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I Got A Call From Indigo Airline And What They Said | VBO Life | 2018

VBO Life

VBO Life

Published on 1 year ago

I Got A Call From Indigo Airline And What They Said | VBO Life | 2018

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Comments :

gangadhar penakati

gangadhar penakati . 1 hour ago

Indigo airlines employee are fraud bhaya

gangadhar penakati

gangadhar penakati . 1 hour ago

Fact bhaya

Emran Dafadar

Emran Dafadar . 2 weeks ago

Koyi vi Indian airline achchi nahi hai......koyi vi nahi Air India, Spicejet, GoAir, Indigo They are the worst airlines in the world.....

shami siddique

shami siddique . 2 months ago

Yes you are right I stand for you

Santosh jumle

Santosh jumle . 2 months ago

ये साली Airline ही बंद होणे को होणा ईस Airline का दिवाला निकाल जाये 😠😠😠

Sharda Anand

Sharda Anand . 2 months ago

I too got a call sir. What should I do 🥺

Javeed Ahamed

Javeed Ahamed . 3 months ago

Thumps up for this video

Javeed Ahamed

Javeed Ahamed . 3 months ago

IndiGo is the best Air line inconvenience caused sometime it happens

Abhi the traveler

Abhi the traveler . 3 months ago

Me apki baat se sehmat hu. But atleast he has the courtesy to call you and apologise unlike other few airlines in the world who never care. Hme chahiye ki cargo operations ki team h unse baat kri jaae taaki un logo ko sabak mile. Asy to ye bechary customer care waaly life time sorry bolte rahenge or jo third party cargo uploaders h vo baggage ka aisy nuksaan krte rhengy. Kitni Irony ki baat h is pure case me kya baggage uploader ka naam aya. Wo aaj b shayad wasy hi baggage fenk rahy honge yaha se waha.

Seema Wadhwa

Seema Wadhwa . 4 months ago


Yash Desai

Yash Desai . 4 months ago

Same happened with me in Malindo airlines my strap was completely torn.


KAMAL BALIYAN . 5 months ago

Miss you jet airways.

Anitaanu Anu

Anitaanu Anu . 5 months ago

Indigo airlines ke naam pe both fraud calls aathey Hain or o paise loot lete hain

Shazan Khan

Shazan Khan . 5 months ago

Indigo is worstttttt airlines .. dnt travel in tht bulshit airline ... they play the games with customers...saalo ne kabhi Hyderabad mai galti se milgaye toh fir dkhlena .bhnchd

Aiman Jamadar

Aiman Jamadar . 5 months ago

It's fake....

sahil pawar

sahil pawar . 6 months ago

Bhai aap bohat sahi hoo


TECHNOVICE . 6 months ago

Indigo waale woh rude employee in airport counter aur luggage handler waalo ke upper kya action Liya Abhi taak? Indigo airlines nikalo unprofessional employees ki.


JYOTI PARKASH . 6 months ago

you are saying true

Diptonil sinha

Diptonil sinha . 6 months ago

Nice Video.. Great job bro!!!!

Divakar Yadav

Divakar Yadav . 6 months ago

Bhai maine bhi cancel kar raha hu

nikhil singh

nikhil singh . 6 months ago

Good work sir

Rajan Kashyap

Rajan Kashyap . 6 months ago

Salute to You.. Because of You Think For Everyone Not For Only You 👌🏻

Vikas Mendi

Vikas Mendi . 6 months ago

I will cancel all my existing tickets on Indigo and will never make future travels on Indigo flights. Thanks for the video.

Nalin master

Nalin master . 6 months ago

Nice video and thanks for awareness

Noob player

Noob player . 6 months ago

Good bro



Is se accha to train hai apna bag apne samne to hota hai 😊

Harsh Thakkar

Harsh Thakkar . 7 months ago

Good work bhai.....👌 Keep it up👍

Shawn David

Shawn David . 7 months ago

Fake man. Working against the airline and still flying with the same airline because getting cheap tickets and good service.

Satyanarayan Das

Satyanarayan Das . 7 months ago

Mere Bhai aap ekdum Sahi Bole Hain ya Indigo wale Sab Chor Hai

Patricia Michael

Patricia Michael . 7 months ago

In india the customer are treated the worst no complaints or concerned taken by the customer there will nt b any improvement cnt imagine wat is going to happen to india in future

kartik patel

kartik patel . 7 months ago

Indigo airlines is 3rd class

Ajoy. dung dung

Ajoy. dung dung . 7 months ago

You r good make in video

Afroza Husain

Afroza Husain . 7 months ago

Muscat se bombay aane me mera luggage bhi phar diya Indian air line hote hue bhi Indian currancy accept nahi kurte haie international Air line me is k baare me khuch sochiye

shalini bali

shalini bali . 7 months ago

this man doesn't sound professional at all. this sounds like a casual call .

Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh Kumar . 7 months ago

After watching this I cancelled my ticket from raipur to delhi....

Ilovedoctors Kings

Ilovedoctors Kings . 7 months ago

Indigo is shit.

Kanika Rajkhowa

Kanika Rajkhowa . 7 months ago

Ap bat kaise krte ho.. O Bhai krke kaun bat krta h.. I m from Indigo

Innocent Abhishek

Innocent Abhishek . 7 months ago

Very useful video.

Q Renix Gaming

Q Renix Gaming . 7 months ago

Nice goog isahi karna hei indigo muje b pasan nahi he

Adventurer H

Adventurer H . 7 months ago

The video recording sure helped n passengers must be aware of it. Or else the airlines doesn't bother Anyways this sure was an eye opener- NEVER TRAVEL BY BAKWAS "INDIGO AIRLINES me n my family will never n also will advise all my relatives n friends. From me its absolutely NO. thx for the video

Sandeep Das

Sandeep Das . 7 months ago

Bhailog kuch problem ho jai, hamesha Twitter pe daal diya karo.... opposition team ki gaand fatt jaati hain....

saha jagannath

saha jagannath . 7 months ago

The person claimed that he is ground manager, if this is the quality of ground manager, Indigo airlines should be shutdown... they don't know quality of service...

Nilam Goswami

Nilam Goswami . 7 months ago

Mere kitne sare paise Gaye isme

Rajesh Makkad

Rajesh Makkad . 7 months ago

Need replaced of the bag and polities speak with the Customer,Bad Service.

Rashmi rash

Rashmi rash . 7 months ago

Har cheez aapke sath ho kyun hoti hai..... Ghar se topick soch k aate ho kya

sayani dutta

sayani dutta . 8 months ago

I know that the inconvenience caused to you is irreparable * but still try to be humble & the ground staff was not at all showing attitude - u were literally shouting which is obvious ..but still u should also understand that he was explaining to you .bcuz it was not his duty . If your mother cooks something for guests at your home * then the guest's complain to you about the bad taste of food * would you accept the fact or would you tell that - I didn't make it my mother made it so talk to her ... The ground staff also did that only & In the call for apology the staff was extremely humble & also said that he would also forward the message to be cautious next time . Please sir hear properly .& Be humble sir ..

sanaur rehman

sanaur rehman . 8 months ago

As I have worked with telecom. advisor never make such types of conversation Contunuely like that

Ghouse Pasha

Ghouse Pasha . 8 months ago


Niloy Roy

Niloy Roy . 8 months ago

Good 1


ANKIT PAL . 8 months ago

Bhai tune to iski watt laga daali

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