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Tara's Keto Kitchen

Published on 2 years ago

You can master making these keto nacho chips just in time for Cinco De Mayo! This video features my husband as he demonstrates his methods for making perfect keto tortilla chips every time. This keto recipe began as the fathead dough -- we changed one thing at a time for dozens (there were at least 30 trials) of batch's of these keto chips. The final keto tortilla chip recipe is packed full of flavor, crunch and gives your taste buds total satisfaction!

Get the printable Keto Nacho Chip recipe here: 🔗https://wholebodyliving.com/keto-tortilla-chips/

Things You will need to make Keto Tortilla Chips:

🍴Blanched Superfine Almond Flour https://amzn.to/2Jp7AiM

🍴Himalayan Salt https://amzn.to/2JpkNbh

🍴Baking Sheets by Nordic Ware https://amzn.to/2JtI38m

🍴Coconut Oil Spray https://amzn.to/2HqJAiN

🍴Parchment paper by Kirkland https://amzn.to/2JnjQAw

🍴 Wooden Rolling Pin https://amzn.to/2HtgxqV

🍴Pyrex Blue Glass Mixing Bowls with Lids https://amzn.to/2HZlwRf

🍴Pizza Cutter by Cangshan https://amzn.to/2HwXICU

Get more details on the blog post linked above! If you're wondering if you can substitute coconut flour for this keto tortilla chip recipe-- the answer is no. We weren't successful with a 100% coconut flour recipe. But, we haven't given up yet.

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Comments :

James & Shirley Johnson-Brown

James & Shirley Johnson-Brown . 1 month ago

2628 cal ?? Wow.

Aleera DoBlah

Aleera DoBlah . 2 months ago

Omg this is amazing can't wait to try.. What about storage?? And how long they last??


KCCAT5 . 2 months ago

Needs a corn flavoring to be truly tortilla. I would like to try this with that corn flavoring that everyone's raving about that's about $30 a bottle😐


rob . 2 months ago

Just get a low carb tortilla. Triangle it up. Little salt and whatever else you want...ranch dry seasoning is good. Little olive oil. Put them in oven on convection or air fryer. Way better with wayyyy less calories than all these fathead dough stuff.

vanessa L since 01

vanessa L since 01 . 3 months ago

Soooo like how much mozzarella and does it matter what type of cheese is used

Autumn Stevens

Autumn Stevens . 3 months ago

Almond flour tastes terrible in bread or crackers!

Brooklyn Dreamz

Brooklyn Dreamz . 3 months ago

I went to the store brought low carb tortilla wraps cut them in triangles sprinkled them with olive oil a dash of salt baked them and they came out great!! 😋

Chris Bidegain

Chris Bidegain . 3 months ago

Why cant we just cut the dough in triangles to begin with

Brenda Rand

Brenda Rand . 3 months ago

I guess they can't be stored in the cabinet or the fridge, so eat em up

Misty Arendt

Misty Arendt . 4 months ago

I skipped the parchment & rolled straight onto a baking stone. I rolled them super thin. Baked them 5 minutes. Made my cuts. Baked 5 more minutes & they were perfect! Best Keto nacho/tortilla chip recipe EVER!!! Thank you so very much! I live queso so today I'm bringing my own chips!!!

Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack . 4 months ago

way to much work


Gideon . 4 months ago

What does the white wine vinegar do?

Jason Harms

Jason Harms . 4 months ago

What's the point of making these if you don't know the macros? Please start including macro count in your videos. Thanks.

Alyssa Stevens

Alyssa Stevens . 4 months ago

Or just use potato chips.....

Skinny Louisiana

Skinny Louisiana . 4 months ago

Love this video! It gets straight to the point! I can't wait to try this for my own!!!

California Hwy 1

California Hwy 1 . 4 months ago

Instantly subbed✔

Jonnie Hickson

Jonnie Hickson . 4 months ago

Why do people have to complain. It's a substitute. A more healthier one. She's sharing her ideal. Instead of complaining bring something different to the table. If it taste like eggs add different spices. It's called being creative.💯✌🏿🙄


Tami . 5 months ago

These aren’t tortillas

Darlene Achille

Darlene Achille . 5 months ago

Im looking for healthier alternative like a crazy, thankyou so much!!!❤😁🙏

Juliana Roh

Juliana Roh . 5 months ago

That's not enough nachos lol.


