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Published on 3 months ago

Here is a fast technique that will slow your brain down as we change the neurological system through master acupressure points. We are stimulating hormones within the brain to fight stress and anxiety, to increase your focus, and to feel that instant tranquility.

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Comments :

bennet alex

bennet alex . 3 weeks ago

This cured my cancer
Archie Deluxe

Archie Deluxe . 1 month ago

I like your vids a lot but all your teachings sadly don't work on me :(

D W . 1 month ago


TMS . 1 month ago

I don't know if it worked or not, I fell asleep. No, seriously, it works GREAT, and immediately! Thanks Dr. Mandell.
RVboy Junior

RVboy Junior . 1 month ago

Why can't I feel anything?

ironmyke696 . 2 months ago

Instantly yawning 😳
Mahbob Ahmed

Mahbob Ahmed . 2 months ago

Yeah I don’t know if I did this right because nothing much happened. I’m pretty sure I followed the steps properly.
Richard Middleton

Richard Middleton . 2 months ago

Didn't do anything for me.

niceuser1234 . 2 months ago

Is it the same spot where martial artists and secret agents hit on the head to knock people out?

niceuser1234 . 2 months ago

i am doing this while holding a blunt in my mouth. i am not sure which one of those working more.
Dhanush Harikumar

Dhanush Harikumar . 2 months ago

Thankyou doctor it is verry effective and usefull
sally selim

sally selim . 2 months ago

It really works

mesmerical11 . 2 months ago

These are well known acupressure points used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.
Tony Rourke

Tony Rourke . 2 months ago

Wow, got a clearing rush in my face, it seemed to be at the back of my nose and eyes, i felt brighter and more alert afterwards.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Aneta Johnson

Aneta Johnson . 2 months ago

Are you shure this isnt a put on! like pointing to your head and saying the abreviation for mountain! MT"! Dr. Mandell, you for got to gi ve us an idea of how long we have to do this before getting any results, two or three times? oky any honest person out there, does it work for you????tell us! THere is a science behind pressure points that is thousands of years old, Acupressure points! so , it schoudent be total marlarky.
Fun and learn Now

Fun and learn Now . 2 months ago

This is a type of yoga
Gar La

Gar La . 2 months ago

Play back at 1.5 x Speed , you’re Welcome πŸ˜‰ Cheers 🍻
k patel

k patel . 2 months ago

Issa Hoornweg

Issa Hoornweg . 2 months ago

For me it works πŸ’― %
Conchita W

Conchita W . 3 months ago

I didn't feel anything :(
Kusum Bhatia

Kusum Bhatia . 3 months ago

Liam lll

Liam lll . 3 months ago

Did nothing for me πŸ€”
Gazelle Richardson

Gazelle Richardson . 3 months ago

3 main Chakras. Makes sense. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!

FotoschoPro . 3 months ago

This cured my PTSD!
linda glendenning

linda glendenning . 3 months ago

WOW!! I got a dreamy feeling!! πŸ‘β€οΈ
Nader Omar zai

Nader Omar zai . 3 months ago

Thank sir

0anant0 . 3 months ago

Also check the following points for depression, sadness, lack of joy, lack of mental clarity, disconnection from a sense of purpose, indecision, etc. LUNG 3, 9, STOMACH 36, 40, SPLEEN 1, 4, 21, HEART 4, 5, 9, SMALL INTESTINE 7, 11, BLADDER 10, 14, 15, 18, 23, 25, 44, 47, 52, 60, KIDNEY 5, 9, 17, 24, 26, PERICARDIUM 6, 8, TRIPLE HEATER 3, 10 18, 21, GALL BLADDER 24, 34, 38, 41, LIVER 1, 3, 5, 13, REN MAI 1, 22, 23, DU MAI 4, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16 Note: Bladder & Kidney meridian points are very effective points!

0anant0 . 3 months ago

Thank you for a simple method. Some books suggest deep breathing while you do this technique.

