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7 Low-Carb Veggie Dinners



Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain . 20 hours ago

Why the title has the word "Veggie" when eggs are used in the very first dish?

Crispy Bacon

Crispy Bacon . 1 week ago

That was the coolest grilled cheese idea I've seen. I love it. Thank you

1 2

1 2 . 3 weeks ago

Just freaking shred that cauliflower

priyanka kannamadakala

priyanka kannamadakala . 3 weeks ago

Using eggs. How does it make veggie food.

Elvia Cordova

Elvia Cordova . 3 weeks ago


nella pl

nella pl . 4 weeks ago

Potatoes are low carb? Ok that's New 😂😂

pranav deepak

pranav deepak . 4 weeks ago

Let me spell it out for you "Egg isn't vegetarian"

Austin Parker

Austin Parker . 4 weeks ago

3:35 awesome

Federica Di Fraia

Federica Di Fraia . 4 weeks ago

I have currently used this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for some days by now and also the results are fantastic. I have the energy I need without having controlling my desire for foods without having making me feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my very own diet program and i also still manage to burned my weight to 7 pounds. .


yooperlooper . 4 weeks ago

I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THESE (except I'm allergic to eggplant) - but lots of cheese so make sure to drink a little prune juice each day. Not keto, but will save you from hemrroids! ha ha

Black Panther

Black Panther . 4 weeks ago

Im a little confused. Potatoes has loads of carbohydrates.


BiggD . 4 weeks ago

Does anyone know what can be substituted for cauliflower?? I wanna try some of these recipes but cauliflower is a no go 🙅 Maybe brócoli or quinoa?

Jyoti Lawania

Jyoti Lawania . 4 weeks ago

Egg vegetarian kese hojata hai bhai

Andréia gatinhas e gatões

Andréia gatinhas e gatões . 4 weeks ago

Este é fã de Cheddar nunca vi tanta receita com cheddar eu detesto Cheddar

DaddyC C

DaddyC C . 4 weeks ago

Good but too much work

Yanuario Arias

Yanuario Arias . 4 weeks ago

I'd rather eat dog shit than that plant crap.

Yan yani

Yan yani . 4 weeks ago

If I am not too lazy to this on the morning and evening, for sure I lose some weights now.

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed . 4 weeks ago

Thank you

Crimson Soul

Crimson Soul . 4 weeks ago

"veggie" puts in egg anyway 🙄😒

Clash Army and MTA 1

Clash Army and MTA 1 . 4 weeks ago

More like 7 ways to use broccoli

LeAnn Robertson

LeAnn Robertson . 4 weeks ago

Dudes Potatoes ARE NOT low carb.

LeAnn Robertson

LeAnn Robertson . 4 weeks ago

Hate to burst your bubble but most marinara sauces are loaded with sugar and are definitely NOT low carb and neither are tomatoes.

harpreet lamba

harpreet lamba . 1 month ago

veggie dinner with eggs.....hahahaaaa

Ankush Nawla

Ankush Nawla . 1 month ago

Awesome dishes👌👏👏👍


SANGITA MAITI . 1 month ago


Maribeth J

Maribeth J . 1 month ago

How are potatoes low-carb?! Duh!!! Sometimes these videos are in F-ing waste of time.


MY MUSES . 1 month ago

Also does anyone know what I could use in place of all these eggs? I can't eat them. What other binders are out there for we vegans? ^..^


MY MUSES . 1 month ago

Wish these would have had the nutritional breakdown so we would know how low-carb these are! Potatoes sure are not but I see that it is used in a several-servings way. ^..^

cai tools

cai tools . 1 month ago

Pathetic, do u call egg vegetarian? Big thumbs down, disgusting to see such videos with misleading titles.

Royal Rider

Royal Rider . 1 month ago

You wrote veggie diet. But u used eggs

Lisette Callis

Lisette Callis . 1 month ago

that fried "rice" actually looks yummy!


DA SUPADUPA . 1 month ago

Gonna be washing alot of dishes and rags

anupama ramesh

anupama ramesh . 1 month ago

Eggs are supposed to be vegetarian?! 🤔

Gary Woods

Gary Woods . 1 month ago

I'll stay carnivore for life

Mrutyunjay Behera

Mrutyunjay Behera . 2 months ago

Egg veg kese hua be?

3 Minutes Recipe

3 Minutes Recipe . 2 months ago

Nice Recipe definitely I ll try in my home #3minutesrecipe pls subscribe my channel https://youtu.be/SRi4zZOflM4

agus herr

agus herr . 2 months ago

Eggs and cheese are not veggie :/


JOSEPHINE LAGMAY . 2 months ago

So yummy

Francis Gallegos

Francis Gallegos . 2 months ago

No matter what anyone says, I appreciate your recipe ideas. Low carb vegetarian is hard to stay creative with.

farra ashford

farra ashford . 2 months ago

love. love will try them all.

Sandeep Chand Rajput

Sandeep Chand Rajput . 2 months ago

Wow ♥️


marcelamove1 . 2 months ago

Bajas en calorías y malisimas para el colon, zuquinisz pepinos, pimientos, coliflor pufff una. Bomba

Denise Allison Stout

Denise Allison Stout . 2 months ago

Don’t ever buy anything low fat! That stuff is horrible for your health the man wants you in his sick care system he wants you taking his expensive pills that will further deteriorate your health shame on you tasty for recommending that crap

Hope Harris

Hope Harris . 2 months ago

All these recipes take forever,😂😂

Hope Harris

Hope Harris . 2 months ago

The disappearing act of that spinach 😂😂


KalbreezyBaby . 2 months ago

Yoh that cauliflower grilled cheese had me like


KalbreezyBaby . 2 months ago

Yoh that cauliflower grilled cheese had me like

Hano H

Hano H . 2 months ago

Everything was good until i saw 3 cups of potatoes. That is not low carb

Tom Fallion

Tom Fallion . 2 months ago

The overuse of cauliflower is tiresome. Look up low carb seizure diets to get more options than that shitty ghosty wanna be brocoli, or just use broccoli if you want some flavor.

Girl Wonder66

Girl Wonder66 . 2 months ago

But how many carbs are in each meal?

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