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Published on 2 years ago

Atkins strawberry shake! http://amzn.to/2vG8VeQ
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ravelli tripod http://amzn. If you are curious about the gear i use for my videos here’s a list!
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DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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Comments :


Johnsc11904 . 2 weeks ago

Look at that $400 worth if food on the table.

Linda G

Linda G . 3 months ago

Atkins pizza tastes awful!!! Just like cardboard. Don't bother buying it.


twiklight . 4 months ago

Good video

Matt M

Matt M . 5 months ago

I just downloaded the Atkins Carb Count App and it said 20 net carbs a day during the induction phase and 15 of them net carbs have to be vegetables, how are you eating snacks and dressing everyday without going over the 5 net carbs a day??


emmonstrex65 . 6 months ago

Awesome video❤

Lynda Bell

Lynda Bell . 6 months ago

I messed up and am at my max for NC, I still have the entire rest of day, can I avoid going over by changing the menu?

Jada Suong

Jada Suong . 7 months ago

So eat the same thing everyday?

Carpet Squad

Carpet Squad . 9 months ago

Lol bottom of the bowl joke was hilarious.... Lol but true...

Miss Martin

Miss Martin . 10 months ago

Hi, are you still eating like this? How was it for you? weight loss?

Sam Barnes

Sam Barnes . 10 months ago

Can you have almonds and cheese for snacks on the induction phase?

P Brayden

P Brayden . 11 months ago

Are talking Net Carbs when you are speaking about the 12-15 veggie carbs and 18-22 carbs for everything else during the day, or are you talking Total carbs?

Cathy A

Cathy A . 1 year ago

I use unsweetened almond milk (Silk) and an entire 8 oz glass is 1 carb. and very low calories.

The Sexeguru

The Sexeguru . 1 year ago

I like the list of equipment you listed can you do a video on how your YouTube set up to help new YouTubers ? Please and thank you

Mike Carreca

Mike Carreca . 1 year ago

Thank you this answered my question. I don't have alot of time to spend in the kitchen. I don't buy a whole lot of food anyway so a few more dollars won't matter. I've lost 50 lbs already and need to loose 15 more and I'm stuck this is going to help. Thank you.

Habanero Jones

Habanero Jones . 1 year ago

All that shit in the video description and you don't bother to include the fucking meal plan list? Thanks...

Vicky Evelyn

Vicky Evelyn . 2 years ago

You have gain a new subscriber. just started to do atkins

Krystal Marie

Krystal Marie . 2 years ago

This video is super informative. I’ve started the Atkins diet a week ago, and I still had some questions which is why I came here. At first it was really hard for me to limit my carbs to 22g a day.. but once I got used to cooking daily, my carb count is usually 8-12 carbs a day since I’m mainly eating meat, salads, and a shake every other day. How often do you exercise? The one thing I found mix answers is some people say you don’t need to exercise while others say you do. What do you recommend? What types of exercises worked for you on Atkins?

Kimberly Clemmer

Kimberly Clemmer . 2 years ago

Just wanted to say thank you. I started Atkins 13 days ago along with joining the local gym. Your videos really help and encourage me. I've found a few things I've been doing wrong like having too many sugar substitutes a day, telling myself it's ok to eat pork skins as a snack. Lol and maybe a little too much cheese. Despite this i have lost a few pounds and want to say Congratulations on your journey as well. You look amazing. Keep up the good work!

Carole Bercaw

Carole Bercaw . 2 years ago

I don't know if this is still the case?? Years ago ANYTHING I ate from The Atkins product line messed me up big time!! I even wrote the company.. It could just be me tho.. I pretty much have to stay as close to zero carbs as I can. I haven't watched all your uploads yet. You may have mentioned this.. Pork Rinds???? I love them. Do you eat them?? I'm surprised Atkins hasn't asked you If they could sponser you?? Pay you to promote??

Dyane Downs

Dyane Downs . 2 years ago

Question: I can’t eat fish. Lol. What can I replace it with for my lunch? Thx so much! Your awesome!

Stacy Ray

Stacy Ray . 2 years ago

Where is the beer lol? Just kidding! Appreciate your input!

James Stanley

James Stanley . 2 years ago

Great videos for motivation and reminders for going into induction phase ,, I have done Akins several times over the past 15yrs and had even lost 70lbs in 6 months once.. The weight usually stays off a couple years but creeps back on the older I get,, I always say I wont gain that back again but of course, this old dog cant seem to learn new tricks about life style changes,, ha, All I can say is thank god for Atkins because his way was the only way that ever worked for me.. Thanks again and keep up the great work spreading the Atkins way,

joan lantis

joan lantis . 2 years ago

you can buy atkins other places cheaper

A life Journey

A life Journey . 2 years ago

I was hoping for u to open it so we can see the portion size! 😋

RS Marett

RS Marett . 2 years ago

Intro way way too long. TMW. To many words. Just get on with it man.

