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North Dakota Oil Field Layoffs Confirmed / Bakken / RVT

Follow me on my cdl big rig 18 wheel big rig CDL commercial truck driving adventures across the southeastern United States

This channel is for new or experienced CDL 18 wheel truck drivers, and discusses all topics related to big rig truck driving:

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CDL DMV exams

CDL Medical exams

Sliding Tandems on an 18 Wheeler trailer

Sliding fifth wheel on a CDL big rig tractor

Handling winter driving conditions in an 18 wheeler

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Trip planning for a CDL truck driver

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Comments :


tripod7991 . 5 months ago

So I am in the Bakken right now out of Watford City,ND doing water hauling. Most of the trucking company's for months have been running compared to last year about 60-70%of work load for direct company drivers. And most owner op or sub hauler operations have been running about 30-50% compared to last year. I myself am a owner op but I am only getting approx 30-55 hours of billing time. Last year we were about 100-115 a week. So from someone from there on the ground right now it's rough. Additionally about 1/2 the drivers that were there last year are no longer there as most of the water hauling work is being piped out through massive pipeline installation project's. So in my opinion its slowing down hard but if you get on as a direct company driver to the major company's. You should make at least your 70 at minimum which will still be very profitable compared to OTR Driving. Additionally I know lots of company men and drivers all over the state it's pretty much everywhere that is feeling the burn out here. So just be cautious but it's still at the moment only the moment worth it so well see if it trends up. But a rumor right now is that Wyoming's oilfields are kicking up though i never looked into it myself personally. But I believe that it will be the case in the future but not at today's prices. Thanks guys if you need any further info just shoot me a message.

John Hendrick

John Hendrick . 3 months ago

CIG was paying $85k then cut it back to $60k plus .45 per loaded mile. I was with them in Loving NM when they did the pay cut. I was just in West Texas and things were looking slow. Lots of trucks sitting up around Kermit.

Emmanuel Chibale

Emmanuel Chibale . 3 months ago

Way off the video topic

Nathan Taylor

Nathan Taylor . 4 months ago

The USA is experiencing the early stages of our normal recession cycle. It's probably going to hit fully in 2020; hopefully it won't be a long duration as in 2007/2008. Everyone who has a high credit activity versus a high money reserve is probably going to lose everything and the high money reserve people are going to be okay...

Keith Fine

Keith Fine . 5 months ago

First time in 28 years I’ve ever heard it called a “bull guard” . I’ve only known them as “Herd bumpers” or “ moose bumpers” . My truck has. “Herd bumper” I put it on 10 years ago and it’s saved my front end dozens of times and paid for itself many times over.

Rob Clark

Rob Clark . 5 months ago

I mean only hustlers like RVT can still make money, all the dreamers of a pot of gold better think long n hard! Good Day Sir!

Rob Clark

Rob Clark . 5 months ago

To all the uniformed, does anyone follow the stock market? The oil field companies are 1/10 of what they were 5-10 years ago. The boom has long passed. Go watch the movie vice will explain a lot with how that time period and fracking created the boom. Safe Travels RVT!


731Loadmaster . 5 months ago

My company is still hiring. I'm making more money now, than 6 months ago. Dispatchers take care of those that work hard.

Paul Deknikker

Paul Deknikker . 5 months ago

KW, is looking good. she's a pretty little thing....

Paul Deknikker

Paul Deknikker . 5 months ago

haulin' and howlin' that's you brother

Emily Kingsleigh

Emily Kingsleigh . 5 months ago

Pocono Rudy

Pocono Rudy . 5 months ago

nepa is doing good on the water side but rumors are out there about a slowdown

Mohamed Sadik محمد

Mohamed Sadik محمد . 5 months ago

Thanks man


baghdadbob121 . 5 months ago

$55/barrel companies are profitable at this level. Think politics and the never Trumpers and leftist scum democrats talking down the economy. Drilling here in Colorado is good plenty of water and oil hauling jobs. Sand is iffy... even they are hiring

Tex Barkley

Tex Barkley . 5 months ago

Bubba Nessbaum On his way 😁😁😁

Mo Miles

Mo Miles . 5 months ago

I think the old fable is about a crab and a turtle. I used to date a Hawaiian girl that had the story tattooed down her side.

Jody Cox

Jody Cox . 5 months ago

Your audio is awful

Matty P

Matty P . 5 months ago

Yo RVT Nice ride 😎👍💪🔨⬇️


J T . 5 months ago

I’m out here in North Dakota hauling water and the company I’m with is hiring like crazy. Haven’t seen anything slowing down yet. Maybe it’s the oil or sand side but so far hauling water is always busy.

Pickaxe OG

Pickaxe OG . 5 months ago

I'm in the bakken. its true, veryy slow right now. it's been that way for the last 3-4 weeks, some companies seem to have work and others don't.

Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards . 5 months ago

I got to FL just in time to get ready for the hurricane. I'm heading back out probably right after it passes.

Rick Tompson

Rick Tompson . 5 months ago


Nautico Chavez

Nautico Chavez . 5 months ago

Thank you for all the info.

James Phelps

James Phelps . 5 months ago

CIG logistics has a big yard right outside Odessa. They always seem to be running.

America's Finest Backhoe,Inc.

America's Finest Backhoe,Inc. . 5 months ago

Nice truck Captain Semper Fi

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