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Daily Green Smoothie to Help Lower Cholesterol

Catalina Paola

Catalina Paola

Published on 6 years ago

Hey Everyone. Here I share with you my daily Green Juice that I am currently taking to lower my cholesterol. There are many ways to make this green juice. I hope you enjoy this video and like health type videos like these. If you have any great ideas on how to lower cholesterol please feel free to share.
I hope everyone is saying healthy and happy. May your day be filled with many happy blessings and great opportunities. I thank you for watching and appreciate you all.

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Comments :

K Deepika

K Deepika . 2 weeks ago

Super sister I will try

Victor Marquez

Victor Marquez . 2 months ago

Do you know pine apple spikes up triglycerides which effects the cholesterol so you might want to keep track of your triglycerides to

Patra K

Patra K . 2 months ago

I can’t do kale, only spinach.

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 2 months ago

I have been utilizing this cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for high cholesterol level. For a few months have went by currently, I have regularly employing guidebook to lower my cholesterol level. I can not consider Stalin because of sight problems. I am anticipating in getting positive results on this therapy. .


mydoc4000 . 3 months ago

I got a challenge right from my personal Dr to have my cholesterol drop to below 200 if not he wanted me to use a statin. No way did I want some other drugs to have. For that reason I started out making use of this cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). To my shock, it truly gets results. It’s lowered to 200. This is certainly all without that bad fishy taste with other pills. .

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 3 months ago

It really is my own aim to lower the bad cholesterol level and also improve the great ones. I attained my own intention as a result of this specific cholesterol solution “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . I have applied it for several weeks now and also my cholesterol level has improved. It’s helping with this nevertheless i will point out my strength and optimistic mind has increase. .


elviraknoll . 3 months ago

I primarily secured this extraordinary cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) to assist reduce the "bad" cholesterol and also increase my "good" cholesterol. I am unsure if this is performed like this way. Ever since I have not tested it which means that I do not know if this one is effective. Therefore i`m very energized for a month to come so I can have my cholesterol analyzed. Based on all the things I have read through, this should really help. .


LabwaMiau . 3 months ago

I obtained this unique cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for my own Daddy and also he has better cholesterol readings and lower blood pressure readings. The item is unquestionably recommendable. Compared to several other treatment options, this one provided him much better readings on his cholesterol level and have no plans of replacing this therapy tutorial. .

Margaret Wood

Margaret Wood . 3 months ago

Reasonably priced and also high quality cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). I began to use this adhering to my personal physician`s tips to reduce my blood cholesterol level. I took it for more than 2 weeks. NO doubt, this helps quite a lot! I sensed much less agony and also had become a lot more dynamic daily! The results of my check-ups showed that I am getting better. .

Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 5 months ago

I have already been using this extraordinary cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for high cholesterol level. Have been utilizing it for around couple weeks and also have observed my Cholesterol numbers reduced more than enough that I usually do not argue with my own Health care professional. any longer. I can not take Stalin as a result of sight results. I expect my upcoming bloodword check-up. .

Berniece Briggs

Berniece Briggs . 5 months ago

I started to acquire this particular cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). Specifically, I commenced utilizing it in order to reduce my cholesterol level at the recommendations of my very own MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL . I had taken a single caplet each and every day for two months just before I got my check-ups. My cholesterol level lessened 30 points. I will go on using this product and as well propose it to my family members. .


LabwaMiau . 5 months ago

I had a big challenge right from my personal Dr to have my cholesterol level decrease to under 200 or else he preferred me to use a statin. But I decided to have another medication to take. And attempted utilizing this particular cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . To my surprise, it works. It’s decreased to 200. I have prevented the flavour of medications which are unwanted. .

Tyshawn Cortez

Tyshawn Cortez . 6 months ago

For my high cholesterol level, I`ve been applying this particular cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . Have been applying it for approximately quite a few weeks and have seen my Cholesterol numbers reduced more than enough that I usually do not fight with my own Physician. any longer. I cannot consider Stalin due to sight problems. I expect the next blood test. .

