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I tried IU’s diet for a week (K-pop idol diet)

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Published on 2 years ago

This was really fun to try out! I didn’t expect to lose so much weight in only a week. I did workout and exercise almost everyday to get a better result!

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samruddhi sharma

samruddhi sharma . 8 hours ago

Wait, I am not allowed to take protein shakes according to my parents, so can I get any substitute for it??

The ledJINdary Master

The ledJINdary Master . 12 hours ago

I like this video better because one: her starting weight is something above 50kg, most people that I see do this are like 47kg Two: she switches up how she eats her sweet potato, most people complain how they eat it Cause they only eat it cooked in the microwave

Yasmin Idris

Yasmin Idris . 1 day ago

I was start diet last week on monday and I lost 5kg in a week . 92.6kg-87.9kg with height 169cm , more weight to loss 😂😍 wish me luckkkk


Fairy-Gutz . 2 days ago

Im gonna try this for a week lol

Swati Ratna

Swati Ratna . 3 days ago

What protein shake is that

karmen skempari

karmen skempari . 3 days ago

In my opinion you should start your day with a protein shake and have for dinner the apple. The protein shake will give you everything you need to start the day and it is more healthier.

Putri Aneessa

Putri Aneessa . 4 days ago

My mom : omg my daughter was so small how could you get this big? I remember that you was so skinny! Also my mom : aiya EAT MORE EAT MORE. You still so young meh. Me : i’m trying to diet here, last time you said that IM BIGGER. My mom : oh i said that eh? Ah forget then ah girl, EAT MORE! Also my mom infront of her friends : Aiyaaa my girl got so big she eat MORE and MORE everyday. So chubby but your daughters are all skinny barbies! ME : WHAT THE HECK MOM! XHAJDHSSSSSSSSSSSDD you SAID- MY MOM : dont need to raise voice to me lah, you ANAK DERHAKA! Me : 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

Maniac _15

Maniac _15 . 4 days ago

Sometimes I feel like I want to make friends in comment section because they can feel the same way I do feel.

Pumkin puffin

Pumkin puffin . 5 days ago

I don't understand how can you have the strengh to that i mean you Mist have been hungry for most of the time wow

Meera Naingue

Meera Naingue . 5 days ago

I agree that this is not healthy at all. You should reverse the cycle, what do I mean by "cycle"? You should eat more breakfast to get energized for the rest of the day. Then for lunch, you should eat slightly less than the portion you had for breakfast and for dinner, it is acceptable to eat an apple. It would also help if you drink water first thing in the morning and would only eat after 30 minutes because it awakens our internal organs and also our metabolism. For Filipinos, it would also be helpful to measure your rice intake. (Sorry for my terrible grammar lmao)

sanskruti barot

sanskruti barot . 5 days ago

PRO TIP Make an Instagram folder with pics of people with perfect bodies in stylish clothes, when hunger pangs hit and you feel weak go through your thinspo folder. Also just drink water when hungry.


stnpid . 6 days ago

How many calories is the sweet potato you’ve been eating? Please help a girl out haha.

I'am Army

I'am Army . 1 week ago

My weight : 40 kg Day 1 : 40 kg Day 2 : 39 kg Day 3 : 39 kg Day 4: 38 kg Day 5 : 37 kg I'm Big and too skinny

It's A K

It's A K . 1 week ago

wow...i wanna try this diet.....

-*Howling Heart*-

-*Howling Heart*- . 1 week ago

**watches this while eating deep fried chicken**

Abi Varshini

Abi Varshini . 1 week ago

I love how straightforward this is


sopota . 2 weeks ago

What can I use instead of protein shake

Cultured Sour cream

Cultured Sour cream . 2 weeks ago

Ok but why did the food look so good

Moe Htat Myint Mo

Moe Htat Myint Mo . 2 weeks ago

Can I just eat potato instead of sweet potato

Esther Sillage

Esther Sillage . 2 weeks ago

It's so fucking harmful to promote this. THIS IS NOT A HEALTHY OR SUSTAINABLE DIET.


Hani . 2 weeks ago

what can I replace the protein shake with?

hdojdovkxosiaj yhzisoi

hdojdovkxosiaj yhzisoi . 3 weeks ago

sweet potatoes are so delicious idk why but I dont see this as a bad diet i will try to do this

Midnight Noona

Midnight Noona . 3 weeks ago

Bruh. I bet IU be starving. Wtf. Girl. EAT.


peachyseokjin . 3 weeks ago

nobody: no one at all: not even me at 4am complaining why i din’t get enough sleep: iu’s diet: SWEET POTATO *SWEET POTATO*

iconic army

iconic army . 3 weeks ago

This is impossible for me as a person living in an arab household 🥺

Bitch Please

Bitch Please . 3 weeks ago

I'm extremely skinny, yet my mum tells me to eat less junk food. Then I eat less of my dinner because I want to loose weight and oh, eat more eat more. You can literally see my ribs lmao.


