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Vegetarian food, protein and b12



Published on 1 year ago

Day 3 of the Nutrition week series 1 - 7 Sep.

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Thought Provoker

Thought Provoker . 1 day ago

What about vegan people who can't take milk and milk product, how they get b12?

evaan sonal

evaan sonal . 5 days ago

Pls tell for non vegetarians also

Feroz Khan

Feroz Khan . 5 days ago

Mam can we use lion dates syrup in milk pls suggest

Anu Rab

Anu Rab . 7 days ago

World ke best wrestler haryana ke Jaat vegetarian Hain..ghee dudh kha lo vegetarian khana is best..moreover in Roman world Gladiators bhi vegetarian the

Sarah Chanawala

Sarah Chanawala . 1 week ago

Very useful video thanks a lot.

Himani Minocha

Himani Minocha . 1 week ago

The back sound to speak english and be lound need to be stopped

Chitra Singh

Chitra Singh . 1 week ago

Very valuable information, thanks ma'am.🙏

laxmidharbehera22 laxmidharbehera22

laxmidharbehera22 laxmidharbehera22 . 1 week ago

Dal and milk item either curd or paner at a time creating heavyness and gas for me plz mam tell what should i have to do for this

Renubala sharma

Renubala sharma . 2 weeks ago

Jus wonderful n the way u narrated each n every thing is amazing.


MsSmile90 . 2 weeks ago

There are vegetarians and even vegan body builders and athletes etc. all over the world today. They are easily getting enough protein for such high impact activities without any issues. Then why won't we get our basic proteins for our daily activities and some exercise? :D All these are myths, a vegetarian diet is very much nutrient dense. Kudos to Rujuta!

pramod parnati

pramod parnati . 3 weeks ago

she has dark circles near her eyes , she is not healthy

Geeta Bhimanpally

Geeta Bhimanpally . 3 weeks ago

Hello madam, this is must to know for our younger generation..... Doing a great job.... thank you so much 🙂

Sameera Bulusu

Sameera Bulusu . 4 weeks ago


Geetanjali Kharbe

Geetanjali Kharbe . 1 month ago

wonder why your camera person forced you to speak in English.......... we understand Hindi and actually felt proud that you were explaining it in hindi

Shivangi Pawar

Shivangi Pawar . 1 month ago

D3 in food ?? Wow.. it's not sufficient needs sun exposure ..

Saumya Srivastava

Saumya Srivastava . 1 month ago

You are the best...I have started enjoying my food once again the way we use to in our childhood by following you. Sometime before I use to get scared eating anything

maz123 بايحي

maz123 بايحي . 1 month ago

Hello mam which protein is best to used ..KSA mecca..

Rebecca Netherland

Rebecca Netherland . 1 month ago

I cannot understand

Alka Deshkulkarni

Alka Deshkulkarni . 1 month ago

How can we get active all the time after 60 plus?

Harjinder Singh

Harjinder Singh . 2 months ago

Look like a Malika arora


Neha . 2 months ago

I really like your video but please change your camera man. He doesn’t need to say two three times that speak English. People around world understand Hindi as well as English 😃

Shanu Memon

Shanu Memon . 2 months ago

Thank you very much mam ..

Laxmi Kailash

Laxmi Kailash . 2 months ago

Madam aap bahut Achcha bol rahi hai Hindi mein

Bollywood. com

Bollywood. com . 2 months ago

Always same things as u says. Protein doesn't contain in every food. Why u not in hospital to work as dietician

Reeha Jairath

Reeha Jairath . 2 months ago

Why u recommed Achar ? In meal?

Julie Rai

Julie Rai . 2 months ago

I have read ur books nd follow the rule eat local nd think global

Solomon Trader

Solomon Trader . 2 months ago

Watch after 2.48

ambika rai

ambika rai . 2 months ago

Didi,aaj kal jarasi cow ka milk mana karte hai,is it right.

