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Published on 2 years ago

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On today’s episode, I want to share the 22 best high fiber foods for weight loss.

Benefits of Fiber include:
Improves gut health and digestion
Helps lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease
Keeps you regular
Balances blood sugar levels
Reduces the circulation of toxins in the body (and gets rid of estrogen)
Keeps you feeling full and reduces cravings

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Yes, fiber is your fat loss ally. Consuming fiber helps with weight loss, because when you’re full, you won’t over eat. It also slows the emptying of the food from your stomach, which provides a steady steam of nutrients for your body to use.

Protein, Fat, and Fiber Diet
As you know, we promote a healthy lifestyle with a diet higher in protein, healthy fat, and fiber.

I’ve branded it PFF.

A diet high in protein, fat, and fiber (PFF) is great for:
long-term weight loss
muscle building
hormonal health
gut health
and maintaining a lean and fit body composition, 365 days a year.

Let's cover the basics of fiber.
Soluble fiber:
This is the type of fiber that turns into a gel-like substance in the stomach. This helps slow the digestion and absorption of sugar, which helps balance blood sugar levels, as well as helping lower cholesterol. Soluble fiber also helps you feel full, thus decreasing cravings and reducing the risk of over eating.
Insoluble fiber:
I’m sure you’ve all heard that fiber helps you poop.
Well insoluble fiber is the type that helps you remove waste from your body more efficiently. If you’re feeling backed up and constipated, insoluble fiber is your friend.

Even though fiber is actually indigestible by humans, it’s essential to gut health and digestion, as the healthy bacteria in your gut eats fiber to grow and flourish.

What is the recommended daily amount of fiber?
This depends on your age and gender.

Fiber comes from eating carbohydrates, however the right types of carbohydrates can still be high in fiber, without being too high in carbohydrates.

I’m referring to high fiber foods, from whole, plant based, low glycemic complex carbohydrate sources, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Even though legumes like navy beans, black beans, and lentils contain the highest fiber amounts, they also include a higher amount of carbohydrates per serving. If you do eat beans, ensure you fully cook them. And yes, you can also get fiber from grains like millet, buckwheat, oats, and brown rice, however once again, the carbohydrate content in these foods are much higher, thus putting you at a higher risk for going over your carb intake goals.

The high fiber foods that I’m recommending are higher in fiber and antioxidants to lower free radical formation, without adding extra body fat.

One of the best ways to increase your fiber intake from leafy greens is to boil them. This lowers the volume of food but increases the amount fiber to your plate. Also consider adding greens to your smoothies. Remember, juicing fruits and vegetables removes the fiber.

When you blend them into a smoothie, the fiber remains in tact.

Leafy greens include:
rainbow chard
swiss chard
collard greens

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Live Lean TV

Live Lean TV . 2 years ago

Which of these 22 high fiber foods do you eat the most? For the full list, check out the blog post: https://www.liveleantv.com/protein-fiber-keeping-you-young-and-lean/


ParadymShift . 3 weeks ago

Whaaaat??? No way. Where's your science on eating "too much" fiber? rofl. I'd love to see that xD


IAM BLACKBEAUTY . 2 months ago

Thank you for yr video it was very informative..But my question is what is yr personal opinion on beans?.You mentioned that you would explain later.

Crystal McMurray

Crystal McMurray . 5 months ago

I have a question my doctor just diagnosed me with a fatty liver and told me to eat a low fat high fiber diet how do i get started on that

suzi que

suzi que . 5 months ago

thank you for this list of high fiber foods!

Aydin Unlusoyer

Aydin Unlusoyer . 9 months ago

zero fiber, and zero carbs the way to go... don't believe all this fiber nonsense..

Gretchen Tucker

Gretchen Tucker . 10 months ago

I eat a whole pint of raspberries

harry viking

harry viking . 11 months ago

chew on a wooden plank ....should give you enough fiber! lol!


TheSmokingGun111 . 11 months ago

Just have two quest bars and you're good to go..30 grams of fiber and you also get 40 grams of protein

Thomas Petersen

Thomas Petersen . 1 year ago

Sooooo... just had a "cheat day" yesterday... ended up on around 140-150 gram of fiber... damn, ive been shitting like non stop today...


ItsRochelle . 1 year ago

Swear the easiest way is to blend the fruits, berries and some veggies into a smoothie, buuut I don’t know if that’s too much fiber in one smoothie ugh the struggle

Sehrish Khan

Sehrish Khan . 1 year ago

Suprrrrr enrgatic voice 😍

Byron 07101999

Byron 07101999 . 1 year ago

Why the heck we would eat egg? I mean it makes slow digestive


Nathan . 1 year ago


Steven 123

Steven 123 . 1 year ago

What do u think about fiber powder supplements?


