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Vocal Coach Reacts to Selena Gomez - Lose you to love me

Tara Simon Studios

Tara Simon Studios

Published on 1 month ago

Hello Tarabyte’s,
I’m excited to present to you my latest reaction!
I hope you enjoy it :)
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Original Video: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/zlJDTxahav0
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-Tara Simon

Comments :

Jules S C

Jules S C . 2 days ago

For the life of me I can't understand why vocal coaches react to music that is recorded in a studio with every tool needed to make anyone sound good.

Lakshmi s

Lakshmi s . 4 days ago

Please react to any song on lover by taylor swift . Btw love your videos ♥️♥️

betty morena

betty morena . 2 weeks ago

spitzenmässig 😍😎 😘

Maëva Vappens

Maëva Vappens . 2 weeks ago

Merci ❤️

Chloe R

Chloe R . 2 weeks ago

React to little mix💗


D-Boy . 2 weeks ago

Please react to 4th impact's cover of "Lose you to Love me" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Gu30yYbovw This song has great meaning to Irene and Almira who both broke up with their loves this year. It is a faithful rendition to Selena's original song. Even tears shed in this song.

Nicole Betancourt

Nicole Betancourt . 2 weeks ago

You are looking iconic mammm!!!! <3


OUT IN . 2 weeks ago

What a beautiful lyrics

William Homer

William Homer . 2 weeks ago

So you think the song was well written ... I agree. And actually, the first song that Selena Gomez has sung that I liked hearing.

Johanz Placer

Johanz Placer . 2 weeks ago


Feigh Cyrelle

Feigh Cyrelle . 2 weeks ago

Please react to Taylor Swift live cover of "Can't Stop Loving You" on BBC1 Live Lounge

Cain Butcher

Cain Butcher . 2 weeks ago

Please react to Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson more often

James Lawrence

James Lawrence . 2 weeks ago

This song describes half of the relationships in the world

Irene Woods

Irene Woods . 2 weeks ago

Can you please react to faouzia this mountain acoustic

Kapi NM

Kapi NM . 2 weeks ago

I like the way You express yourself!Great job You are doing here.


jaydel3 . 2 weeks ago

There wasn't really any real comments about the vocal delivery other than it was simple and that the song/video/lyrics were catchy.

Bernice Cheung

Bernice Cheung . 3 weeks ago

Miss Tara, please react to Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams Grammy Museum!!!!!


katlady5000 . 3 weeks ago

Vocal acrobatics would have taken away from the honest emotion of this song. I agree this is a beautifully written song.

Saiful sKiNo the Beatmaker Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B

Saiful sKiNo the Beatmaker Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B . 3 weeks ago

i'd love if you review some of JoJo's songs...

sweet muse

sweet muse . 3 weeks ago

It would be better if you reacted on this one - not a studio song but rather a live performance just like the other singers you reacted on.


W0rdsmiff . 3 weeks ago

I like it too, Tara! There's something operatic about it, like a libretto. This is impressive to me for all the reasons you mentioned, and then some. I never expect to be blown away by Selena Gomez either, but she did that. This was awesome.

rakel fogaca

rakel fogaca . 3 weeks ago

I Love her

Brian Berden

Brian Berden . 3 weeks ago

Please, please, PLEASE react to Lady Antebellum/Halsey cover at the CMAs: “What if I never get over you”/“graveyard”

Carolina V

Carolina V . 3 weeks ago

Please, listen « La Incondicional » of Luis Miguel, ( the latinoamerican Frank Sinatra) you wont regret!

