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Sharon Osbourne Interview: Losing Weight With Atkins Diet

ABC News

ABC News

Published on 7 years ago

Television host, music manager shares the latest on her family, career.

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Riley Harris

Riley Harris . 3 weeks ago

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Kenneth Lampley

Kenneth Lampley . 1 month ago

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kularek93 . 1 month ago

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Isabelle WAESTRATEN . 3 months ago

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Linda G

Linda G . 5 months ago

I know Atkins works, but if I had Atkins providing my food, I'd eat the Atkins food all day long too. Everybody isn't as fortunate as Sharon is.

John Snow

John Snow . 8 months ago

Losing weight but increasing stroke risk. Devious diet. And anybody with plastic surgery are not really the best raw models.


RainSara . 1 year ago

60!?! She looks great for her age

Heather Cal

Heather Cal . 1 year ago

I just wish Sharon could see the benefits of eating all real foods and not frozen dinners...

Trance_World_Artists 2014

Trance_World_Artists 2014 . 1 year ago

I prefer her chubby photo, men find chubby women more sexy, she's too skinny now, turn off for me.


HH WE . 1 year ago

What if I know, her cancer, her daughter cancer and his son MS - ALL wasn't ''natural'' - like my cancer! XXX

Aser Dada

Aser Dada . 1 year ago

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Kenshin . 1 year ago

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lamfilipos . 1 year ago

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regan dyer

regan dyer . 2 years ago

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Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson . 2 years ago


Christ Julius

Christ Julius . 2 years ago

Just google Woo&Pep :D

Jonny Lunt

Jonny Lunt . 2 years ago

Good diet.... Ive done it on numerous occasions before holidays and lost 25 pounds in 2 months.... Felt great... Skin cleared up and more energy

John Smith

John Smith . 2 years ago

Ozzie's on Atkins!

Asmaul Nation

Asmaul Nation . 3 years ago

Thе bеst ppppossible wау to looооsе weеeеight is рublishеd аaaаt https://twitter.com/9b7e19512eee5d182/status/822770749395980289

Hervey Bay Rubbish Removal

Hervey Bay Rubbish Removal . 3 years ago

fake bint

samuel lopes

samuel lopes . 3 years ago

I tried the Atkins diet and going into ketosis is horrible... after one workout session while in ketosis I realized that I had no energy and I couldn't stand the smell of my own sweat. from what I remember my sweat kinda smelled like urine but strong....Once the smell hit me I just figured that the diet couldn't be healthy....

DIY Skate Club SlamMGP

DIY Skate Club SlamMGP . 3 years ago

come on shaz , frozen rip off products with Atkins written on ,get a real job woman

Rosemarie French

Rosemarie French . 3 years ago

Knew I had to get rid of around 5 lbs, but every weight loss program and technique I tried out, let me down. I just never received any significant results. But the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) came out to be the plan for me. Within just only one week, seven days, I lost 9 lbs.

wade tanner

wade tanner . 3 years ago

Did she have some kind of stroke some years back. If so was it before or after Atkins. Either way she looks amazing now!


Aydin . 4 years ago

all these diets do is make you buy more stuff..that tells you something. when you can just as easily cut your diet and just be aware of what you eat...I've already cut my diet servings in half and cook and make smaller meals and i've already lost 10 pounds...Celebrities are paid to represent companies because they already look good/glamorous. you'll be disappointed if you get it because you don't end up looking exactly like them

Job Hd

Job Hd . 4 years ago

She looks good from the distant, but she is right, close up, she does look plastic. Tough to be a Woman when you are so judged on your looks, but I guess some decide to go all natural. Be a great show to talk to both and find out why they made those decisions.


7peacefrog . 4 years ago

She looks great! <3 Love you Sharon


Seventy8 . 4 years ago

One fried egg, a piece of smoked salmon or lox (if on a budget a can of tuna with tons of mayo and pickles) and a half of an avocado. 2x/day. Then something delicious like pan fried pork chop and broccoli with cheese for dinner. In two weeks you'll find you've magically lost 20 lbs. You MUST take a daily vitamin and drink tons of water as well. I take complete Men's health Senior for the extra oomph they have even tho I'm in my early 40s.

