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The Talk With KJ

The Talk With KJ

Published on 8 months ago

Hi! We are Kate and JZ, and you are watching The Talk With KJ!! Subscribe for weekly talks and crazy guest. This is our first (and new!) youtube channel - hope you guys enjoy every minute of it. We just wanted to have fun and play along so here we are. In this week’s video we have the country music star Kane Brown (@kanebrown_music) joining us. We prepared a quick fan Q&A for him, a music challenge and of course a little game to end the video.

See you next week!

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Filmed & Edited: @alexalvga

Comments :

Abigail Alves

Abigail Alves . 2 days ago

Kate the way you are looking at kane

Harmonic Gaming

Harmonic Gaming . 5 days ago


Yalitza Perez-Romero

Yalitza Perez-Romero . 6 days ago

Jc:Are You Ready Kane:..A No

Brandon Mckenna

Brandon Mckenna . 6 days ago

I thik you shoud. Prank

Shaunna Lisby

Shaunna Lisby . 7 days ago

Is that kanes wife?

Jahmarley Kauhi

Jahmarley Kauhi . 1 week ago

"20 minutes early?? That's is not even an option!!" Lmfaooo you asked the question homie yes it is

Hailee Owens

Hailee Owens . 2 weeks ago

When he talks about the tatto of Kate she is sooooo fake

Raven Fellows

Raven Fellows . 2 weeks ago

Act like he aint your husband😂😂💙 love this

Jolie Castillo

Jolie Castillo . 3 weeks ago

Kane brown is your wife pregnant

Emily Humphreys

Emily Humphreys . 3 weeks ago

Hi Kate and Kane brown and I hope I come and see you

Amber Bowen

Amber Bowen . 3 weeks ago

I love you kB so very much

Stefanie Lawrence

Stefanie Lawrence . 3 weeks ago


Stefanie Lawrence

Stefanie Lawrence . 3 weeks ago


Rosie Conaghan

Rosie Conaghan . 1 month ago

Love that you guys get more out of kane than he he first gives answers for .. too amazing :)

Lissa Hubbard

Lissa Hubbard . 1 month ago

I found this so boring. First 10 seconds are crucial. Next.

Elyssa Agnew

Elyssa Agnew . 1 month ago

Hey katelyn can you tell kane that he inspires me so much and when im sad i listen to his music and it cherrs me up and also when i listen to any of his songs i have a good day

Kason Young

Kason Young . 1 month ago

He is such a sweetie he is so humble and i love how he loves his wife

Victoria Martinez

Victoria Martinez . 1 month ago

18:24 Kane : That was awesome

Victoria Martinez

Victoria Martinez . 1 month ago

18:19 Kanes face killed me XD


YTchildCHANNEL . 1 month ago

I wanna smash Kate

Julie Warner

Julie Warner . 1 month ago

Y'all are too cute love ya!

Grace Humphreys

Grace Humphreys . 1 month ago


Kathe Ireton

Kathe Ireton . 1 month ago

You two are a perfect fit. absolutely beautiful Kate.

Piggy2718 Cook

Piggy2718 Cook . 1 month ago

My birthday is October the 11

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson . 2 months ago

Me and my son (he’s 7) are the biggest fans ever! His name is Kingston. He was SOOOO excited when he heard that if you all would have had a boy that was what you were going to name him. Lol. But, hoping to bring him to one of your concerts for his first concert. He is just dying to see you Kane and Kate too! We love you both! 💕 Congrats on the beautiful babygirl and your all’s marriage! You guys rock!


Kuhk . 2 months ago

it seems like Katelyn brown and Kane brown is always in a good mood and also jc.


Kuhk . 2 months ago

i love Kane brown this is my first day watching y'all channel and i love it

Rachel Sanders

Rachel Sanders . 2 months ago

Kane brown is awesome

Skylar Kruis

Skylar Kruis . 2 months ago


Blu Moon

Blu Moon . 2 months ago

Was somebody being punk’d here?

Shelly Coyle

Shelly Coyle . 2 months ago

I am 61, recently widowed and came upon Kane Brown and his music. You, Mr. Kane Brown are my greatest musical find. I wake up and listen to you. I adore you. I survive these damn life blues a lot easier, with you. Such a rich voice, such a good man. Keep up the good work. Pyroshelly

Annie Divis

Annie Divis . 2 months ago

Song called Whiskey River

Annie Divis

Annie Divis . 2 months ago

Another word sugar all Sugar Sugar you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you

Bobby Bosse

Bobby Bosse . 2 months ago

Tell me why kane looks high af lmao

Lorrie Keagy

Lorrie Keagy . 2 months ago

how is your job

Lorrie Keagy

Lorrie Keagy . 2 months ago

is kane happy to be with k

Michelle Teller

Michelle Teller . 2 months ago

When are you guys going to do another episode love watching you guys.

Jordán Testermand

Jordán Testermand . 2 months ago

*I LOVE the Voice of Kane Brown*

Erin Vaughn

Erin Vaughn . 2 months ago

They are such a Beautiful Couple ... we all hope for that kind of Love 💞💞💞💞

Erin Vaughn

Erin Vaughn . 2 months ago

I Love Kane & Kate 💞💞💞💞👏👏👏👏

Erin Vaughn

Erin Vaughn . 2 months ago

Do you guys know that there is a TV Show Called the Talk ... You. Might want to Change the name of your show ... that's a law suit waiting to happen ... Love Ya 💞💞👍🏼👍🏼

Mr. Awesome

Mr. Awesome . 2 months ago

At first I was like that's his wife and then I was like no she ain't but she is

raul leal

raul leal . 2 months ago

What's kanes Xbox name tag tho?😂😂

Zoey Perez

Zoey Perez . 2 months ago

I am a fan of kane brown music

Jansen P

Jansen P . 2 months ago

Need more videos like this!!!

caitlan murrison

caitlan murrison . 2 months ago

I love Kane but he pretty much answered nothing 😂

Shawna Shaw

Shawna Shaw . 2 months ago

That's a great start to a great new beginning. GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH OF YOU! YOU'VE GOT A NEW SUBSCRIBER.

Nae Xuipper

Nae Xuipper . 2 months ago

sugar sugar .....you are you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you...!!

Taylor Dawn

Taylor Dawn . 2 months ago

Im curious to know what he wrote that you blurred out 😂


shawnwhite08sw . 2 months ago

The way them two talk is clear they're trying to be professional together but I admire how much fun they make together

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