How to lose weight fast 10 kgs in 10 days | 900 calorie diet/meal plan | Full day Indian meal plan

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In this video you'll see how to lose weight fast 10 kgs in 10 days. This is a 900 calorie diet/meal plan. It's a full day Indian meal plan for quick weight loss.

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Start your day at 7 am by having a glass of warm turmeric water in empty stomach. To make this turmeric water, simply
add 1tsp of organic turmeric powder and 1/2 tsp of black pepper powder in warm water. Turmeric is an amazing spice that has innumerable health benefits. Having this everyday in the morning will boost your metabolism and reduce any bloating throughout the day.
Have your breakfast at 8 Am or within 1 hour of waking up. For your breakfast, have 1 boiled egg, 1 slice
of wholewheat toast with 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter or any other spread of your choice. Make sure that you have light or low
calorie version. This breakfast will be around 209 calories. If you cannot have egg, then go for my oats banana breakfast smoothie with lots of other super foods. Along with your breakfast, have 1 cup of matcha green tea.
at about 10 AM, have either 1 apple or 1 guava. Both apple and guava are high in fibre
content and super low in calories. Both the fruits are power house of vitamins and minerals and helps in maintaing the cholestrol level as well. Along with your 1 fruit, have 4 soaked almonds and 2 walnuts.
Have your lunch at around 12PM. For lunch have 1 roti or chapati with vegetables or sabzi of your choice along with a bowl of plain boiled dal and 1 bowl of cucumber raita. This lunch will be around 273 calories.
At around 2PM have 1 cup of diced watermelon.
At 4 PM, have a glass of coconut water with chia seeds.
At 6Pm have your dinner. For dinner you can have my oil free vegetable soup made with bottle gourd or lauki , tomatoes and carrots. It tastes great and is only 112 calories.

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TheHungryGypsy . 1 year ago

Hey Healthnuts! So many of you showed concern over the very low calorie count and whether this diet is sustainable or not. Here's my response to that. You are right in assuming that very low calorie diet or VLC diet (technically known) is NOT sustainable in the long run. However having said so, VLC diet has proven to be very effective in losing a substantial amount of weight in very less time. As I also mentioned in the beginning of the video , this kind of diet is something that you might want to follow if you want to drop a few pounds or get in better shape for a special occasion or something. You can try following this for a week to 10days and then go back to your regular calorie intake with certain lifestyle changes (healthy eating, exercise, regular sleep and adequate water intake) to maintain the lost weight. Hope this helps and the same applies to all my other low calorie diet plans on my channel πŸ™‚ Stay healthy stay happy ❣️❣️

Avya Avantika

Avya Avantika . 4 months ago


Rizwana Bachne

Rizwana Bachne . 4 months ago

Plz make stir fry veg

Sangeetha Silen

Sangeetha Silen . 4 months ago

good tips. I will follow. thank you

Rohit Shelar

Rohit Shelar . 5 months ago

Please make the video of how to make stir fried asian vegatables πŸ™

NirmaliBeauty NirmaliBeauty

NirmaliBeauty NirmaliBeauty . 7 months ago

Love this video

priya angle

priya angle . 7 months ago

Hi this is the first video which I saw from ur channel I became fan for u by this video I think U live in singapore by looking at pictures I can make that out... even I’m in singapore

Swapna Banerjee

Swapna Banerjee . 7 months ago

I am new to ur channel and u won't believe I follow this kind of diet but slight change I lost 4 days 2 kg

Priyank kathrotia

Priyank kathrotia . 8 months ago

Really helpful

shweta murkya

shweta murkya . 9 months ago

Superb..... Thanks for the lovely video...

Fathima Rifana

Fathima Rifana . 11 months ago

What abt brown rice?

Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain . 11 months ago

Thank you I lose my weight in 15 days 5 kg

Preeti Shukla

Preeti Shukla . 11 months ago

Mam maine kafi doodha pr mujhe chita seed nhi mili Kya aap bta skti h ki kanpur me kha milegi Bhut pesan ho gai hu

Asma Khan

Asma Khan . 11 months ago

Ur voice n explanation is awesome


KNOWLEDGE POWER . 11 months ago

I lv it .thank u.plz provide Asian style vegetable which u have used in lunch.

Sunitha B

Sunitha B . 11 months ago

Hi. I stay aboard and coconut water is very difficult to get. Plz suggest alternative recipe.

akshay reddy

akshay reddy . 1 year ago

Hello its great diet..I will follow this with walking in the morning and Evan cycling ..but can u suggest anything instead of coconut water and vegetable soup .both I don't like so plzz suggest me any other instead of these 2... Ty

Bilal Lakhani

Bilal Lakhani . 1 year ago

Good. Food. Like.

