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10 Healthy Snack Hacks Everyone Should Know

Stephi Nguyen

Stephi Nguyen

Published on 2 years ago

Food network is quaking.


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Comments :

Stephi Nguyen

Stephi Nguyen . 2 years ago

I hope you're all having a fabulous Monday! Which snack was your favorite??

Starcrunch Aly

Starcrunch Aly . 3 months ago

Just so y'all know the dairy free So Delicious yogurt is super delicious but has lots of sugar so not super healthy :)

Crystal Mora

Crystal Mora . 4 months ago

Subscribed 💜

Crystal Mora

Crystal Mora . 4 months ago

I need to try these there so unique 😍🤤

Autuxio c

Autuxio c . 5 months ago

When you get a ben and Jerry's ad before this

Foodie Fatty

Foodie Fatty . 6 months ago

Your channel is tha bomb girl 🥰🥰🥰

Katie Coopey

Katie Coopey . 6 months ago

if you add a tiny bit of water to the almond butter it helps and doesn't take away the flavor.


Ava . 6 months ago

For the mug cake frosting could you use peanut butter instead of almond butter?

cheese caakkee

cheese caakkee . 9 months ago

frozen banana bites 💗💗💗

Smith Kennedy

Smith Kennedy . 9 months ago

This is a good video. I'm 50 and if I could change one thing in my life I'd go back and eat *real food*. I ate so much fake food, sugar, and chemicals with the 90s low fat snackwells trend and slimfast shakes. In college I'd drink big gulps of diet Coke and eat red licorice because, you know, low fat. Now I'm a slug.

Nicole Gowen

Nicole Gowen . 9 months ago

thank you so much! very helpful!!

Brittney Ward

Brittney Ward . 9 months ago

90% of this is not healthy.. you got gluten, white sugar, processed foods and meats ect... i mean good try but I have to eat extremely healthy cuz of my health issues and the only two of these are healthy enough to eat and that's the chips lol


YiMan . 9 months ago

Healthy... hmm... too much sugar the body transforms it into glucose and that is like fat stored on your belly,than too much carbs also do the same and of course too much protein same. So even if you don't eat fat the body transforms the sugar,protein,carbs into fat if it's over the limit.Everything has a limit and if you don't do any exercise then that's even worse. How do I know? From a PT training and diets over diets.

Melissa Darling

Melissa Darling . 9 months ago

See.... when I say I want to snack on something, I end up eating a whole pack of cookies.

Charlene Buchanan

Charlene Buchanan . 9 months ago

Love love love these recipes!! Soooo simple & yummy!


Anthony . 9 months ago

A squeeze of lime on that avocado toast is money in the bank

Samantha Martin

Samantha Martin . 9 months ago

Omg, best video ever. I think I've never seen a video in which I liked ALL snack ideas. Awesome!

Playground dolls

Playground dolls . 9 months ago

I don't think mixing carbohydrates with fat is healthy! Main mistake.


Sadrien . 9 months ago

Anything that contains grains is not healthy. This includes bread.

Juliana Cesaro

Juliana Cesaro . 9 months ago

These are not hacks...Very unoriginal

Em_Dolan_ Bromieomie

Em_Dolan_ Bromieomie . 9 months ago

She says sandwiches like Maranda sings 😂

Gustavo Ferreira

Gustavo Ferreira . 9 months ago

why is this healthy?

Aneesha Raza

Aneesha Raza . 10 months ago

This is by far the 1st video that actually gives easy n quick snack ideas with stuff we have at home.

Saptarshi Dutta

Saptarshi Dutta . 10 months ago

Fell in love with the mug cake recipe so I made it! Tysm for one without so many ingredients it worked well the first time I made it

Sara A

Sara A . 10 months ago

I love your voice so relaxing

Cannoli Overlord

Cannoli Overlord . 10 months ago

I know the main focus of the video is the food but can we just appreciate how beautiful her countertops are!

Лиза Радзивелюк

Лиза Радзивелюк . 10 months ago


Gatcha Queen101

Gatcha Queen101 . 10 months ago

I saw a chocolate cake and thought, “Probably some complicated cake that involves ovens and pans,” then I watched it and was like “WHAT THE! SO EASY!”

Marina A.

Marina A. . 10 months ago

Healthy snacks to whom? a chocolate cake... really?

Ashley V

Ashley V . 10 months ago

noooo i'm allergic to bananas and that looks like such a yummy snack.........

Zahra Ali

Zahra Ali . 10 months ago

There is nothing healthy in this video 😂😂 except the title 😂


StrawberryGame . 10 months ago

Here's the mug cake recipe written out for easy prep: 4 Tbsp oat flour 1 Tbsp + 1 tsp cocoa powder 1 tsp baking powder 2 Tbsp stevia 4 Tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1 Tbsp oil of your choice 1/4 tsp vanilla extract Logging this into MFP this recipe is approximately 300 calories without the frosting or chocolate chips with ~ %50 of calories from fat

Sarah Castellan

Sarah Castellan . 10 months ago

3 teaspoons of oil is the same as 1 tablespoon of oil.

Vincenti Zghra

Vincenti Zghra . 10 months ago

Tuna? Healthy? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mason Eddy

Mason Eddy . 10 months ago

To everyone mentioning that bannannas and chocolate isn't healthy she said dark chocolate which is way healthier than milk chocolate

sαlαн єɒɒiиє

sαlαн єɒɒiиє . 10 months ago

I live in the 3rd world so this is impossible


Truth . 10 months ago

Awesome snacks! Voice sounds robotic though lol. Tripped me out.

*you really think i’m good at fortnite*

*you really think i’m good at fortnite* . 11 months ago

2:21 or you can just buy the mixture and apply milk...

Eljoehara Millares

Eljoehara Millares . 11 months ago

I will sub back to those who sub to my channel :-)

Kezia Weir

Kezia Weir . 11 months ago

I’m gonna try one of these for breakfast look so good

Ashley Venice

Ashley Venice . 11 months ago

Try to find them all: Easy: Read more

Horrible Kellible

Horrible Kellible . 11 months ago

*Sees video title* I'm currently eating chips with a pair of chopsticks. WHY.

ardenado qosja

ardenado qosja . 11 months ago

thats not healthy haha


Grace . 11 months ago

Your voice is so relaxing

Evgeniia Kulsi

Evgeniia Kulsi . 11 months ago

Thanks! Great ideas! I will use them all!

Raymond li

Raymond li . 11 months ago

You really need to sharpen your knife and repair that chip at the back of your blade

lilmego .07

lilmego .07 . 11 months ago

I never knew chocolate was healthy! 🥴😑

Дарья Белоклокова

Дарья Белоклокова . 11 months ago


Chelsea Braga

Chelsea Braga . 11 months ago

the way this girl chops makes me frustrated lol

Kaitlyn McKessy

Kaitlyn McKessy . 11 months ago

Please read this message from the top to the bottom. Even people whom've sold their soul to the Devil (a lot of people have, especially for fame and success) can get the contract broken by JESUS CHRIST.

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