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How to Knit a Simple Baby Hat



Published on 9 years ago

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This hat will fit most infants up to about a year-old—but you can easily add more rows to fit even an adult-sized head. Just make sure it's an adult who won't mind a hat with cute, little animal ears.

Step 1: Tie knot & cast
Tie your slip knot and cast on a total of 26 stitches, leaving a six to eight-inch tail.

Use a soft cotton or a cotton blend yarn that has a little stretch to it for added comfort.

Step 2: Knit Stockinette
Knit in Stockinette Stitch—that is, alternate one row of knitting with one row of purling—until you have a rectangle about 11" long. Make sure you end on a knit row.

Step 3: Cast off last row
Cast off your last row, leaving about 8" of yarn. Tie a knot to secure it.

Step 4: Fold in half
Fold your rectangle in half so the smooth, knitted side—which looks like it’s covered in little V’s—is on the inside, and the edges are lined up.

The purl side of the project—which looks bumpy—should be facing out.

Step 5: Sew edges
Starting at the curling corner of one side, use a yarn needle and the same tail of yarn you used to knit the rectangle to sew the edges together all the way up to the corner of your fold.

Step 6: Knot & cut excess
When you reach the corner, knot the yarn, and cut off the excess.

Step 7: Repeat on other side
Repeat on the other side, beginning at the other curling corner and sewing the edges up to the corner fold.

Step 8: Knot & cut excess
When you reach this corner, knot the yarn, and cut off the excess. Your hat should now look almost like a square with only one open side.

Step 9: Put it on a baby
Turn the hat right-side-out and put it on a baby with the 'ears' out. Pretty easy—and totally adorable.

Did You Know?
Forty to 50 percent of lost body heat exits through the head and neck area, so wearing a hat is an especially important way to keep warm.

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Syeda Mahrukh Shahbaz

Syeda Mahrukh Shahbaz . 2 years ago


Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross . 4 years ago

Alternate blankets for premature babies

Aviana Odah

Aviana Odah . 4 years ago

I'm 10😊😀😀


Emmalee . 5 years ago

Thank you for making this video because I have a lot of stuffed animals and I love to make clothes for then and if you are wondering I'm 11.

Stacy Smith

Stacy Smith . 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing! Very simple and cute!! 

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson . 6 years ago

Why did my 26 stitches not become as long as hers? X_X Mine looks so small!!!!


nouf . 6 years ago

I am making one for my 2 baby cousins :)

TJ Mool

TJ Mool . 6 years ago

I learned :)

Lianna Young

Lianna Young . 6 years ago

Thanks now I know how to do this I'm going to start right away

citlalli cardenas

citlalli cardenas . 7 years ago

another thing do i start of with the purl stitch or knit stitch

citlalli cardenas

citlalli cardenas . 7 years ago



Jack . 7 years ago

this is for my cat LOL


LifeofRosiejames . 7 years ago

I can croche better than that girl ever will

Nicholle Mull

Nicholle Mull . 7 years ago

i have 2 baby cousins. 1 is 1 year old.there is your answer

Katie Cole

Katie Cole . 7 years ago

How would this help anyone?

Ninajeanette saethre

Ninajeanette saethre . 7 years ago

not a good learning video

Bironicus Flame

Bironicus Flame . 7 years ago

I meant 8-inch

Bironicus Flame

Bironicus Flame . 7 years ago

I forget the 6-inch of string at the start. I had to reverse all my knitting. EPIC FAIL.

Casey Thackrah

Casey Thackrah . 7 years ago

Can I Not Knit In Like A Plain Stitch? Instead Of The Other Stokanet Stitch? xox

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams . 8 years ago

it doesnt really matter as long as the rectangle measures 11 inches (or long enough to fit over the head)

Brooke Elstone

Brooke Elstone . 8 years ago

How many rows did you do???


goldengreaser . 8 years ago

I made an adult hat with fox ears and I love it.


Frootloopskates . 8 years ago

I love this vid!

Sarah Kinger

Sarah Kinger . 8 years ago

i knitted this... way to sqarish for amy baby i know!


mikeystepp . 8 years ago

how to eat babies please

Tania Rizwan

Tania Rizwan . 8 years ago

i like howcast ! i finger chroched one for my little cute baby cousin!


treecac88 . 8 years ago

I made one with thick and warm black wool with size 10 needles

Thu xipo

Thu xipo . 8 years ago

so easy and cute :x

Documentary Minutes

Documentary Minutes . 8 years ago

How many rows did you complete?


petitepashi . 8 years ago

@IvyTheBunny That's the knit side...


IvyTheBunny . 8 years ago

The v side is acctually the purl side.


GoldenMurderer . 8 years ago

Anyone ever have a girlfriend/fiancee/wife make one of these or similar item? It's not so much fun. You can't be a dick either. It Sucks.

Drew Holewinski

Drew Holewinski . 8 years ago

who can send me some adult baby clothes


QueenofPancakes5260 . 9 years ago

@Nikikaos i thought it was like a joke channel or somthing

Nicolò Pedinelli

Nicolò Pedinelli . 9 years ago


Nicolò Pedinelli

Nicolò Pedinelli . 9 years ago

@QueenofPancakes5260 thats doum


QueenofPancakes5260 . 9 years ago

i thought the video said how to kill a baby....im a bad person :C

Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson . 9 years ago

@BlizzardIceFox I'm pretty sure she's paid for this. So it's not exactly having "time on her hands".


vidlovr . 9 years ago

this is a great video! do you have one just like this, except only for a simple, basic baby hat (no ears)?

attara Draco

attara Draco . 9 years ago

what kind of yarn is that??? i cant find any like that.

leah lyons

leah lyons . 9 years ago

soooooooooooo hardddddddddd(not)

pink hair Mcgee

pink hair Mcgee . 9 years ago

Damn... this girl has LOTS of time on her hands.......

Sophie Panzer

Sophie Panzer . 9 years ago

can you only knit 9 inches for smaller baby?


electroman3100 . 9 years ago


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