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DIY: Paisley Bandana Shorts

Chris Cabalona

Chris Cabalona

Published on 6 years ago

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I finally got the chance to edit and upload this new tutorial.. I hope you guys find it really easy to follow, IF NOT I'll provide some of my other shorts and pants tutorial here:

DIY: How to make Shorts! » https://mp3download.xyz/watch/sZ6GRFLvz_w
DIY: How to Make Camo Pants! » https://mp3download.xyz/watch/f_r_4wMoMmA

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Comments :

azdine ilgali

azdine ilgali . 2 days ago


Tailored Dot

Tailored Dot . 4 months ago

I want to make a jacket like this

Little Monster of gaga

Little Monster of gaga . 10 months ago

Song name please

Bboying Raja

Bboying Raja . 1 year ago

wow bro

Jose Giraldo

Jose Giraldo . 2 years ago

had me going on with the music, lol

gerardo Vega

gerardo Vega . 2 years ago

haslo en español

Sonia Santana

Sonia Santana . 2 years ago

I like a this shorts. And a passage from a bible. Thanks


beautarie . 2 years ago

I love this Idea

Biki Hak

Biki Hak . 2 years ago

Wow 😍

Tarachand Kumar

Tarachand Kumar . 2 years ago

Osm bro


조성재 . 2 years ago

A to Z is rated.

Rajkishor Rajesh

Rajkishor Rajesh . 2 years ago

What Rumal Name


ChickBug . 3 years ago

since its a bandana it can be rip off easily cause of its fabric. You must be careful wearing this.

Paula Power

Paula Power . 3 years ago

Erm... no. Those shorts would not actually FIT on to a three dimensional person! I imagine that's why we didn't get to see them worn by anyone.... dear oh dear!

Jeison Habacu

Jeison Habacu . 3 years ago

bvxd hzy afyu -^;&-*@#&' '^ -ingris jijidjs"@

Angelica Moreira

Angelica Moreira . 3 years ago

mostroso tu estilo

Jose Garcia Villarreal

Jose Garcia Villarreal . 3 years ago

Hermano deberías poner subtítulos para nosotros que no hablamos ingles por favor


Carlie . 3 years ago

This looks like it was made by Suga from bts in 2013

Eden Canto

Eden Canto . 3 years ago

i dont have the machine haha

Lazarus Rembert

Lazarus Rembert . 3 years ago

D.I.Y driveby where i stay

Patrick Moriarty

Patrick Moriarty . 3 years ago

thanks for sharing your skills online. I'll definitely make some for my collection. www.paisleypower.com

Eric T

Eric T . 3 years ago

very creative

El allaoui Mahmoud

El allaoui Mahmoud . 4 years ago

good work (y)

Ahmet demiral

Ahmet demiral . 4 years ago

neiss cwein


BKHbyBKH . 4 years ago

Someone needs to model the bandana shorts


kkoukkoukki . 4 years ago

I'm doing this because of EXO and BTS ................................

Abe Ja

Abe Ja . 4 years ago

Hi Chris, I just wanted to say I really enjoy watching your videos I hope you make many vids this year :P

Sera Calhoun

Sera Calhoun . 4 years ago

I have watched a few of your videos and this is the one where I chose to subscribe. You have an awesome talent! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I can't wait to try out some of your stuff. Please keep doing videos!~~

Ejike Alfred

Ejike Alfred . 4 years ago

What is this song called?


Lexx . 4 years ago

Okay, I'm not at all religious, but I don't understand the discomfort that some of you are feeling towards the bible quote at the end. He's not shoving his religion down your throat, he's not telling you to believe it, and he's not saying his religion is better than yours. He's using a quote he found to be inspirational and I don't see anything wrong with it. Stop trying to make everything a fucking issue and just watch the video for what it's supposed to be: A fucking video about making some damn fine ass shorts. Nice tutorial!

baby carrot

baby carrot . 4 years ago

THIS IS so amazing!!!! i like it.. >_<

Grant McDonald

Grant McDonald . 4 years ago

you've got hella taste in music

akouto sai

akouto sai . 4 years ago

so if you wanted to make your shorts longer you would have to use multiple bandanas

Ally Gonzalez

Ally Gonzalez . 4 years ago

True inspiration I love your videos 😩

Mary irl

Mary irl . 4 years ago

So cool love it 😎😎😎


Baddboytommy . 4 years ago

i really loved the idea but i cant do this

David Velazquez

David Velazquez . 4 years ago

Thank you, very good ideas greetings from Mexico <3

david leon

david leon . 4 years ago

This shit is fire

Adam Red

Adam Red . 5 years ago

I soooo love it! Love your creations bae, learning so much from ya! Keep it up! :*

Julian Cabrera Cisneros

Julian Cabrera Cisneros . 5 years ago

love It❤😍

fabian fashion

fabian fashion . 5 years ago


Jetty Varon

Jetty Varon . 5 years ago

Nice... but it should have pockets...

Marc Slayer

Marc Slayer . 5 years ago

Why does everyone want to look the same . ??? This jogger shit is fuckin wack!!

Ahmed eds

Ahmed eds . 5 years ago


Mä LèK

Mä LèK . 5 years ago

wait wat bout the pockets?!


Jesun . 5 years ago

Nice love it bro,,, thanks for this video!! Gonna try this

Jas Per

Jas Per . 5 years ago

wont it rip off??? because paisley bandanas are not stretchable ..

Matty b rap

Matty b rap . 5 years ago

Can u make me five for 100 please. 

chey LOVINGfamilia, animals & life

chey LOVINGfamilia, animals & life . 5 years ago

awesome, I might try this! ;) Thanks for sharing your cool idea!  Much Luv <3 


Demi . 5 years ago

love it, thank you for a nice idea! :)

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