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oasis - Listen Up - 1996-09-07 Jones Beach, Long Island



Published on 12 years ago

oasis - Listen Up - 1996-09-07 Jones Beach, Long Island, New York.

Audience Recording.

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beyounglove . 3 months ago

Liam sounding better than in the studio version, wow

Liam Green

Liam Green . 5 months ago

The same night that 2Pac was shot

Master Flute

Master Flute . 5 months ago

I think this is their best song ever alongside with Slide Away

True TactiX

True TactiX . 5 months ago

2:09 goosebumps

jeff Chavarria

jeff Chavarria . 5 months ago

Que canción mas perfecta por la puta madre!!


Sleeping . 7 months ago

I saw oasis loads of times on the early tours but managed to avoid seeing this live. Which makes me quite sad!

Henry R. Damian

Henry R. Damian . 8 months ago

quitando la calidad de los 60 esta cancion es la mejor cancion de oasis

Bruno Rocha

Bruno Rocha . 8 months ago

Amazing voice!


nastybeard . 10 months ago

Holy shit he's drunk as fuuuuuuack xD

Matthew Alistair

Matthew Alistair . 12 months ago


Diego Pacheco da Silva

Diego Pacheco da Silva . 1 year ago

Liam is beatiful

Julia Andrea D’Amico

Julia Andrea D’Amico . 1 year ago



Kickor . 1 year ago

This is the only live video version I have seen of this amazing song, its rare to find! Thanks for uploading 👍

Twon Gotti

Twon Gotti . 1 year ago

This cokehead lunatics voice was absolutely BIBLICAL this performance.

Mulumbi DerModerator

Mulumbi DerModerator . 1 year ago


Robert Howes

Robert Howes . 2 years ago


Simon H

Simon H . 2 years ago

Saw Liam sing this live at Finsbury Park. Fucking mega. Crowd went for it, and I spent the entire song screaming the lyrics at mates and random people alike. Imagine him playing a B Side in 2018. Absolutely bowled over. He fucking smashed it. Yes, I am pissed.


vSpiikey . 2 years ago

Saw Liam perform this last Saturday in Belfast! Chills! Wish I could re-live it.


WachiYouTube . 2 years ago

Fucking biblical

anthony valentine

anthony valentine . 2 years ago

should of done this song more live around this point liams voice is bang on the high notes aint a problem what a song one of my favs

Michael Karl

Michael Karl . 2 years ago

Visit this from time to time, still rocks in 2018 🤘🏻

joaquin mariscal

joaquin mariscal . 2 years ago

q voz

Shane Alexander Jr

Shane Alexander Jr . 2 years ago

Thanks for this! I'm from the eastern end of Long Island. Been an oasis fan for years! Cheers!

Ross Haze

Ross Haze . 2 years ago

wish they did this more live, unreal tune

Boy Racer

Boy Racer . 2 years ago

What is Alan White playing??

C Btrmi

C Btrmi . 2 years ago

It’s funny how you take bands for granted when they’re around. I loved Oasis at the time and left early before the encores to get the last train home and even left Knebworth without seeing them as i couldn’t get near the stage. It’s only after the passing of time that you see they were not just “another really good band” but a goose bump inducing , tear in the eye, lump in the throat classic band of all time. This song is just off the scale beautiful......

McLean Anderson

McLean Anderson . 2 years ago

god I miss the 90s


Beth . 2 years ago

What a powerful raw voice Liam once had.

Sylvain Chuzeville

Sylvain Chuzeville . 2 years ago

One of Oasis' best. Awesome vocals, includind this live take... So much great music from them in those 2 years.

Simon H

Simon H . 2 years ago

Hugely underrated this. One of the definitive Oasis B sides. That solo - recorded or live - is fucking incredible.

Sérgio Araújo

Sérgio Araújo . 3 years ago

this solo guitar S2

Esteban Blasco

Esteban Blasco . 3 years ago

Liam at his very best


JEFFERSON3530 . 3 years ago

It seems that this is the only live video of this song with Lian !!! But very bad it seems OVINI sighting video ...


HMat . 3 years ago

Wow Love Liam's voice here! He sing so majestically in 1996 <3 foorking MEGA! Live Forever

Geralt of fucking Rivia

Geralt of fucking Rivia . 3 years ago

Fucking kewl LG X

Carla julieta

Carla julieta . 3 years ago

life is automatic😏

anglo saxon

anglo saxon . 3 years ago

some fucking pipes on liam, like!


CoCHeMii . 3 years ago

Such a voice back then !! Fuckin amazing mate!!!

Jorge Gómez

Jorge Gómez . 3 years ago

This tune means a shitload to me

matteo io

matteo io . 3 years ago

20 years ago...


japirovsky . 4 years ago

damn those vocals!

Joel Arduengo Hurtado

Joel Arduengo Hurtado . 4 years ago

he goes really drunk xdd

Paul Bolton

Paul Bolton . 4 years ago

Manchester on tour

Gee Gassmann

Gee Gassmann . 4 years ago

fooking awesome

Éanna Patrick O'Sullivan

Éanna Patrick O'Sullivan . 4 years ago

classic rock moment - thanks so much for posting.

Alfie Banford

Alfie Banford . 5 years ago

It's crazy how much you can feel his stage presence even just watching it through the screen of a laptop

Carlos Alberto

Carlos Alberto . 5 years ago

well sung!

Faizul Zainal

Faizul Zainal . 5 years ago

the song is good,but the camera is shit u bloody bastards

Rob Williams

Rob Williams . 6 years ago

Wonderful song, worlds worst camera work


robevo75 . 6 years ago

why was this never recorded professionally

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