Sowja Pandula

Sowja Pandula . 2 months ago


partha sarathy

partha sarathy . 2 months ago

Nice thanks. Imaveggie

Khushbu Sheth

Khushbu Sheth . 2 months ago

Do you have recommendations for Indian vegetarian family living in North America what are best meals to eat. The weather here is very different then in India also local fruits and vegetables are different as well. Pls advise

Uma Nerurkar

Uma Nerurkar . 2 months ago

I recently heard one must eat only 2 meals a day eg 9 am if one eats till next 55 minutes one can have anything from 9 to 9:55 and then 8 hours later next 55 minutes one can have anything. Sadhguru one talk also indicates similar just eat meal after 8 hour gap between 2 meals. How far is this good in terms of what you suggest to eat every 2-3 hours. Am really confused. Am 55

vn v

vn v . 2 months ago

Mam pls say the name of the food . Don’t keep saying daadi Naani daadi naani .. many ppl daadi n naani not alive to pass down stuff

Dance with Bharti

Dance with Bharti . 2 months ago

Thank you Mam for this video very useful information 😊

Rashu Khurana

Rashu Khurana . 3 months ago

Kya. Multivitamin. Capsule. As. A. Supplement. Le skte. H. Inka. Koi side. Effect. Toh. Nhi. Hota

SEEMA Sharma

SEEMA Sharma . 3 months ago

Very nice. India ke sare states ka food khaiye. Ghumna bhi ho jayega.

Pooja Deshpande

Pooja Deshpande . 3 months ago

Hello mam you are just talking of dal and rice roti sabji always you also just speak about ghee and all I don’t have problem with ghee but I have problem with rice, roti and whatever you speak is all carbs and this carbs are making them Obese.... I know you just can’t give full diet and those lope holes which are hidden but people are following it wrongly. You are not just coming on single diet but you have given a mix combo diet plan which we get in weddings as well as we eat it daily in Indian diet... whichis still making your fans obese and India obese because people just blindly follow Bollywood. And I think everyone is just eating nana nani mommy papa ka hi khana and ghar ka khana khake people are obese. People are just eating roti sabji dal rice with ghee but still they are obese 🤣 I think no one is eating something else apart from ghar ka khana which includes roti and rice

Sonal Shah

Sonal Shah . 3 months ago

Thanks.Very nice.

vishal kasera

vishal kasera . 3 months ago

Thanks so much

Sapna Rani

Sapna Rani . 3 months ago

Gr8 mam u r sooo motivating Do make one video on diabetic diet Thanks alot Lots of love😘😘

Awantika Sharma

Awantika Sharma . 3 months ago

What about vegan people

dattaguru sawardekar

dattaguru sawardekar . 3 months ago

Why pickle is preferred in meals when u have lot of sabji to eat as pickle contains oil and also masala?also papad

Prabha Gupta

Prabha Gupta . 3 months ago

We have lost the the link how our dadi nani had cooked food as we are grown in nuclear families we also miss our traditional culture food as full day we are in schools as we are in the rat race to get more and more marks this void of knowledge force us to think that we have no good healthy food . If you please please can teach us regional food ie in detail all of us will be proud of you and our Indian food rather of the food that are advertised on media. You will will be helping our generation to come and saving many more people as it is nead of time . We all are suffering from one or other diseases so only people have to look for alternative diets. Otherwise nobody want to give up there own food not just for food fads they ore. Forced to use refined oil. Salts sugar flour. Etc So as tarandhar elivate people by including proper food knowledge in there. Study books , education or giving proper meals in schools at the tender age in school it is a very big issue now a days as there is one diabetic person in five or any other disease. . We have no standards in food that is sold out side This can harm generations. As most of the mothers are working where noodles become the alternative for food so please please do some thing giving lactures will not help. This issue a super hero can only solve so Ple. Become our super hero and save the nation

V. M.

V. M. . 4 months ago

How good is cutting carbs I am doing for flat belly

Asma Khan Suri

Asma Khan Suri . 4 months ago

Love you

neha gupta

neha gupta . 4 months ago

Mind blowing information Mam.. keep posting Mam. This is really need of the hour to get these kind of knowledge.

blissful soul

blissful soul . 4 months ago

Brave lady..m glad god bless u Btw how abt dha?? And vitamin d supplement . Dat is y i hav normal b12 wid vegan diet

nikitha 1022

nikitha 1022 . 4 months ago

Thank yu so much mam ❤️

Vaishnavi Pathak

Vaishnavi Pathak . 4 months ago

Wow!thank you ma'am

purvi iyer

purvi iyer . 4 months ago

Can you recommend substitute for biscuits.

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