Essi Salmensaari

Essi Salmensaari . 3 weeks ago

I love this song and I am so happy you reacted to it! I think you would really like Louis Tomlinson - two of us! It is medolically but especially lyrically wonderful!!


photonspark . 3 weeks ago

Hi Tara, can you please start a "blast from the past" review section? Annie Lennox from Eurythmics is an awesome, powerful vocalist: (and fantastic pop songwriting!) There Must Be An Angel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCdneDxFRYQ Here Comes The Rain Again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzFnYcIqj6I Sweet Dreams (their US hit, which they wrote, since covered many times) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeMFqkcPYcg

kkk zet

kkk zet . 4 weeks ago

Chidish writing...she has already broke up with justin...she announced with this song that justin was cheating on her....why did she do that...now how will justin show to the public especially to the girls.....she did not love justin it is just using him.....everybody can see....vocal coach should also know about this ...i don't think..she is also just making popularity.....

Alexus Giamona

Alexus Giamona . 4 weeks ago

She came back ready to kill it !

Melanie Brainerd

Melanie Brainerd . 4 weeks ago

I get tired of vocal acrobatics sometimes. Too much emphasis is on it these days. She has great musicality and instinct in this. I like it a lot.

Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez . 4 weeks ago

You can connect with her. To connect through your talent is awesome. I’m not a fan fan of anyone period. I’m a fan of being able to connect. I’m not a blind fan.

Daniel Gabriel

Daniel Gabriel . 4 weeks ago

Please react to mamamoo

Khristopher U

Khristopher U . 4 weeks ago

Hello! Could you please (pleease) react to Michael Korte´s Hercules Muses Medley? they are just incredible singers doing Disney with a twist. Greetings from Venezuela!

Alex Charette

Alex Charette . 4 weeks ago

Wasn’t this video also shot in its entirely with the iPhone 11 Pro triple camera?

Kimberly Innis

Kimberly Innis . 4 weeks ago

Please do a react to somebody you use to love

Tivkaa Mary

Tivkaa Mary . 4 weeks ago


sheetal bhati

sheetal bhati . 4 weeks ago

Most geniune reaction I've ever seen....❤️


lartoza1983 . 4 weeks ago

Please react to morisette Amon bohemian raphsody you’re the queen entitled to give the best pointers to it..thank you


EBUFI . 4 weeks ago

In a confessionary

siphokazi nkosi

siphokazi nkosi . 4 weeks ago

Hey Tara ! Please react the 'Stand up' performed by Cynthia Erivo xx


Sweetcaroline145 . 4 weeks ago

The father my son and the Holy Ghost by Craig Morgan pretty please

DeAndre Matthews

DeAndre Matthews . 4 weeks ago

You should react to KeKe Wyatt again. I would like to hear your opinion on this video. https://youtu.be/EoJvrmt8v7Y

Angel Cakes

Angel Cakes . 4 weeks ago

i noticed you haven't really reacted to any pieces for the operatic genre. I was a former vocal coach and you actually make me miss it soo much. anyway i was scouring to internet and found this beauty that i would love to see you reaction to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHp4LLnlKIg

trash panda commander

trash panda commander . 4 weeks ago

Great review as always Tara! Could you please react to anything by Natalie Weiss? She is also a vocal coach and a Broadway performer, and I think has one of the most underrated voices, she is amazing! It would be interesting to see your critique of her technique x


KyleEverett . 4 weeks ago

This is a studio performance, but you might enjoy the latest video the producers of Dear Evan Hansen put out. It's a quartet version of "For Forever" with the 4 current leads of the 4 various companies of the show. Some insane harmonies and showing how different singers put their own stamp on the same character. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2D_lNXxooU

King Kolbae

King Kolbae . 4 weeks ago



MrsAngiea . 4 weeks ago

Can you please react to jordin sparks she use to be mine

Garrett Fuhrmann

Garrett Fuhrmann . 4 weeks ago

Can you react to Camila Cabello's Saturday Night Live performances of 'Liar' and 'Cry for Me' please!!!


NightHunter571 . 4 weeks ago

React to something from Caleb hyles or Jonathan young. I would love your take on calebs red like roses.

jairus keith

jairus keith . 4 weeks ago

You should react to walk off the Earth -I'll be there


steve3528 . 4 weeks ago

React to Adam lambert (believe) tribute to Cher.

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