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My Daily Green Juice Recipe for Detox & Glow

Shine with Plants

Shine with Plants

Published on 2 years ago

You've got to try this powerful green juice!!!! Hope you guys enjoyed watching this video!!!
I'm on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/shinewithplants/
My Blog : http://shinewithplants.com/
Hey there! Welcome to my Channel! I'm Fabiola and I'm a young mom currently based in Chicago. This Channel is all about sharing my journey to spread awareness of the plant-based lifestyle.

Comments :

Ashlee Wroten

Ashlee Wroten . 2 weeks ago

Yes please share what you do with the pulp

Karen: A Changed Life

Karen: A Changed Life . 3 weeks ago

Hi Fabiola, I know you mentioned you use a low speed juicer, but can you tell me the name brand of the one you use please? I've been researching and since I've never owned one before, I don't know which one's are good quality ones that will last a long time.


Nicole . 4 weeks ago

Thank you!! lt's a very good recipe.

malisa thomas

malisa thomas . 1 month ago

I want to see a vid of what you do with the pup

Ranaldo Samuel

Ranaldo Samuel . 1 month ago

I love the baby in the video I think she the real star of the video

Jocelyn Jimenez

Jocelyn Jimenez . 2 months ago

What if I add cantaloupe?

Regina. Lynae

Regina. Lynae . 2 months ago

love seeing a baby love veggies!What Juicer is that looks like it gets all the juice out


D H . 2 months ago

I'd like to see recipes using the pulp...im tired of wasting loads of it and would like to see different snacks and recipes. Please and thank you.


immasoxfanbaby . 2 months ago



immasoxfanbaby . 2 months ago

Yes juice green planta with water daily. Feels good

Huz echoe

Huz echoe . 3 months ago

Don’t let your kid sit too near to an electronic machinery.


Maria . 3 months ago

what juicer do you recommend

sayless satless

sayless satless . 3 months ago

I made me and my lil girl some green juice today she love it had a whole cup to herself .

Spooning Demon

Spooning Demon . 3 months ago

This sounds spicy

LeeAnn Stumpff

LeeAnn Stumpff . 3 months ago

Detox is a myth. You have a liver and kidneys.


Porschia17Brown . 3 months ago

What is the name of that song I just love the background music🤗 🙃😁

Shantal Kwukwangnoh

Shantal Kwukwangnoh . 3 months ago

👍where you drinking it during pregnancy?

Goddess Illumination

Goddess Illumination . 3 months ago

I’m trying this today. I have a couple of the herbs & some alternatives such as oranges. I’m excited to try it & I was also coming to your page for guidance because I have been wanting to try this for a while & today I will. Thank you.🌻🌻💛🦋


complete3578 . 3 months ago

Hi, can you make a video using the juice pulp? Thank you.

Lucy Ann

Lucy Ann . 3 months ago

What juicer do u use ?


nusense808 . 4 months ago

this brings a huge smile to me! Great job mom. Respect

Małgorzata Karolak

Małgorzata Karolak . 4 months ago


Hannah W.

Hannah W. . 4 months ago

Yes please a pulp recipe meal video!!!!

Krystle Harding

Krystle Harding . 4 months ago

What kind of juicer do you use. looking for juicer recommendations.

Halam Yisra’el

Halam Yisra’el . 5 months ago

First let me say me and my significant other came across your video while researching other plant based videos. I’m not going to get into my story or my journey but we were truly blessed to read your story. We love the energy that you and your family projects. It’s like we can feel the vibes through the video. I have since subscribed to your channel and love your recipes and other health/cooking related information, I have researched tons of green juice recipes and I have decided to go with yours. It seems to meet the needs in my life and most beneficial for me. Based off the recipe in this video approximately how many ounces do that recipe yield?

Genevieve Words

Genevieve Words . 6 months ago

Yes, Please, Give Recipes for Pulp.🤗

rosie boss

rosie boss . 6 months ago

Can I get the recipe using juice pulp?

rosie boss

rosie boss . 6 months ago

What kind of juicer is that...name.

Finest Kind

Finest Kind . 6 months ago

Hi. I made some just like yours but I used 2 apples and a whole grapefruit. Thanks for the recipe. I can include more dandelion greens in my diet. My goal is one pound of vegetables per 50 pounds of body.

Beatrice P

Beatrice P . 6 months ago

I want to see recipes using juice pulp


Malkia . 6 months ago

I may be late, but I would love the crackers recipe, please! I decided to invest in a slow single auger juicer and I am interested with ideas for pulp. I've already seen that burgers could be made with it! Too cool!


Saeviona . 6 months ago

What type of juicer do you have or recommend?

Dilkushsn Aubrey

Dilkushsn Aubrey . 7 months ago

I would love to see more recipes regarding bread and what other stuff you can make with the pulp

Maxine F

Maxine F . 7 months ago

I ordered a juicer and can’t wait til it’s here. I will try it. 😊

Blue Candy

Blue Candy . 7 months ago

Love your videos!❤❤ What juicer do you have?

Liz Arendt

Liz Arendt . 8 months ago

What juicer do you use?

Kareda K

Kareda K . 8 months ago

I love watching your videos, they keep me so inspired ❤️❤️

T Braico

T Braico . 8 months ago

I just got my Omega yesterday and couldn’t wait to inbox and clean it. I followed the recipe as closely as I could, I couldn’t find a couple ingredients. But I am going to find them today because it was so delicious!!!! Last night. I love it and I am hooked.

Asters Dixon

Asters Dixon . 9 months ago

It amazes me how engaging Chelsea is with her mom and dad and not to mention how she just goes after the meals!😂She drank that juice and never once frowned like a lot of little kids might have done and almost took the drink from mom! Love it!😍😂

pupu papu

pupu papu . 9 months ago

Your child is very cute


DaphmeJean . 9 months ago

@shinewithplants Love your channel. What’s the name of your juicer & where did you purchase it ? I’m looking for an amazing quality juicer. Thanks

jennifer pitts

jennifer pitts . 9 months ago

What juicer machine do you use?

tini lk

tini lk . 9 months ago

Juice berbe's recipe please

Ben A

Ben A . 9 months ago

Love the part your daughter wanted more "Green Juice" great to start them young. Am from Ghana living in Chicago and thanks for your education channel

cherry name

cherry name . 10 months ago

God bless you both

W Mündlein

W Mündlein . 10 months ago

Which juicer is this ?


Gigadestroyer . 10 months ago

I love your videos, your accent and I'm excited to try this drink. I intend to add 1/4 tsp black or white pepper to the juice. Even if the taste changes for the worst, there is a chemical in pepper called piperine that binds to the curcumin in turmeric and makes it 2000% more bioavailable for gut absorption. I imagine white pepper would have less of a taste in this juice.

joan brunson

joan brunson . 10 months ago

Hello what kind of juicer do you have

Helen Enwe

Helen Enwe . 10 months ago

Chelsea is so beautiful and smart too thanks watching from riccone 🇮🇹


Erica . 10 months ago

Chelsea is so adorable! I love how she is helping you make these juices. You ladies are so awesome. Can't wait to see more recipes! Thank you! 💚💚💙💜💗😀💓🧡💕💛

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