Mk.z . 1 year ago

Fiber = wasted food Now don't get me wrong, I love most fiber containing food, it's great to have in your diet to prevent constipation, often offers other benefits, nutrients, etc, great for those in need of weight loss... But the truth remains that humans don't digest fiber, unlike actual herbivores who get even more nutrients AND energy out if it, and digest it almost fully. That's why lots of fiber speeds your digestive tract - you need to empty the stuff you can't digest more often.

Holly Owens

Holly Owens . 1 year ago

I had watched how carbohydrate food were connected to weight gain as well as generally to stay away from carbohydrates, even so had under no circumstances considered using them to trim inches away. The primary idea behind the 4 cycle fat loss method is to really train your system to get rid of fat for energy rather than carbohydrates. It’s built around the latest scientific principles into the higher than average carb eating habits of the Japanese and also their impressive long lifespan expectancy. The investigation indicate that it’s their higher than average carb-cycling dieting technique that could help to continue being healthy into old age with a reduced body mass index (much lower incidence of unhealthy weight).Read even more here https://tinyurl.com/ybrell6b

Ranjeeta Prajapati

Ranjeeta Prajapati . 1 year ago

what do u say about porridge

Jamie Cee49

Jamie Cee49 . 1 year ago

Thank you. This was very helpful. I'm not low carb. But I am counting calories and needing to add fiber to my diet. :) Great video.

Jaclyn Castro

Jaclyn Castro . 2 years ago

🙋🏻‍♀️ video on beans would be helpful for your followers . Voted 🗳 Thank you!

Melissa London

Melissa London . 2 years ago

Isn't it better to steam vegetable rather than boling them? I thought loads of nutrients could be lost in the boiling water.

Barbie Play Boy Bunny

Barbie Play Boy Bunny . 2 years ago

Hola. Please on the beans. I love beans.

Tanya K Borden

Tanya K Borden . 2 years ago

Get to the point.


adalahi . 2 years ago

yes on the video about beens pls


adalahi . 2 years ago

what about the resistant starches, i mean if 1 cup of sweet potato has 4 g, what about when you cook it and let it rest over night??? would that increase the amount of fiber or how does it work???


bark1 . 2 years ago

yes, please, very curious to hear your take on beans.

Darcy Young

Darcy Young . 2 years ago

I definitely would like to see a video on beans. 😊

No Pain Weight Loss

No Pain Weight Loss . 2 years ago

Inspiring. Have a look at NoPainWeightLoss.com for more tips :)


Aggie . 2 years ago

Also yes to a bean video 👍


Aggie . 2 years ago

Great video Brad, very informative. And it's thanks to you I am having pasta replaced by a veggie - sweet potato has to be my fav though! X


Sharma . 2 years ago


Becky Silky

Becky Silky . 2 years ago

Oh thank you for the list. :)

ricky dedos

ricky dedos . 2 years ago

I wonder how one accurately measures non liquids in cups😠


missreia . 2 years ago

0:38 did Brad say it gets rid of *estrogen* in the body? If so, why is that a good thing?

Aurora Hernandez

Aurora Hernandez . 2 years ago

Honestly, I feel that all this valuable information given would be as if you were going to see a specialist on nutrition where we have to $$$ the big bucks. And this channel is freaking free!!! Only subscription, of course. Thank you thank you thank you. Ps. Why don't you eat beans?

Vickie Clark

Vickie Clark . 2 years ago

I'd love to see a video on why you guys don't like beans. You've touched on it a little in the past and I know it's against the paleo diet. But they have always been known as a health food. They come from the ground and are loaded with protein & fiber. So it's hard to think of them as unhealthy. I just figure the reason people will feel bloated from them is either cause of the fiber or they are just allergic to them. But yes, a video explaining why beans are bad would be great since I've always been a bean eater. Thanks so much.

Marie Yap

Marie Yap . 2 years ago

I am now trying a vegetarian lifestyle and so peas, beans and legumes are my go to protein source. I am not a fan of them because of the gassy feeling I get but I do know wha t else I can eat to substitute them. Can you suggest any other protein sources I can try?

Nicole Acampora

Nicole Acampora . 2 years ago

Yes, would like to see you guys do a video on beans! I'm not sure what to think of them, I read contrasting insights as to whether or not they are good to have in your diet.

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