Jan Andy

Jan Andy . 6 months ago

I acquired this amazing cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for my own Papa and he`s got far better cholesterol readings and also lower blood pressure readings. This is exactly a high-quality remedy, he tried using various treatment plans although this unique one gave him a great deal better cholesterol level and glucose numbers, he’ll follow them from now on. .


sheru4444 . 10 months ago

You are cute

Junior Say No More

Junior Say No More . 1 year ago

Thanks beautiful am going to make 1 too I appreciate

Julieta Delacruz

Julieta Delacruz . 1 year ago

Can you make more juices for lowering the cholesterol , thanks a lot

Rita Gaston

Rita Gaston . 1 year ago

Common guys ...go you really need to show us how to cut celery....we all went to at least HS


MC Mj . 1 year ago

The hot smoothie girl

Hanna Beata

Hanna Beata . 1 year ago

Thank you.


DS . 2 years ago

Great detailed video but you show no evidence that your cholesterol or anybody's cholesterol went down with this


DS . 2 years ago

Gosh Maybe I'm Wrong maybe you do need to buy a new unit. You remind me of my wife who cuts things into small pieces. :)

Giselle Escamilla

Giselle Escamilla . 3 years ago

does this really work

Ed Moran

Ed Moran . 3 years ago

Cool do you have an insta page to follow your recipes?

Fibro Disney Canadian Girl

Fibro Disney Canadian Girl . 3 years ago

Thank u for this I have high cholesterol right I am going to do this! Can u please make more recipes for lower cholesterol please? What's the green stuff? How many time a day do u drink that?

jeet sangha

jeet sangha . 3 years ago

Beet roots are great for lowering cholesterol so may be you can add them too

Gerry Gold

Gerry Gold . 3 years ago

Did your cholesterol come down ???


MELAKA . 4 years ago


Chef Santiago

Chef Santiago . 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing!! Yes it's a smoothie but it is good. I added honey to mine. Peace and Love

MarKo M.Herrera

MarKo M.Herrera . 4 years ago

Great I gonna try one, looks delicious, healthy!!

clemente miranda

clemente miranda . 4 years ago


Bruno Desousa

Bruno Desousa . 4 years ago

its called pulp like

Pratikshya Sth

Pratikshya Sth . 4 years ago


G. B.

G. B. . 4 years ago

Well the good thing about doing it like that is that you have all the fibers, but yes this will be outstanding to lower your cholesterol


pattysan99ps . 4 years ago

Looks delish!  Thanks for the demo and the information. I will try this to lower my cholesterol as well.

bruce martin

bruce martin . 4 years ago

thanks for the lesson

Oscar Gasalatan

Oscar Gasalatan . 4 years ago

Catalina Paola, thanks for this video it is really a good idea, i don't need medicine i just do what you did. Thanks once again.


Sajani . 5 years ago

Hi, great video. How much of the ingredients do I use. measurement? And is there an ingredient that is better and I should use more of to lower cholesterol? Thanks!

mohammed nassir

mohammed nassir . 5 years ago

thanks for your advice , how about adding sunflower seeds also ! theyre great for lowering cholestrol .

Stephanie Hannon

Stephanie Hannon . 5 years ago

Thank you for this video. I'm definitely going to try this out.

Eva K

Eva K . 5 years ago

It's actually not a juice but a smoothie because you didn't juice any of your fruit or veggies.

sunil sai

sunil sai . 5 years ago

Excellent video! I was having 260 cholesterol and my daughters were very worried. My friend suggested me to use "cholesterol" mobile app which motivated and helped me to have good foods. Within 1 month, my cholesterol reduced to 220 now and my family is happy! Thank you

Binda Kanayalkar

Binda Kanayalkar . 5 years ago

Catalina, really great and easy to make, will surely try it out. thanks

jessica Scanlan

jessica Scanlan . 5 years ago

If you can afford one vitamix is the best to blend with

Motushi Ahmed

Motushi Ahmed . 5 years ago

Hey! I really enjoyed this video :) I will be making this soon. Just wondering though what would you suggest to use a replacement for pineapple? 

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