The most basic Keto meals recipe this week with cheesy Italian meatballs made by a real Italian. Tasty cheesy keto meatballs!
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Italian Meatball recipe made by a real Italian born and bread based on my Italian Grandmother Home made Meatball recipe! the simplest Basic Keto Recipe there is and the first I made back in 2013 turning mere ingredients into a meal. Based on the recipe by my Italian Grandmother for homemade meatballs and sharing a bit of history while making them this new series is inspired by the ever famous Basics with Babish, with a low carb twist!

Also the chat while making meatballs goes to
MSG Monosodium Glutamate
My starting before keto
The biochemistry of ketones
Protein In keto
Insulin resistance, post prandial hypoglycemia and prediabetes
Protein and Gluconeogenesis in Keto

Keto Basics: Cheesy Meatballs
Nutritional Values: 117 calories, 0g carbs, 9g Fat, 9g Protein

500g Minced Beef 20% fat
500g Minced Pork
450g Grated Mild Cheddar
2 large eggs

Black Pepper


Monosodium Glutamate

Italian Herbs

Zero Maple Syrup mentioned


Huge Bowl

Baking Tray

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Comments :

heyy whatsgood

heyy whatsgood . 3 months ago

Wait up, did she just use MSG? -_-


Andy . 7 months ago

love your work, Wifey and i are going to cook these this week.


mgliamara . 1 year ago

Thanks! On my way to make it. 😊 I count in Portuguese, my first language. Funny, insn’t it. Love this video!!


xZed84x . 2 years ago

Hi Ginger. Are your nutritional information for per meatball?


vertigofall . 2 years ago

Great vid! Keep it up! Bravo!

Ugie Moore

Ugie Moore . 2 years ago

I love the basic idea because finding everyday food simple made food is what I’m looking for.


HOPROPHETA . 2 years ago

Ciao Bella! Tuti a tavola a mangiare! That's all I know in Italian!

Shapie Nails

Shapie Nails . 2 years ago

I was checking out your T-Shirt & wondered if it had came with the collar removed , cause I can't stand anything tight around my neck . If I like a shirt that has a collar I will cut it off !Β  Think we have something in common ? lolΒ  These look yummy , been hearing a lot about people adding liver to meat ballsΒ ( guess to mask the taste) if you don't like it . Anyways it's chock full of health benefits ..Β Well most all organ meats do . No idea why I'm rambling on about this .... I may omit the ground pork - up the beef & mix in some liver :) Ur Pepper grinder is soooooo cute !!!


BigHeadConnor . 2 years ago

It's a bit more work, but always buy blocks of cheese instead of shredded cheese. If you read the ingredients, shredded cheese contains potato starch which keeps the shreds from clumping together and it's an added carb. Shred your own block of cheese and you won't get the potato starch.

Kayleigh O'Connor

Kayleigh O'Connor . 2 years ago

I love your t-shirt! 😡 Xx


Liz . 2 years ago

Fairly new subscriber here....but catching up on old clogs fast! This recipe looks great, thanks, will try it with a little less cheese....although they looked like they came with a cheese sauce/cruchy extras which would taste good too 😘

KETO Liscious Life

KETO Liscious Life . 2 years ago

Yummm we just need delivery now!!! Hugs!!!

Tari N

Tari N . 2 years ago

"I shouldn't be allowed to talk to people". LOL ! I love listening to you and I look forward to all of your videos. Thank you for doing all the research that you do and for sharing it with us. xo


jen . 2 years ago

I prefer this format over the basic cooking videos. It's like a combination of your cooking and chatting videos. It's more fun to watch you cook than just seeing the ingredients combining into *poof* food. . 2 years ago

Thanks for doing this! Great recipe.


Lorie . 2 years ago

I bake my bacon less mess and crunchy and ok drooling LOL no maple thou I live by if God wanted meat to be sweet it would come sweeten LOL yep not a BBQ person or glazed Ham or Bacon LOL Love to watch you cook !!!

Jeanna B

Jeanna B . 2 years ago

I love simple foods so much! Bunless burgers, eggs, meat, etc.

Martha Scott

Martha Scott . 2 years ago

I will definitely make this recipe very soon! Thanks 😁


BLessOMe . 2 years ago

Thanks for the recipe! Love meatballs! I know some of the objection to MSG is that it can cause people to have migraines. IDK if MSG is different in the UK than in the US, but even a little can cause a problem for some folks. I tend to avoid it because I don't know the amount that triggers mine since quantity isn't noted on a product. I like this format, too!!

Karen Rothwell

Karen Rothwell . 2 years ago

How did you know that I've been craving meatballs? LOL

Doris Edita H

Doris Edita H . 2 years ago

I love meatballs. I like your recipes. <3<3<3

Lou J

Lou J . 2 years ago

Love the chit chat!!

gayle crisp

gayle crisp . 2 years ago

Thanks for this video. I am always wondering how to make things that normally use breadcrumbs as a filler and also can you make a keto gravy? You know all the comfort foods that are high carb. Please continue these :) and do share your everyday meals I agree to keep things simple

Breakfast Recipe

Breakfast Recipe . 2 years ago

keto ji, nice video uploaded by you.

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