TheSusybet . 5 months ago

Cuáles son los ingredientes?

Alyssa Breanna

Alyssa Breanna . 5 months ago

oooh i really want to make these tonight! can i substitute the white wine vinegar for plain white or apple cider vinegar?


QZahmis . 5 months ago

These are delish! Have to be careful when putting in the eggs with the warm cheese so they don't scramble.... i bumped up the flavor with garlic powder, onion powder and Old Bay... OFF THE CHAIN!! i too miss nachos... omg... You've saved me... #KETO

Parna Banerjee

Parna Banerjee . 6 months ago

Thank u a lot for this video.... Now no more craving for packaged potato chips....☺

cassie carter

cassie carter . 6 months ago

Can u make I without the whote wone vinegar

mike androne

mike androne . 6 months ago

Thank you for your videos, recipes and the information.👍👍👍👍👍

Penelope Athena Alexandrescu

Penelope Athena Alexandrescu . 7 months ago

I am interested with the music as much as the recipe. Can anyone please tell me the title? Thank you!

Veronica Servin

Veronica Servin . 7 months ago

I luv chips and gained weight so I’m back keto diet again, thanks for the recipe.


Disabler . 7 months ago

Keto tortilla, keto pizza, keto hamburger. Making our keto look like stuff we can't eat isn't gonna help us. We are playing with fire..

Sir Nuggets

Sir Nuggets . 8 months ago

I wonder if I can modify this recipe to make fried tortillas for chalupas.

cristian alfaro

cristian alfaro . 8 months ago

love it

Funky String Art

Funky String Art . 8 months ago

Amazing! Thank you for a recipe that bears a resemblance to bread. I can use it for pizza bases. Loved how easy it was to roll out.

Karine M

Karine M . 9 months ago

Can you tell us what your cream cheese is called in Europe? It looks like Fromage frais. What they sell as cream cheese here is those triangular things made by Kraft.

Hi Its Kris

Hi Its Kris . 9 months ago

it says 68 g carbs and 121 protein and 14 g sugar sounds very high to me for keto?

Bets B

Bets B . 10 months ago

So disappointed with how these turned out. The flavour was minimal, and the quantity was huge. A very expensive mistake, considering the cost of almond flour and mozzarella cheese.

Bets B

Bets B . 10 months ago

So disappointed with how these turned out. The flavour was minimal, and the quantity was huge. A very expensive mistake, considering the cost of almond flour and mozzarella cheese.


Tanvi . 10 months ago

Is it possible to substitute the eggs?

Darren Brooks

Darren Brooks . 10 months ago

Tara you have very muscular hands. 😂 Thanks for the recipe.


BigDaddyMac . 10 months ago

These look awesome 😁

12: :47

12: :47 . 10 months ago

Tasted like eggs

Joseph Wohlfarth

Joseph Wohlfarth . 10 months ago

How much Mozzarella cheese?


Moira . 11 months ago

What does it taste like?


xShayax . 11 months ago

How heavy is the almond taste from the flour? I hate coconut and almonds but needed some type of flour to cook with. So far I’ve thrown away everything I’ve cooked with almond flour bc the almond taste is too strong. Does the rest of the ingredients help hide the almond taste any or am i just shit our of luck when cooking anything that requires flour?

christopher wright

christopher wright . 11 months ago

When mixing, it's still mushy


mc.cenz0 . 1 year ago

made these. added cayanne for spice and a few sesame seeds on top. turned out amazing, thanks!

Becky Howard

Becky Howard . 1 year ago

Am I missing something somewhere I am making these and can’t see where the amount of Mozzarella is posted in the video or comments?

mr no_name

mr no_name . 1 year ago

How long can you keep the chips after? Do you need to refrigerate them? I'm a rookie at this keto stuff

Melinda Yahs Child

Melinda Yahs Child . 1 year ago

I 💕 your recipes!!!!!

Maura G

Maura G . 1 year ago

Hi Tara, I'm a little confused on the nutrition label. Is a serving really 2600+ calories and 69 carbs?

Uilliam MacAoidh

Uilliam MacAoidh . 1 year ago

Hello new to your channel. question how long do the nacho chips stay crispy and how do you store them, so you can make a larger batch. thanks

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