Seth Kardos

Seth Kardos

Published on 3 years ago

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Green Tea Fat Burner increases your calorie burning ability in fast-acting Liquid Soft-Gels.* This product has been formulated to provide a highly concentrated form of green tea extract combined with caffeine that, while not literally "melting” fat off the body, has been shown to:

Increase calorie burning (thermogenesis) and kick-start your fat burning ability (fat oxidation)*
Supply powerful antioxidant protection*

DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

Comments :

Dong Heng

Dong Heng . 3 days ago

You are handsome! lol

daniel Laswell

daniel Laswell . 1 month ago

U said itll last u a year like I take 2 one in the morning then another one when like at 5pm

Yulilizah Garciaa

Yulilizah Garciaa . 3 months ago

Thank you for the review!

Susu susu

Susu susu . 4 months ago

it help losing weight but very very slowly...not good for heart illness

Just T. Please

Just T. Please . 5 months ago

he cute

Chi Me

Chi Me . 6 months ago

I’ve always been hesitant to consume these supplements due to the “scammmy look”😂😂 I’ve always bought Irwin naturals

Chi Me

Chi Me . 6 months ago

Thank you for the review 🤗🤗

Ginger Fisher

Ginger Fisher . 6 months ago

Was this sponsored

Sara Anschütz

Sara Anschütz . 6 months ago

Why the F was there an Olive Garden commercial before this video? *SMH*

Norma Landungan

Norma Landungan . 8 months ago

one yrs ago this. some i reading 4to5 yrs different comments make scarry destroy ourselves etc but i do am taking a few days so far am fines .whys am not taking like am two capsules.and pm.two capsules am not just ones a capsules or pm.arounds 5 capsules and drinks mores alkalines.waters just.saftey cuz am mores readings bad soo anyway am nothing feeling bad and nyth times woooowwwwwww 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤😁😁😁😁😁😁 sleeping good


Z S . 8 months ago

Done! I’m buying it!

Alex Castro

Alex Castro . 9 months ago

I bought some from a website and lost 28 pounds in a month , it was cheap and it worked like 30$ for 60 pills

Red Z0ne

Red Z0ne . 9 months ago

Also it says to keep in cool place. Do you HAVE to refrigerate it? Will it go bad or not work if you don't because I'm unable too and I don't want to get sick

Red Z0ne

Red Z0ne . 9 months ago

Hey I started taking them today and I feel a little nauseous (I also had coffee this morning). Is this normal to feel this way starting out? Is it just my body getting used to it or something?


hilsil . 10 months ago

green tea pills can fuck up your liver, be aware

tj kirkland

tj kirkland . 10 months ago

Seth do you take of the two pills everyday?


Shananigans! . 10 months ago

hi guys maybe check out cbc news' video about these too before you take these. Too much egcg is toxic to your liver. Just do a little bit more research on these before you take them

Cindy Rios

Cindy Rios . 10 months ago

This product makes me feel energetic and helps me keep myself awake. I just started taking them 3 days ago and it helped me eat a lot less than I used to. Which I think is great because i was starting to gain some weight.

a flash and killer frost fan

a flash and killer frost fan . 10 months ago

Can a 16 years old use this pill ???

Aya Naji

Aya Naji . 11 months ago

I just bought it today from Costco 😁


KARA PUMA . 11 months ago

Hi long time ago I did use Green tea fat burner Gum it really worked for me helped me eat less lose body fat as I said was a long time ago list 10 years, I don't see that green tea gum anymore so recently I rethink about use green tea fat burner so I have a question When we start taking this Green Tea fat burner can we drink regular coffee if we do so any side effects if anyone does have experience please let me know

trishala rode

trishala rode . 1 year ago

damage your liver wirh these lol fuckr

bazer bowers

bazer bowers . 1 year ago much respects to you dude and good explaination but stop taking them. every ones bodies are different i know but i wouldnt take the risk from what i saw in this video above. peace

afreen khan

afreen khan . 1 year ago

Can i take dis pill after 7 mnths of my cesearian delivery plz answer my doubts vil be really grateful to you

Thêrêsa ThạchThủy

Thêrêsa ThạchThủy . 2 years ago

I want to lose 10 - 15 lbs in 50 days for a wedding. will this work for me? thanks


Rashad . 2 years ago


Wendy Pope

Wendy Pope . 2 years ago

you explain very well

pari doshi

pari doshi . 2 years ago

Can we cut the capsule and just consume the inner part.?

Archie Bal

Archie Bal . 2 years ago

thank you for explaining. very clear

John Archangel7

John Archangel7 . 2 years ago

Thank you so much for this video. I just purchased these a few hours ago.

Angelina Flores

Angelina Flores . 2 years ago

Could I continue drinking my biotin with green tea pills ?

ghassi fufa

ghassi fufa . 2 years ago

is green tea extract reduces testostrone level of man plz clear me sir thanks


Cookyourwaytoglory . 2 years ago

On intermetting fasting ......can we take this fat burner on empty stomach? i mean on fasting state

Ale Ale

Ale Ale . 2 years ago

Hi! I'm so happy!! I just found those pills in my kitchen :) I was doubting if I should take them or not and now I will for sure! thanks for the info, here you have a new follower.

Stephannie Reeves

Stephannie Reeves . 2 years ago

Does caffeine give u jitters no make u have to much energy just a little bit how long does it take lose weight

Julie O'Karma

Julie O'Karma . 2 years ago

Green tea fat burner give me a lot of energy but better than coffee


mslovely445 . 2 years ago

Your so cute and this video was so helpful

Joseph Armstrong

Joseph Armstrong . 2 years ago

I tried everything out there even a 1800 cal diet I'm on right now and I want to try the green tea fat burner pills already tried the herbal Greentree thank you

Joseph Armstrong

Joseph Armstrong . 2 years ago

Does taking the green tea fat burner pills lower bad LDL cholesterol and along with dieting and exercise I'm only 19 years old and I asked these questions because I have bad LDL have cholesterol and my doctors want me to lose weight they want me to lose up to 200 pounds in one month to get rid of my bad area I'll have cholesterol

Pee Vita

Pee Vita . 2 years ago

nice how many pill should i take daily ? and when is the best time to take ?

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