0anant0 . 3 months ago

Acupuncture points mentioned: DU MAI/GV 20 (top of head), DU MAI/GV 24.5 (third eye), REN/CV 17 (mid breast in line with nipples). From various sources: DU 20 is the meeting place of the spirits and the meeting point of all the yang channels. This place of connection with the wisdom of heavenly influences and Du mai, helps strengthen the higher consciousness of a person, keeping them on track for the correct way to live life. DU 20 is the crossing point of all the yang channels that carry clear yang to the head. It is a powerful point to raise and uphold the Spirit when oppressed, to assist the ascending of yang to invigorate and clear the Mind and mental functioning. When the person is collapsed in Body, Mind or Spirit, and their qi is scattered, this point restores them to a place of composure and help them to integrate their experiences. DU 24.5 can relieve mental stress, an upset stomach, frustration, confusion, mental congestion, and headaches. With REN 17 being a point to promote the circulation of qi and Blood, and the multiple crossings and connections with various Officials, it is a powerful point. Here the Heart receives the spirits and the influxes of Heaven, and the directing of our life can unfold from here as the Officials carry out the communications of the Heart. This point assists the truth of the Heart to be conveyed and the authentic development of the person to arise. It can restore the radiance and power of the shen. When a person is exhausted and feels his/her reserves have run out and can no longer connect with the Heavens, REN 17 can balance the Heart and nourish the qi. REN 1 and 22 are also very important points in this regard.

JCsaves . 3 months ago

πŸ‘, thanks doc, much better! God bless!!!
Francesca S

Francesca S . 3 months ago

Sinus opened and oddly, felt it in my upper teeth.
Emelda Fernando

Emelda Fernando . 3 months ago

Thank you so much 😊 it does helps a lot πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘God bless . Guys the feeling is great. Try it. Thank you DocπŸ˜ƒ

KD . 3 months ago

axel 7899922

axel 7899922 . 3 months ago

It makes you happier
Charlotte Birgitte Thomsen

Charlotte Birgitte Thomsen . 3 months ago

β™₯🌹 THANKS fore your video s traying to reduse Oure Tinnitus ect the rechersers can lean a Lot from you PLEASE make more rechers on tinnitus many cant take IT anymore everybody is waiting fore some thritmemt s to reduse tinnitus untill acure is found 🌹β™₯ the rechersers has found out that tinnitus is overaktive nervecelles in the brain are they are aming fore thritmemt s to reduse the hyperaktivitet in the brain 😧
Maria V

Maria V . 3 months ago

This released my nech tension. :)
Ivy xd

Ivy xd . 3 months ago

When it doesn't work on you :(
Coach 2640220

Coach 2640220 . 3 months ago

Max Mueller

Max Mueller . 3 months ago

This helped me wind down and did something for my tinnitus in my ear!
Gail Leppard

Gail Leppard . 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is so supportive. I am most grateful. πŸ’•πŸ™
Kiss Of Fire

Kiss Of Fire . 3 months ago

Have been too wired to have the patience to watch this video, it's been in my Watch Later lol. But tonight my meds for sleeping didn't seem to be kicking in, and I managed to watch all the way through. I was actually amazed that I felt a change. Definitely feel calmer. Will have to retest tomorrow in case it's just meds starting to kick in.
Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis . 3 months ago

All I felt was a burning sensation in my chest?
Alba Kucharski

Alba Kucharski . 3 months ago

Helped the so called possible side effects from anti fungal or even the current user of cholesterol meds. That were giving me bumps that broke into a cut at the back of my head hairline and one in the side of my head that moved to the top of my head after doing your self treatment. My face and my whole body is stronger. Those hairline cuts are still there. Those can be side effects or toxins are coming out!βœ‚οΈI'm not sure. I'll be sure to ask my doctor.
Ritu Iyer

Ritu Iyer . 3 months ago

My blocked nose cleared after doing this just once . Thank you
Chantelle T74

Chantelle T74 . 3 months ago

I haven't been able to breath out of both nostrils for 2 weeks. I just tried this and felt it working immediately! Thank you and God bless you Dr Mandell!

W . 3 months ago

Lost my headache
ti cook

ti cook . 3 months ago

Can you please tell us where this technique has come from? It's remarkably effective yet seems ancient.
Raheena Uddin

Raheena Uddin . 3 months ago

Can you please make a video about type one diabetes and how to cure it in children Thanks
Dhoni G. Daradjat

Dhoni G. Daradjat . 3 months ago

Hmm tried this twice.. Nothing happen.. My nose still blocked, and no other feeling.. Hmm
Kregg Kittelson

Kregg Kittelson . 3 months ago

I love this

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