Ambrose Joseph

Ambrose Joseph . 4 years ago

A paid spokes hole.

Mary Klischies

Mary Klischies . 4 years ago

Atkins is a good short term solution, but one needs complex carbohydrates. A modified version of this long term would be fine. But 20 net carbs on induction is being stretched out to months by those who feel if they do it longer, they'll achieve results quicker. I'm doing low carb no more than 6 months. Truly the idea of no pasta or bread indefinitely seems unsustainable.

jan smiths

jan smiths . 5 years ago

fantastik plastik surgery love u babe u rock.

Ambrose Joseph

Ambrose Joseph . 5 years ago

They pay her!!!


Northboy70 . 5 years ago

With all the money the Osbournes have, why not just have a personal chef and a dietician? But seriously, my wife just started this Atkins thing and she's quite happy with it. I'm really amazed at how good the stuff tastes. A bit pricy, though...


vonnerenee1 . 5 years ago

Love Sharon, She looks great!

nina ninja

nina ninja . 5 years ago

Holy cow what happened to her? She doesn't look like her old self anymore, Too much plastic surgery never does any good!

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete . 5 years ago

I've stopped eating carbs for 1 month and I've been losing about 1 lb of fat a day. My personal trainer is actually amazed and my doctor did my blood work and my good cholesterol is up and my triglycerides are down. STAY AWAY FROM CARBS, THEY'RE EVIL!


TREX LEX . 5 years ago

Obesity is the result from eating the diet we were told to eat by the U.S Government. Which is SUGAR based all junk. Atkins Diet  is the cure. 


TheGrasspond . 5 years ago

Her body looks great but her face is starting to look like Joan Rivers

Harry Satchel

Harry Satchel . 6 years ago

Dr. Atkins was NOT morbidly obese when he died. Nor did he have heart disease. It is a lie propagated by the media and ignorant people.

patron white

patron white . 6 years ago

she had gastric bypoass

justin M

justin M . 6 years ago

I lost 89lbs on atkins in 2003...then like a dummy went off of it and gained all my weight back. and have been yoyo dieting ever since, WELL 2014 been on atkins for 1 week..and for the first time in 10 years i am not HUNGRY after every meal...I feel normal again(this coming from a person diagnosed with BINGE EATING DISORDER) ...i feel normal again. also i am not binging any longer.

chathura nadeera

chathura nadeera . 6 years ago

Go Google Fat Blast Furnace and you will learn why certain foods 'explode' in your stomach.

Bleu Lite

Bleu Lite . 6 years ago

I did the Atkins diet for the first time and followed the "induction diet" for 2 months and I literally went from a size 17 jeans to a size 8    * I didn't cheat at all    No one can tell me that diet doesn't work!      

Nishan Tamang

Nishan Tamang . 6 years ago

Are you making these stupid mistakes in your diet? Go and Google Skinnimaker System to find out.


Eoghan . 6 years ago

Carbs do not make you fat. Look at dr Atkins clinically obese when he died had 2 heart attacks. Not someone i would follow.

Jenna Lembirik

Jenna Lembirik . 6 years ago

Atkins is the only diet that ever worked for me, and I didn't eat fatty meats on it. I didn't eat pork. I ate very clean. And I felt amazing. I am currently 7 months pregnant and I have gained so much weight lol I cant wait to have the baby so I can get back on Atkins. It's actually a fun way of eating, if you do it right. Because it is so rewarding, it just changes your body and confidence right away. I got my mom on it, and it saved her life! 


Ritchy050 . 6 years ago

sorry she is so full of shit,money buys whatever you need loss of weight included.

melisa hathorn

melisa hathorn . 6 years ago

counting carbs is what diabetics do


Lalealei . 6 years ago

she had colon cancer a high protein diet should be a no no for her.

John Kalin

John Kalin . 6 years ago

Have you experienced Legion Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick and easy way for you to lose weight fast.

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