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Burn Belly Fat Now



Published on 11 years ago

http://www.mega-diet.com/ Burn Belly Fat Now! Mega-T Green Tea Fat Burning Supplement is a drug free dietary supplement formulated to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Combined with a sensible diet and exercise, Mega-T Green Tea can help burn belly fat, helps curb appetite, and helps stimulate metabolism. Visit us at www.mega-diet.com

Comments :

Hope O'Connor

Hope O'Connor . 3 months ago

I died at 0:00


LoseBellyFatFast . 3 years ago

awesome video. Great work. learnt a lot from this clip.

Jeremy Pedersen

Jeremy Pedersen . 8 years ago

Green Tea works

Tarikul Islam Rasel

Tarikul Islam Rasel . 8 years ago

Its really I was looking for it. Thanks

Miguel Hurtado

Miguel Hurtado . 9 years ago

Do i swallow it? or chew it?


meh . 9 years ago

@chisports14 agreed, but no offense to any fat people though


chisports14 . 9 years ago



Lo . 10 years ago

so ; did the stuff actually work for you ?

Angie's Life

Angie's Life . 10 years ago

i bought this today, it was $4. it's worth a shot. i hope it works. the box it came in was different than the one in the video though, but it still says the same thing & stuff..


MasterofDisaster17 . 10 years ago

meh its probably not the safest thing but Im 17 and use it

Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith . 10 years ago

can i use this it says for adults only +18 im only 16


MelieSue . 10 years ago

this does work...the whole point is you have to DIET and EXERCISE while using it. it even says so on the package...so don't expect to continue to pig out and think that this "miracle" pill is going to do all the work for you. i've been on a diet for a month and as soon as i started taking this in combination with my diet and exercise i could tell it definitely started speeding up the process. green tea has been proven to boost metabolism and burn belly fat by doctors...this is nothing new.


vivianne417 . 10 years ago

Have used this off and on a few times. I have found it does nothing one way or the other. Just takes my $10 . Certainly not ANYTHING like the commercial. LOL


shurby12345 . 10 years ago

when me my mom and ma dad saw this and heard the kettle drum when we are walking around we do the kettle drum for the person walking like in the commercial its acctually pretty funny :P


girlygirlaura . 10 years ago

it didnt give me stomach cramps. this is only the second day that I have taken it so I dont know if it works yet, but I lost 2.5 pounds so far but what I wanna know is will I lose 20 pounds like the ad says.


NappyDiva . 10 years ago

You'll be sitting on the toilet. It also gives you bad stomach cramps.


NappyDiva . 10 years ago

It's a tea. If you do decide to buy it, be prepared to be close by a bathroom all day!!

Maria De Armas

Maria De Armas . 10 years ago

are these things pills or is it really a tea? cuase im gonna buy it today or tommorrow, please respond to my question. thanx :]

Jr. Chicken

Jr. Chicken . 11 years ago

I know, her tummy is BIG!


detectivegirl123 . 11 years ago

the second pic makes her looks like she will break th floor!

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