Andra Day

Andra Day

Published on 4 years ago

The centerpiece of ESPN’s Black History Month programming, Rise Up: A SportsCenter Special, aired on Sunday, Feb. 14, at 5 p.m. on ESPN. In the one-hour program, four segments featured prominent African-Americans in a direct and intimate conversation sharing firsthand accounts of the events in the news cycle that impacted their lives.

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Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen . 2 months ago

Get over it and get a job.lame.

Shannon Grant

Shannon Grant . 4 months ago


Eugene Motes

Eugene Motes . 8 months ago

I NEVER CELEBRATED BLACK HISTORY MONTH, so I could Care less about that Fraudulent holiday.


T8VIN . 10 months ago

Black Brothers STAND UP! 👊🏾

Kualana McClaine

Kualana McClaine . 10 months ago

this is very powerful were all humans were all equal just with deffrient personalities


cocobutterkisses . 10 months ago

We need to stick together, build & encourage one another!! were one now let’s rise my people ❤️🕺🏿

Sn. Gunes hanimefendi Modanin Kraliçesi

Sn. Gunes hanimefendi Modanin Kraliçesi . 1 year ago

Perfect 🔥🎡☄☄🌟🌊☆♡♧ ~andrey

The Doctor

The Doctor . 1 year ago

this song was used in Doctor Who S11 E3, named Rosa, based on [you guessed it] Rosa Parks. It was used as the Credits and the Arrest

Vishal Sabu

Vishal Sabu . 1 year ago

Anyone here because of Doctor Who?

Tanay Johnson

Tanay Johnson . 1 year ago

Yes who ever disliked go to hell and this just mad me so motivated I did it for Black History Month

langston terry

langston terry . 1 year ago

This is amazing

elizabeth hernandez

elizabeth hernandez . 2 years ago

I. Like rise up songs


UNFAZED HAZE . 2 years ago

Are black sisters always had are back and was there through it all with us i must will and shall marrie me one and sink my teeth in to her beautiful ass lol glad to be what i am ME 😁


SkyBliviWind . 2 years ago

This video would be powerful if we were in the 60's, we are in 2018. Things are equal now. . 2 years ago

Black History Month tribute with Mahalia. Jackson

The JoJo Show

The JoJo Show . 2 years ago


Emma Ditz

Emma Ditz . 2 years ago

Very true

Life with Kira

Life with Kira . 2 years ago

#blacklivematter #Ican'tbreath

Ada Grab

Ada Grab . 2 years ago

Rihiana ?? Omg

Smitten Werbenjagermanjensen

Smitten Werbenjagermanjensen . 2 years ago

Black history is American history, nuff said from me

aisha x

aisha x . 2 years ago

Black lives do matter stop racism and killing they are people to ♡ this is beautiful

Vanessa Jones

Vanessa Jones . 3 years ago

This is a very powerful video,we will rise with the help of The Most High.

Vanessa Jones

Vanessa Jones . 3 years ago

Beautiful video,let's pray that we will not go back to this hatric.

hello it's me hello it's me

hello it's me hello it's me . 3 years ago

if we want to get rid of racism we need to quit talking about it we have freedom now let's not get reminded of the past we need to allow that wound to heal and why is there only a Black History Month no other race no Indian history month and white people took America over

Sherron Salvary

Sherron Salvary . 3 years ago

this is ah powerful an emotional song ...... #RISEUP👆


Neats75 . 3 years ago

100% agree with your words Andra Day. There is power in unity #respect

Brooklyn Bred

Brooklyn Bred . 3 years ago

Thank you for making this song for US.

Brooklyn Bred

Brooklyn Bred . 3 years ago

Sing beautiful Black Queen. This song playing over the Nat Turner trailer is powerful. Black and proud.

Lays Sousa

Lays Sousa . 4 years ago


Jada Choates

Jada Choates . 4 years ago

love it!!!!!