Bilal Lakhani

Bilal Lakhani . 1 year ago

Like. You this good

Daddy King

Daddy King . 1 year ago

Very positive vibes from this video

Bhakti Ajwani

Bhakti Ajwani . 1 year ago

Amazing Diet...impressed Vy genioun dietπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Tnx Mam😊


Grottazzura . 1 year ago

Great video thanks for posting. I get headaches without the first coffee in the morning, what can I do to combat that? Also if the soup at night is not just enough is it possible to add something solid to the diet?

Azad Khan

Azad Khan . 1 year ago

Nice video.


SWEET SANYUKTA . 1 year ago

plz do video on mix veg which u showed in lunch menu

Daphne anand

Daphne anand . 1 year ago

I've Been working on several diets, but I'm not able to loose weight. As I had followed several diets, I used to loose weight yet the rebound weight was more than I lost. My metabolism has slowed down lots. Can u please suggest something to increase metabolism? Please

Steffin Suvetha

Steffin Suvetha . 1 year ago



JEEVA .S . 1 year ago

Is the diet plan is suitable for pregnant women?

sony golay

sony golay . 1 year ago

I will take ACV in the morning empty stomach

what do u think of yourself

what do u think of yourself . 1 year ago

If we consume normal water rather than coconut water is it okay??

Geeta Baharani

Geeta Baharani . 1 year ago

Hi Pls prepare working woman meal plan


TheHungryGypsy . 1 year ago

For all those who are questioning the meal timings as shown in this video because of their daily schedule, here's my answer. You can most definitely adjust the meal times as per your schedule. It's not carved in stone 😜 Important thing is to eat little portions every few hours and avoiding too much carbohydrates or food with high glycemic index for your dinner, as those spike your blood glucose and make you crave more which leads to midnight hunger pangs and you munching on anything that's available (healthy or not). So I hope all school, college and office goers will stop bashing me in the comment section regarding the meal timings. πŸ™πŸ™

paras gossain

paras gossain . 1 year ago

Diet plan is good...but challenge is for office can we follow this plan in office like dinner and lunch time....can you suggest some alternatives

k k

k k . 1 year ago

Ma'am pls put a video for school going people also... In school I can't take all these pls.. πŸ™πŸ™.... School till at home... Pls ma'am πŸ™

k k

k k . 1 year ago

Can we drink black tea instead of green tea??

Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh . 1 year ago

It's so good diet plan mam thankyou so mach ☺☺☺

madhu rana

madhu rana . 1 year ago

I m an office going girl..and my timing is 9:30am to 5pm...please suggest something accordingly.. Currently I am 67 kg..and I want to loose maximum till 10 kindly give me a diet plan...#requirement #from #DEHRADUNπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

La FemmΓ©

La FemmΓ© . 1 year ago

umm.. I realized I only eat 500-600 calories a day. . .

Khadija B

Khadija B . 1 year ago

Any alternative for the dinner soup and can u suggest anything of chicken item instead of vegetables??

javvad azmi

javvad azmi . 1 year ago

hi.. you have not mentioned about any mutton o chicken in ur diet plan.. pls help

Sethu Priya B

Sethu Priya B . 1 year ago

Give more of vegetarian receipes, if I eat chapathi body gets heat n I am getting cyst in the parts, substitute for chapathi

Shiny Varghese

Shiny Varghese . 1 year ago


Aijaz Memon

Aijaz Memon . 1 year ago

Very nice diet plan gv us more plan

Brinda Murali

Brinda Murali . 1 year ago

What should rice eaters do?

Krish Sharma

Krish Sharma . 1 year ago

Give Full day plan For Office goers

Sayyeda Lokhandwala

Sayyeda Lokhandwala . 1 year ago

I am a hypothyroid patient..any tips for me?

Syeeda Asra

Syeeda Asra . 1 year ago

Irregular periods waley yeah diet kr Saktey kya

Dinesh Chavan

Dinesh Chavan . 1 year ago

I hv thyroid can i take tablet n afrer tht can i drink turmeric tea

Mary Rozario

Mary Rozario . 1 year ago

Should i follow the same meal plan for 10 days?

Tarun Sharma

Tarun Sharma . 1 year ago

Mam apple cider vinegar pee skte hnn turmeric drink ki jagah

Fatima Fatimanaeem

Fatima Fatimanaeem . 1 year ago

How many calories in one boil egg

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