asia for years. They work BEAUTIFULLY in many Asian dishes. They do NOT work well in italian or westernized-style dishes.

hanzo lo

hanzo lo . 1 month ago

You are so funny man, love watching your content


MRS . 1 month ago

Really wanted to watch this video. The sound is very muddled and there is a high pitched scream within the first 2 minutes of the video.

Fairouz Saad

Fairouz Saad . 2 months ago

Dry noodles are tasteless


Kyrilith . 2 months ago

18:22 this look says it all

D Dusz72

D Dusz72 . 2 months ago

I think the Orchid Brand is the best one I have tried.  And I have tried all of them on the market. Some of them is very "pond" smell.

Tranquility Travels

Tranquility Travels . 2 months ago

Great video Thanks

Keerthi Reddy

Keerthi Reddy . 2 months ago

This is not shipped to India . Please let me know website details for indian shipping

Chels Dee

Chels Dee . 2 months ago

You are adorable and I love u!!!

teddy 93

teddy 93 . 2 months ago

I’m eating this right now and I wish I watched this first. Lol. The directions didn’t mention putting em on a pan first. They are so rubbery right now. Oddly enough I like them? Lol but that may just be because I haven’t eaten all day.

Kelly Pendergraft

Kelly Pendergraft . 2 months ago

After the initial rinse, try hitting them with lemon juice and salt. This helps neutralize the flavor. Also, prep them a day before eating them with the flavors of the fish and let them sit overnight. This helps the flavors to get absorbed into the noodle.

Mark Lopiccola

Mark Lopiccola . 2 months ago

I like them myself. I'd like to find them in large lasagna size to make said meal. Thanks for this review.


SlingTrader . 2 months ago

I love the smell of Shirataki in the morning.


Joeislayf . 2 months ago

who also likes the fishy taste? or it's just me? lol

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