Joshie Thuan

Joshie Thuan . 4 years ago

i love this song beautiful ❤😢


LightGE . 4 years ago

This has been an absolute realization for me recently. Not that I didn't know it before; but, it is now a conscious understanding that throughout history, a segment of white people in power, have literally plotted to discount the accomplishments of black people. Some people don't understand why we MUST have "black history." The reason is that, historically, accomplishments and progressive, societal contributions by blacks have been consciously and deliberately hidden, denied, stolen, and misappropriated. The positive thing about the obstructionism of the Republican Party toward President Obama is the demonstration of what has been happening in this country to people of color throughout history. Some people, from every ethnic background, could not conceive of accomplishments being stolen out of sheer bigotry. But, the reason we can see so clearly the unfairness of the direct conspiracy towards our first black president is solely because of the times in which we live; where cameras are in the political arena always and the newsfeeds never go to sleep and never end. Otherwise, like in decades gone by, these shady dealings would go unknown, unchecked, hidden in scotch aroma’ed, cigar-smokey, gentlemen’s quarters. The reason we have Black History anything is because our history has been held captive in the confines of the racists' chambers of offenses. All that need happened to make amends for this is to reveal, recognize, and award the truth by way of acknowledgement.  All that need happened is that we open our eyes to the truth of the history of our country.  How do we make America great?  Make America Better.

Nerea Gutierrez

Nerea Gutierrez . 4 years ago

Touching... I Love It...😢😢


T B . 4 years ago

This always make me cry

Luqman Msanifu

Luqman Msanifu . 4 years ago

Such a powerful message..She got me teary!


terry . 4 years ago

목소리 진짜 ...

Daniel Campista

Daniel Campista . 4 years ago

você estar de parabéns pelo seu trabalho... ele e lindo e não tem como não ver que você estar de parabéns... sua linda!


Lambianz . 4 years ago

I'll rise up against all the haters and trolls in the internet. This song is special for everyone, everyone who has a heart. What would it be like if every white man was hated because a few raped, stole and went to a black church and shot 9 innocent God loving people. What if we say we hate all white's because of that incident.. Wow when they pulled that kid over and arrested him, did they throw him to the ground and beat him, NO!!!,, they practically gave him a steak dinner..!!!!!!.. Wow to seat here and read how some want to compare how much of an idiot any origin of our country is, that it's justified if your white and not if you're black. Get a life and learn to love, get a life and learn to give, get a life and learn to pray and have God in your heart.. Stop all the shaming

tamara santos linda cancao santos

tamara santos linda cancao santos . 4 years ago


витольг аркадьевич

витольг аркадьевич . 4 years ago

рассисты, мать их, сраные в жопу. и всей страной учат толерантности. по делам надо судить.

Uchiha Hikaku

Uchiha Hikaku . 4 years ago

Wake up in the morning next to me Andra and i'll rise up 6 inches for you.

Roxy Rowins

Roxy Rowins . 4 years ago

A beautiful message by Andra Day . Lovely voice of a talented lady songtress.

Jalia Amahle

Jalia Amahle . 4 years ago

This isn't the true "Black History"...our real history was in Africa.

Sei Boayue

Sei Boayue . 4 years ago

Careful Kekmeister, before you injure your brain with all that thinking.

Paulo Victor

Paulo Victor . 4 years ago

Muy bien


Kekmeister . 4 years ago

I thought Black History Month was about African contributions to society and inventions that helped progress man kind? wttffff!111!


Nikita5539 . 4 years ago

prefer #AllLivesMatter

William Spiritdancer

William Spiritdancer . 4 years ago

Awesome and inspiring!


vmeister11 . 4 years ago

And the point is....? Got American tax dollars, subsidized this and that, affirmative action, and handouts. Our black popn has gotten a little better than nowhere. Oh, and not whites to blame.


I LIVE . 4 years ago

This is why White people will stop supporting these sporting institutions altogether as they slowly wither and die. White flight doesn't only exist in neighborhoods, and when people realize how negrified and anti-White these games are, they will leave in droves.

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