65 TossPowerTrap

65 TossPowerTrap . 2 years ago

I am eating the following: eggs for breakfast, cheese stick snack, lunch is a green plain salad with chicken, and dinner is a green carb plus protein. My problem is on Saturday I splurge and go off the plan. My splurge is two bags of popcorn. How can I stop this splurge!? It's an engrained habit over three decades of movie watching.

Logan Solo

Logan Solo . 2 years ago

You talk SO much! Just get to the point man! You are not so charismatic to small talk like a celebrity. God! ALL your videos are like that. Just get to the point already.

Tina M

Tina M . 2 years ago

Also, LOVE the shakes. Lucky for me, strawberry is my fave 🤣

Tina M

Tina M . 2 years ago

How many stalks of asparagus? 😉

James Fischer

James Fischer . 2 years ago

very informative, I just started on day 2. best information

Mike Carreca

Mike Carreca . 2 years ago

Hi This is Mikes wife I'm actually been writing you not him. I like your videos .I'm starting the Atkins program. Only one question. I work 3rd shift I really don't have time for more than 3 meals a day. Most of the time I don't eat but 2 meals. I can't eat and then goto bed can't sleep well. What to do?

Carra Owens

Carra Owens . 2 years ago

I am easing into Atkins and I have noticed I need a handful of carbs so my brain will function, any advice so I can go hardcore?

Dakota Baldwin

Dakota Baldwin . 2 years ago

Question, I don’t eat any kind of seafood, can you substitute the salmon for something else?


Gasman6924 . 2 years ago


clifford anderson

clifford anderson . 2 years ago

What fruits can we eat. And not eat


intheMOMentof2 . 2 years ago

4:04 lol your hilarious! I just started watching your videos and I must say I'm hooked! It's so refreshing to watch someone that's REAL! It is easier to receive advise from someone that makes you feel comfortable, that's encouraging and that basically can honestly relate. (Especially budget wise!) Thank you!!!

J Highs

J Highs . 2 years ago

Hurricane Humphrey?!

Lucy Buchmiller

Lucy Buchmiller . 2 years ago

I love the ideas and appreciate all your encouragement. I'm in the process of starting Atkins but I have a question. I don't care for seafood can I substitute possibly chicken?

Haifa Mishal

Haifa Mishal . 2 years ago

I started Atkins two weeks ago and I didn't lose any weight until I saw your videos and knew I was doing many mistakes, now I lost 2 kilos and my ketones scale is 8 :) , do you have instagram page ? Thx


ghost97bm . 2 years ago

so i started atkins 3 days ago and ive been strict i follow a meal plan you mentioned in another video i went to the store and spent like 20 dollars and got enought food for 5-7 days and its awesome i love the food and i like i can eat great stuff it was fustrating and i hate it cause almost everyone in my family is skinny so they can eat watever and not gain weight so i haft to push around them a little but i got my own food and ive been clean haha i counted everything the first day and just have been replicating it to almost be maximun around 21 or 22 carbs and i havnt gone over but even if i ever did thats still so much less then my usual so i think i will be ok but ive been strict for now i work from home mostly and i made my meals the first 2 days but i noticed i was tempted to eat them alot so today i just made them as i went not big portions but like 5 minutes each really and on day 2 i notices i had so many cravings and i was so tempted to break and have some pasta and rice but i didnt and today i noticed my cravings are basically gone and im not as hungry and the first few days , my only difference from your normal meal plan is i make my portions slightly larger because i add baby spinach to it just to fluff it up a little i love it and it has alot of vitamins and nutrients but i add like coliflower and a bag of strips of coliflower and brocolli instead of zucchini and stuff ive been working out for a few years now and i never had a definite meal plan i kinda just cut out shit when i could and tried good to eat nice. i lost fat but never changed a whole lot i gained alot of muscle my profile was slightly different but i feel confident about this now hopefully i can do well in this and im willing to go the full way. i like this meal plan alot the food i make taste great and i know its doing well thanks for all the info im 19 and have been fat for about 8 years and hopefully i can stop that clock soon thanks for all the info ill comment on your videos every once and awhile i dont do that to much hence my name looking forward to your new video and watching your old ones

walking on Sunshine

walking on Sunshine . 2 years ago

Just love your encouragement. Do you still do the Atkins program now that you have lost your weight?

Tara Applegate

Tara Applegate . 2 years ago

I am on induction so this is very helpful. Today was a challenge because of personal issues but I'm not going to give up. Thank you for all your advice and encouragement!

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