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My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Experience

Simply Quinoa

Simply Quinoa

Published on 4 years ago

Ever thought about doing a juice cleanse before? Come follow along as I drink 3 days of just juice! You'll see the good, the bad and even some cameo appearances of my puppy!

MY FULL OVERVIEW HERE:tx http://www.simplyquinoa.com/feel-good-friday-my-3-day-juice-cleanse-experience



Comments :

ebony.street.754 street

ebony.street.754 street . 2 weeks ago

where do i buy these juices

Star Karan

Star Karan . 3 months ago

Discover how to look 10 years younger with woo&pep.

Udo Ka

Udo Ka . 10 months ago

How was ur poop??


RIRI M . 11 months ago

Could i do this with naked smoothie juices?

Dena Yansaneh

Dena Yansaneh . 1 year ago

Clearing is supposed to make you shit. She never mentioned that.

Tatiana N

Tatiana N . 1 year ago

I have always loved your videos, but I love that you did a cleanse from Pressed because I just bought one from there and have been looking for others experiences from it. I'm so excited!!


C S . 1 year ago

Omg all the acid from the lemon in almost every drink would send me to the hospital 😭

Mar run

Mar run . 1 year ago

Congratulations​- Thank you for sharing!

Emmerson Nicole

Emmerson Nicole . 2 years ago

Does anyone know if you can get these online? They don’t have any where I live

sarah prado

sarah prado . 2 years ago

Do you feel like this negatively impacted your metabolism?

Taylor McAllister

Taylor McAllister . 2 years ago

Did u lose any weight


G WIZZ . 2 years ago

Your dog is not cute

OCD Gaming

OCD Gaming . 2 years ago

There is no use cleansing if you drink the hot chocolate waste of 3 days and money

Lauren Mattice

Lauren Mattice . 2 years ago

Thinking about doing a video on ketogenic juice cleansing.. taking a healthier more sustainable approach to #juicecleansing”

Farzana Nadeem

Farzana Nadeem . 2 years ago

Obviously water as well

Farzana Nadeem

Farzana Nadeem . 2 years ago

So let me get this right. She doesn’t eat any solid at all just has juices for the next 3 days????

Nathaniel Sison

Nathaniel Sison . 2 years ago

Wack! That wasn’t a cleanse, since you drank hot coco

Kevy Williams

Kevy Williams . 3 years ago

you were tired before you started.. not juices fault


Joshua&Harli . 3 years ago

I'm on day 2 of this cleanse. I'm dealing with the cravings just fine but have had a few headaches. Especially the first day.


Sarina . 3 years ago

"I feel like my mind is bouncing all over the place"

bella logins

bella logins . 3 years ago

did you lose any weight on it?

Beth Garsea

Beth Garsea . 3 years ago

U look really tired

Noel Burger

Noel Burger . 3 years ago

Bet that was really expensive.


GabrielaInternational . 3 years ago

You will definitely feel more energy and less hungry if you prepare fresh organic juce your self. Vegetables and fruits lose almost all their nutritional power a few minutes after you blended them so you must drink your juice the fresher the better in order to get all nutrients you will need to feel healthy.

Trisna Yanti

Trisna Yanti . 3 years ago

How much did you buy the juice ?


Mslorreaminah . 3 years ago

I hope I can find a place in queens going to the city is a journey I also think I'm going to freeze some to trick myself into think I'm actually eating food... thanks for sharing

Summer Collins

Summer Collins . 3 years ago

I was planning on buying a cleanse online, how much was it for your cleanse package and how many drinks come in it?

Islamic SMYL

Islamic SMYL . 3 years ago

I tried this cleanse too and yesterday was the last day 😃😃😃😃finallyyy ...I was craving all the time and felt reallyyy hungry 😅😅...but I'm really proud that I could beat myself and survive this challenge 🙈🙈😂

Akopogi Gwapo

Akopogi Gwapo . 3 years ago

can i ask what is the name of juice drink

Elika Nematian

Elika Nematian . 3 years ago

Thanks for the honesty in your video and juicing experience!

Slytherin Princess

Slytherin Princess . 4 years ago

I've seen a lot of other juice cleanses and videos on it, and most people are told that it's fine to have some nuts and fruit as snacks throughout the days of the cleanse

alex kim

alex kim . 4 years ago

Ahh man i just tried this for the past 2 days and couldnt handle it XD.


Sonny . 4 years ago

you seem to eat really healthy, why did you feel the need to "cleanse"? also your liver and kidneys are constantly filtering out "toxins" so cleanses like these are actually unnecessary!

alex kim

alex kim . 4 years ago

Great video. thank you for sharing your experience

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