Justin . 3 weeks ago

How large are the apples and sweet potatoes there? Like that's a bowl and plate full of them.

Marina Cupcake

Marina Cupcake . 3 weeks ago

All diets ofc include healthy stuff to eat but at least you eat like a human. You eat for lunch chicken, fish and also to inform you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can't just eat an apple.

Marina Cupcake

Marina Cupcake . 3 weeks ago

Like what diet says to eat everyday the same food for lunch? A sweet potato.

Marina Cupcake

Marina Cupcake . 3 weeks ago

I am sorry to say but this isn't a diet. It's a way to get anorexia. Thanks


爱可 . 3 weeks ago

me: mom i'm gonna have apples for breakfast from today. mom: okay also mom: *serves apples with rice* *┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻*

Alise Brikmane

Alise Brikmane . 3 weeks ago

I am 13 y. o. and I am 5'5 and 70 kg.😞 For real I don't have any extra fat on my body or stretch marks but I have so much muscles on my both legs and arms. My stomach is the thinnest by the way but I hate the fact I have muscular legs! 😕😢😞💔And I know that muscle weighs more than fat..... But my classmates and friends don't think I look like I am 70 kg. Can someone please maybe give me some advice on how to lose muscles or how to get them a bit smaller?

Ryza Denise

Ryza Denise . 3 weeks ago

What does protein shake taste like?

Celine Alfarra

Celine Alfarra . 3 weeks ago

I’m 56 kg and I look fat

aloha alia

aloha alia . 3 weeks ago

the problem is, I hate sweet potato! does anyone know a good replacement for it? thank you

Asia Spaziani

Asia Spaziani . 4 weeks ago

Ma così fai la fame. Non serve a niente. Colazione una mela, pranzo una patata dolce e a cena bevi. Ma con cosa ti sostieni? Tutto questo per perdere 3 kili in 7 giorni. Mi rappresenta di più se fai digiuno 2 giorni e poi basta.

Hanieh Mousavi

Hanieh Mousavi . 4 weeks ago

Please tell me your app for edit video and text on video

Sorarshni Pillay

Sorarshni Pillay . 4 weeks ago

You can see her belly went in a bit. That's really awesome. Really wanna try this


Itsmehoney . 4 weeks ago

Where did you buy the protein powder?


Itsmehoney . 4 weeks ago

Can you buy protein powder in the bigger shops?

N e l l

N e l l . 4 weeks ago

Guys this is a temporary diet meant to reduce water weight or bloating, it’s more like some fast or cleansing. Not a long term diet. Do not do this, your body will go into survival mode and preserve as much as it can because you’re literally starving yourself. Once you eat normally you will gain back more weight. You will also burn muscle to which isn’t good because muscle burns fat. Without as much muscle it’ll be more difficult to burn the fat. It’s all about balancing out your diet.

K-POP GACHA!!!!!!!!!!

K-POP GACHA!!!!!!!!!! . 4 weeks ago

I weigh 45.9 and I'm not in my 20s yet!!!

Mary Frances Acosta

Mary Frances Acosta . 4 weeks ago

maybe tap water really helps :P

Cheryl Lee

Cheryl Lee . 4 weeks ago

She must really like sweet potatoes haha

Nhi Nguyen

Nhi Nguyen . 1 month ago


ღ šƏŕËņÎţÝ ღ

ღ šƏŕËņÎţÝ ღ . 1 month ago

This diet is trash lmao

Cindy Taylor

Cindy Taylor . 1 month ago

I am on you Tube Slim-Fast diet Cindy Taylor

Marta Luhaäär

Marta Luhaäär . 1 month ago

Imagine having to work out 12 hours a day on that food

nomomo shitoki

nomomo shitoki . 1 month ago

Yep I did it now but I don't have have any protein shake but she's sweet potatoes are look so big in Sri Lanka sweet potatoes are not that much big so but I eat only one yeah that's it I hope my weight loss for this IU diet please God help me

romy Kühlmann

romy Kühlmann . 1 month ago

Yes but when you start to eat normal again, you will get the jojo efekt.

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