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The Black Keys - Tell Me Lies [Official Audio]

The Black Keys

The Black Keys

Published on 7 months ago

The Black Keys “Tell Me Lies“ from album "Let's Rock", out now: https://warnerr.ec/tbkletsrock

Limited edition solid link & white mix vinyl and more available exclusively in the Official Let’s Rock Store: https://warnerr.ec/letsrockstore

Listen to ‘Let’s Rock’ on your preferred streaming service here: https://warnerr.ec/tbkletsrock

Comments :

Jasen Chambers

Jasen Chambers . 2 weeks ago

Be cool to see the band behind the scenes in the studio on this recording. Sounds like the Allman Brothers in a way.

şükrü aydınlı

şükrü aydınlı . 4 weeks ago

Yeni bir dalga yaratıyoruz. Her yerde biz variz yada bizden birileri

Adon Needham

Adon Needham . 1 month ago

Tell me all your pretty lies my love Helene S Gouanvic

Jasen Chambers

Jasen Chambers . 2 months ago

What a good song - a bandmate turned me onto the Black Keys! I just bought a Divine Noise cable and I've been drooling over's Dan's Nashville studio.


Michael . 2 months ago

Ty Andy bovins


Michael . 2 months ago

Andy bovine showed me dis song


PerfectPlaylists . 2 months ago

Love this song - top album :-)

Jesse Blasingame

Jesse Blasingame . 3 months ago

1:40 sounds like Hendrix meets Skynyrd

Juan de Lima

Juan de Lima . 3 months ago

The guitar reminds me of "Olhos coloridos", by Sandra de Sá, a brazilian singer. It's real, look for it to take a look


angelmaninc . 3 months ago

This sounds so much like The Black Keys, absolutely love it

Alison Dye

Alison Dye . 3 months ago

2015 be like: Why you always lyin’ 2019: Tell me lies

Dominique Marita

Dominique Marita . 3 months ago

The whole album bangs, but this song though...this is on heavy rotation 😍🥰🤗

willie peppers

willie peppers . 4 months ago

Anyone have the chords for this


GuiDlç007 . 4 months ago

Música boa de se ouvir é outra coisa.

Jocelyn Wady

Jocelyn Wady . 4 months ago

How does this not have more views! #letsrock

Serhii Morozov

Serhii Morozov . 5 months ago

Невъебенно крутые парни!

Othman Benhamamouch

Othman Benhamamouch . 5 months ago

don't stress for my wife .

bermuda tenebris

bermuda tenebris . 5 months ago

my mom loves this album and I can see why


DiamondGirl . 5 months ago

sound kinda like COME AS YOU ARE by nirvana

bare bevy

bare bevy . 5 months ago

Black Keys 🖤🖤🖤

Darwin Arroyo

Darwin Arroyo . 5 months ago

Sublime como siempre, please come to México.


rubis_waves . 6 months ago

♨️🌊 babyyy yeaaaa let's hear itttttt

Davi Chaves

Davi Chaves . 6 months ago

Tell me all your filthy lies

Ray Baker

Ray Baker . 6 months ago

Damn I feel like this could have come out a few albums ago, in a good way of course. Who doesn't love TBK doing what they do best?

Jack Angelo

Jack Angelo . 6 months ago

Love the lyrics to this one!


Colson . 6 months ago

This song kicks.

K. K

K. K . 6 months ago

can't wait to see this performed live...reminds me of 10 cent pistol

Aaron Brandon

Aaron Brandon . 6 months ago

seeing them in october!

Nate Drumms

Nate Drumms . 6 months ago

I dig it. Anyone else notice the vocal pattern similarities to Nirvana though? At least in the verses...

Mark Womack

Mark Womack . 6 months ago

Damn they're GOOD

Ray sunlight

Ray sunlight . 6 months ago



Alec . 6 months ago

Hod Toward


Miracle . 6 months ago

Todd Howard needs a towel after hearing this.


Wahb . 6 months ago

Sounds amazing, but doesnt it sound a bit like come as you are by nirvana ?

Anderson Castro

Anderson Castro . 6 months ago


Erika Romeo

Erika Romeo . 6 months ago

Obsessed with this. Love it

m kim

m kim . 7 months ago

I love Dan's vocals Especially in this song....

David Ewing

David Ewing . 7 months ago

People who needed Joe Rogan to find this I feel bad for you.

Vladimir Salguero

Vladimir Salguero . 7 months ago

Mi favorita de este nuevo album!

Martin Rios

Martin Rios . 7 months ago

Love the vibes, thank you, guys :)

sand storm

sand storm . 7 months ago

hermoso! 💜


Pattgoten . 7 months ago

Hey Joe Riff! :P

Zopuia Hnialum

Zopuia Hnialum . 7 months ago

Always the bass line that drove me back to your music


UMepher . 7 months ago

Having a hard time deciding on a favorite song on this album! Could be this one, Walk Across The Water, or maybe whichever other one I happen to be listening to at a given moment, lol. Totally worth the wait. They continue to evolve but this sure as hell still sounds like a Black Keys album. Check out Dan's dad Chuck, too.

K. K

K. K . 7 months ago

who is the jerks that gave a thumbs down? this is soooo cool and smoooooth.... makes the girlies get wet..ha ha


Benprogfuse . 7 months ago

I liked this song better when The Arcs released it as 'Cold Companion' in 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rke2I76hF0U

Ulises Lopez

Ulises Lopez . 7 months ago

oigan me gustan muchito wey.

Hunter West

Hunter West . 7 months ago

This is it....!!! The album we all knew they could do!! The raw, Blues Rock, full band jam album I believe we've all been waiting for ever since the Keys hit the scene way back when as a two piece


Delilah . 7 months ago


Felo Quintero

Felo Quintero . 7 months ago

jhoony jhoony tell me lies

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