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Published on 3 years ago

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Joe Wilkinson, David Mitchell, Roisin Conaty, Jon Richardson, Tom Allen, Rachel Riley and Susie Dent completely lose it after Jimmy Carr's joke about Susie and glory holes!

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Channel 4

Channel 4 . 1 year ago

Watch the whole panel breakdown after hearing Joe Wilkinson's Poem:

Sexy Sean

Sexy Sean . 3 hours ago

Well he would be looking Into glory holes with that Adams apple


Infinitylilith . 5 days ago

jon's mini version looks like Strax lmao

David Boson

David Boson . 5 days ago

humour is the absurd = jimmy hit it big here

Real Thailand

Real Thailand . 6 days ago

Wot a load of sad juvenile fukers. All they can do is talk smut - they're like a bunch of ill-educated teenagers writing rude words on a toilet wall, all thinking it's funny. So unutterably inadequate, childish, embarrasing, and pathetic.


DaPenguinNinja . 2 weeks ago

The comedic timing of the bald guy lol

Man Lil

Man Lil . 2 weeks ago

Maybe He's covering for her cause she's not good with jokes?

Jerry'sBuddiesComedian2002 FTL

Jerry'sBuddiesComedian2002 FTL . 2 weeks ago

Please Bring the hoobs back on 4od


cubeyuk . 3 weeks ago

Bit of a anti climax this clip. It wasn't THAT funny.

Rick wallace

Rick wallace . 4 weeks ago

I was waiting for the "and inside Rachel...." joke.

Laine Harris

Laine Harris . 1 month ago

The deadpan delivery killed everyone. Hahahahahaha. Gold

Martha Ingram

Martha Ingram . 2 months ago

Crazy 😜

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher . 3 months ago

You came here for 3:06


antred11 . 3 months ago

Poor Susie! Hasn't she suffered enough?? 🤪


StephenFiorentini . 3 months ago

Jimmy : Sleepy go bye bye section Susie : oh well can't get any worse 🙃 Jimmy : 😎

Reece A

Reece A . 3 months ago

He ruined it with the handcuff joke... no just no...

George M

George M . 3 months ago

What does Glory Holes mean?

Brother Bungle

Brother Bungle . 3 months ago

that was shit

Callum Carter

Callum Carter . 4 months ago

What episode is this from

Floyd Freeman

Floyd Freeman . 4 months ago

Every time I watch this it gets funnier

DP ie

DP ie . 4 months ago

Its my 10th time watching this video and its still equally fun.

Dane Fielding

Dane Fielding . 4 months ago

You would wouldn’t you, seems like a very nice women who deserves a jolly good seeing too👍🏼


tiineli . 4 months ago

I want the russian dolls with my family on it

Daniele Bonadeo

Daniele Bonadeo . 5 months ago

What episode is this from?


whismerhilll . 5 months ago

Jimmy Carr! Love your work man!


PAUL ARNOLD . 5 months ago


alan lawrence

alan lawrence . 5 months ago

Rhoda Gilbert

Rob Davison

Rob Davison . 5 months ago

Some people see the opportunity and take it up a notch! Jimmy.... He sees there opportunity and takes it up 10 notches

R4msden 2K19

R4msden 2K19 . 6 months ago

Nothing will sooth the soul more than good, hearty laughter...

በርታ ሰውም ሁን

በርታ ሰውም ሁን . 6 months ago

Still watching it in June 2019

Grinning Demon

Grinning Demon . 6 months ago

I've lost count of the times i've seen this clip, but it literally cracks me up EVERY TIME! The panels reaction was priceless, jimmy totally went off script with that joke! 😂😂😂

Yafet Shibeshi

Yafet Shibeshi . 6 months ago

That's why I always wait for Jimmy to stop talking be fore I react because the bastard always traps you before pulling the rug from under you and dropping you on your ass

Dayz Ahead

Dayz Ahead . 6 months ago

Suzzy face bothers me

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ . 7 months ago

jimmy so funny he made himself cry hahaha

Carl W

Carl W . 7 months ago

Comedy Gold

Jay Lew

Jay Lew . 7 months ago

Susie's h.a.f

Jackyblue67 Same

Jackyblue67 Same . 7 months ago

They must be smokin some good Austrailian bud lmao!!!

Georg M

Georg M . 7 months ago

Well actually Joe started it... Took several watchings, but yup. He's a rascal.

Myrrhe Nazare

Myrrhe Nazare . 7 months ago

Can't see why anyone would want to watch this rubbish.

Jeremy Mather

Jeremy Mather . 8 months ago

her answer should have been, "Well I did see something very unusual, kinda prickly, and small, then some one said your name and I lost it.


Nebulous . 8 months ago

I didn’t get the joke but I’m still laughing😂😂😂😂


Awppenheimer . 8 months ago


Kim Holmgaard

Kim Holmgaard . 8 months ago

This may actually be the funniest thing ever broadcast on TV.


Dermacrosis . 8 months ago

You know you have gone to far when Joe calls it an unnecessary joke.

King Delevingne

King Delevingne . 9 months ago

3:51 It would've been perfect if he said "what "else" have you been looking into recently.

Lan Erjavec

Lan Erjavec . 9 months ago

A full minute of laughter

Matthew Sykes

Matthew Sykes . 9 months ago

Just imagine a love in with Rachel and Suzi........ I did and almost broke my cock

Zo Fryer

Zo Fryer . 9 months ago

So basically we never get to hear Suzie.

Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews . 9 months ago

Let me guess, Tom Allen broke up with his boyfriend..

You wish you were me

You wish you were me . 9 months ago

I hope they found it.

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