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The Waterboys - The Whole Of The Moon (HQ)



Published on 12 years ago

A great song in great quality, not the kind of stuff I usually listen to but a great song all the same.

Comments :

Will Jones

Will Jones . 1 hour ago

Feckin’ egit.

lord hammo

lord hammo . 1 day ago

Brings back some good memories

Rickie Tatum

Rickie Tatum . 2 days ago

Anyone here because of..... Hah, skip that shit. I am here because its a great tune from the best decade in music, the 80's!

Bass Bistrian

Bass Bistrian . 2 days ago

i usually listen to punk rock, but this song I can not get over

steve wilson

steve wilson . 3 days ago

Ive seen em live in Manchester back in 90s..great gig & loved it!

Steve Dorsett

Steve Dorsett . 3 days ago

Yes I heard it seven times in Australia due to U2 walking on stage to this song

Hamka Hamid

Hamka Hamid . 4 days ago

Anyone here because this is the opening song right before U2 come on stage during the "Joshua Tree" tour?

Ken Scott

Ken Scott . 4 days ago

Just shows that a song from1985 can still stir peoples emotions in 2020 ! Fabulous band !


creedveins1 . 6 days ago

U2 joshua tree tour song before the concert started


HMQ . 6 days ago

While all you just stayed in your room: Western youth 2000- present.

layla grant

layla grant . 7 days ago

I'm here after my fiance saw my bare arse this morning

One Rare Gemstone

One Rare Gemstone . 7 days ago

Here because of The Affair ❤️ the way Noah looks at Helen when the song is playing 😍

Paul Goodier

Paul Goodier . 1 week ago

this , to me, is true love

Sherlock holmes

Sherlock holmes . 1 week ago

Let it snow ? .. Welcome , we just watched it before you


Bobby . 1 week ago

Anyone here because they have known this song for years and just it like. No I mean it, seriously, anyone?


Ryan . 1 week ago

It's 2019 and my 36 year old ass just found out this song IS NOT sung by David Bowie LMFAO.

Vincent Lamaro

Vincent Lamaro . 1 week ago

U2 Joshua tree pre show music brought me here

JP Evans

JP Evans . 1 week ago

Nope! I just remember the original and the memories associated with it! 😉

Niamh Curtin

Niamh Curtin . 1 week ago

The intro to this song is always going to be recognised!

Charlotte Hennessy

Charlotte Hennessy . 1 week ago

I’m here because of the Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors album✌🏼peace&love✌🏼☮️❤️

gary robertson

gary robertson . 2 weeks ago

November 2019 this on still a tune.... Scottish and proud.

Imani Freeman

Imani Freeman . 2 weeks ago

I pictured a rainbow You held it in your hands I had flashes But you saw the plan I wandered out in the world for years While you just stayed in your room I saw the crescent You saw the whole of the moon The whole of the moon Hmm, you were there in the turnstiles, with the wind at your heels You stretched for the stars and you know how it feels to reach too high Too far Too soon You saw the whole of the moon I was grounded While you filled the skies I was dumbfounded by truth You cut through lies I saw the rain dirty valley You saw Brigadoon I saw the crescent You saw the whole of the moon I spoke about wings You just flew I wondered, I guessed and I tried You just knew I sighed But you swooned, I saw the crescent You saw the whole of the moon The whole of the moon with a torch in your pocket and the wind at your heels You climbed on the ladder and you know how it feels to get too high Too far Too soon You saw the whole of the moon The whole of the moon, hey yeah! Unicorns and cannonballs, palaces and piers Trumpets, towers and tenements Wide oceans full of tears Flags, rags ferryboats Scimitars and scarves Every precious dream and vision Underneath the stars, yes, you climbed on the ladder With the wind in your sails You came like a comet Blazing your trail too high Too far Too soon You saw the whole of the moon

Bella Noche

Bella Noche . 2 weeks ago

Here from the Affair flash mob scene!

Michael crorken

Michael crorken . 2 weeks ago

Timeless classic from the eighties.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen . 2 weeks ago

Here after watching The Affair


ChillyPhilly . 2 weeks ago

Anyone here from U2's 2019 Joshua Tree Tour?

Michael Heathcote

Michael Heathcote . 2 weeks ago

I'm not here cos of this that or the other, I'm here because it's a belting tune.

Darren Moat

Darren Moat . 2 weeks ago

Lee duffy

West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire . 2 weeks ago

2 Lads and 1 Piano in a Pub brought me here

Patrick Mulcaire

Patrick Mulcaire . 2 weeks ago

4 : 26 Sounds like Bowie

Zahra Qaisar

Zahra Qaisar . 2 weeks ago

So I'm here after watching, actually during watching LET IT SNOW 😅

Judian Cooney

Judian Cooney . 2 weeks ago

you saw the crescent....I saw the whole of the moon

Simone Azon

Simone Azon . 2 weeks ago

The Affair brought me here! I love it!

Padraig Henry

Padraig Henry . 2 weeks ago

Anybody here because of Father Ted? Graham Norton dancing in the caravan 😂

S.D. Romaih

S.D. Romaih . 2 weeks ago

I think the last time I heard this song was in 1985. Way to go for a comeback. It just sounded great on The Affair... Good ending btw, uplifting, unlike other shows.

Dennis Earnshaw

Dennis Earnshaw . 2 weeks ago

I'm here because this song played just before U2 took to the stage - The Joshua Tree Tour Brisbane 2019.

Irish Girl

Irish Girl . 2 weeks ago

Love this song now bc of The Affair !!🤗

Hugo Gomes

Hugo Gomes . 2 weeks ago

Let it snow


bigmagic96 . 2 weeks ago

Not here because of 'The Affair' I'm here because the song is an extremely wonderful song. :)

Mark Beaver

Mark Beaver . 3 weeks ago

It’s funny how you hear a song for the first time and then before you know it it’s crept up and become your favourite song

Ryan Sheridan

Ryan Sheridan . 3 weeks ago

“The Affair” brought me back here. RIP Alison.

Wesley Kok

Wesley Kok . 3 weeks ago

This song says more than 1000 words

Nachatar Dhaliwal

Nachatar Dhaliwal . 3 weeks ago

I am here because of the Affair but also because I painted my dad's house in 1990 in my summer holidays and this was on my mixtape made from fm radio so I must have listened to it one. hundred times.

Andrey Lee

Andrey Lee . 3 weeks ago

well done, THE AFFAIR team! Masterpiece of our days)))))))

mike needham

mike needham . 3 weeks ago

Anyone here because of the social media video of the pissed up fellas on the piano?

Logan Peeney

Logan Peeney . 3 weeks ago

Still so sick dis song scouse and out ova da moonnnnnn


lou . 3 weeks ago

the lyrics in the song are something else… they're just astonishing

camryn grossi

camryn grossi . 3 weeks ago

lol think Im the only one here after the U2: Joshua Tree concert tonight lols

F.C.J Jelmaf

F.C.J Jelmaf . 3 weeks ago

let it snow


Filipo . 3 weeks ago

Im here bc of U2 not let it snow

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